Our Homes We Left Behind on the Monterey Peninsula:

WOW!  Were we ever disappointed. Just as you’re about to breathe that long big sigh of relief ... the carpet gets pulled out from under your feet ... and you're left with a lot of unhappy, unprovable
suspicions that aren’t going to do you any good even if they're true. The House is gone! That's all that mattered. That's what kept us awake at night.

Sonya and I had both worked hard at life, started
nearer the bottom than the top, and THAT house had felt like graduation day for our lives.  A new beginning.  In a perfect world ... the fairy tale way it
should have been. But, at least we'd found home - the Monterey Peninsula.  So we packed up LA, put our house on the market, and decided to take a Rental for awhile to learn what was going on up
here and find a Dream Home on our own.  
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We got lucky.

Driving by a house at the
Point on Scenic Drive in Carmel, we spotted a hand written "For Rent" sign, thinking it was probably for a short term rental by an absentee owner. It turned out the lady next
door owned it
AND her house next door, and it was available FULL time.  She'd put the home-made sign out herself because she "wanted to interview who her new neighbors would be" for herself.  
It was right on the OCEAN (QUITE "
small" after 6000sq ft Estate Dreams), but WOW!  GREAT in a whole new way! Such beautiful intimacy with nature we'd never experienced.  (You've probably seen the
pictures from the front porch in our Video on the Home Page.) It had a wonderful private back patio with flowering tiered stone beds going up to a second garage with an ocean view we converted to
an office with a great ocean view. And looking out the View window in the living room, waves that had travelled all the way across the Pacific paraded by so close you felt you could reach out and
touch their shiny surface as they rolled past in slow motion with great purpose, growing and growing until you were finally watching  them from behind as mist splayed whipped the wind until they
finally began to roared  a great roar and crashed proudly on the white crescent beach, their long journey home to Carmel at last over as they calmly rolled back into the sea to rest. It was a Great
wave day, and gave us such profound feelings of wonder we made an offer to Buy on the spot.  She'd been watching our mesmerized slack jaws quietly and knew we were the right ones, even
though there were two big Sheep Dogs we always brought in the backseat of the car she normally didn't accept. She just laughed knowingly ...

"No way. I'm not selling."  What about in the future?  We made an offer to Lease WITH an option
at a set sale price for later, in case she changed her mind.   Nope  … didn’t know what she could get
later and wasn’t interested.   Finally ... we
Leased with First Right of Refusal "IN CASE" she ever would sell, and that worked. She older than us, down to earth, as nice as anyone comes, a wry sense of
humer, and we became friends. Thanksgiving dinners with her family, lots of "
howdy-doos" that arise daily with neighbors, and the occasional glass of wine on the porch to watch the sunset,
talk stocks, politics, and grandchildren. Three years later she came knocking on the front door, and out on the front porch she said,  
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"... still want to buy my house ...?"

We all laughed and she offered us a great price, way under market, explaining she just wanted to keep at least one neighbor she actually liked. The only problem was ...
we'd already been looking for something else.  Because the house - was just too small for us. In fact, we’d only just discovered a “situation” 5 minutes down the coast to Yankee Point in a house much
, with a BIG yard for our Sheepdogs to play, a beautiful indoor pool, and sitting right there on the ocean edge as well. Only this time, on a powerfully dramatic high cliff above the water,  with an
incredible view of forever!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"WOW," said we.  …wow, …Wow, …WOW!

The only PROBLEM was …
it TOO was only for Lease ... and we were ready to settle down.  It was a REAL home and we loved that house in a BIG way. The only problem was the State was newly in
control of this property according to the property manager, and yes, they would
definitely be selling it, but NOT for a "few years" because of some statute protecting the well being of the owners. We
could live there for now with FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL, but without a commitment as to the future price, and they wouldn't budge.  Well,
THAT had just worked FOR us on SCENIC.  So we took it with
utter delight, invited our old landlord on Scenic for dinners, remodeled the kitchen, built a beautiful back porch with lattice work awning, a great swing, restored the huge stone fireplace, replaced
all the pool equipment, landscaped the yard, built a path down to the ocean, did endless improvements (you can see where this is heading) ... three years passed ... and true to their word, the call
came ...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"... still want to buy the house ...?"
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------="How much ...?"    


Long story short ... we knew a Cisco exec from Silicon Valley had moved into one of the houses recently, and apparently there was a line of "other" Cisco execs looking for houses on the
ON THE OCEAN side, so they could all "Buddy-up" on the weekends. It sold to one of them for something over 3 mil (which seemed outrageous to us after seeing what the ESTATE in Pebble
Beach we lost had gone for), but it
was 6 years later. But the truth is  ... we wouldn’t have bought it for HALF that price. Because ...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We'd learned too much.

The house was GREAT for them ... but TOO REMOTE for us. Yes,  it was
only 5 minutes further out from Carmel!  But Sonya would NEVER have been comfortable coming home alone at night THERE ...
if anything ever happened to me.   No street lights ... so many neighbors only occasionally in town, take a walk ... no one around.  Go down to the private beach ... no one around.  And it was just
downright "spooky" for Sonya out there when she was occasionally alone at night when I had to travel. So again, we'd already been looking in our old favorite haunts … Pebble Beach ... where you
drive inside any one of 5 guarded gates ... into a whole different kind of world where we all live peaceably with the bambees.

After a lot of looking around, we met a couple with a great little French house in the old estates part of Pebble on what looked to be the biggest lot on the street by a long shot, and it  It  had  a
moderate" view of the ocean. (more than a handful, seriously less than expansive.)  But there was a place we could build a pond and that excited me.  Well ... we’d had so much ocean we were
practically numb to it. But ...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ---... they only wanted to lease. (We're not making this up.)

They were Europeans who'd owned restaurants in town they'd sold, and were dying to move to Las Vegas to try it out, but didn't want to lose their toe-hold here in case they didn't end up liking it.  
Well ... we were going to HAVE to move now from Yankee Point within several months because the new Buyer was anxious to tear it down and build a new house. And Sonya had ALWAYS
wanted a
French House. The yard was huge, the street quiet, the view "nice"... and the nice couple were "almost" positive they were going to LOVE Vegas, and their eyes sparkled at the very thought. So we
took it on one condition - because we were also
VERY TIRED OF MOVING.  We INSISTED on a 5 year LEASE WITH AN OPTION to Purchase at a SET  price based the "current" market, and with ALL of the
lease payments applying to the purchase if we executed the option,
and with the right to remodel at our expense as we saw fit along the way. But we had an agreement that if they wanted the house
back within the first year ... we'd give it back to them, and we would have. It all took some "
digesting" and a few dinners together, but as it was fair to both sides, we were soon able to agree.  In the
end ...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------They loved Vegas ...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We loved the house.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ONE year later they called ...-
"...still want to buy the house ...?"
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We sure did.

They wanted their money
sooner than later, so we made an accommodating deal and we're still friends many years later and always have a place to stay and wonderful company when we're in Vegas.
We'd learned that "Home" for us isn't always about grandeur, and things that make you go
WOW in the beginning. We’d found Our Happily Ever After home with the perfect balance for us. And after
many years, we still love Pebble the best. Though, it's a close toss-up with a lot of wonderful places here that share the same sky and pervasive nature.   Of course,
as always ... we remodeled. We're
still at it, though Sonya says she's finally "almost" through painting the "Cherubs" going up in the concave we built over the dining room table. It appears the only painter she's actually
faster than is
Da Vinci, who took 16 years to paint the Mona Lisa.  We'll see ...  

So, we were lucky all along the way.  It
could have been a lot better.  But it could have been much worse, like it can be for any impulsive Buyers in a High End  community where the wealthy have been
building amazing homes for a very long time. And in our case, "if you like the idea of
Paradise ... in a World Renowned resort destination by the Sea where there's always lots of GREAT things to do in
a miracle of cool, clean ocean air all year long. With
quaint little neighborhoods, and happy people, and white sand beaches around every bend making natural play lands for us all. And magical forest
by the sea, with seals, and otters, and whales, and sunsets, and birds and adorable baby bambees roaming freely in this
PERFECT little piece of Heaven. You're going to LOVE IT here!  It's just an
unbelievably Beautiful place where people were MEANT to live, and WE think it's PARADISE."

Proverbially, it might look like a great part of "our luck" was in
NOT having our offers accepted, ... while  STILL getting to live there ANYWAY to try it out.  Because "that"  saved us the 3 commissions
most people have to"fund" for changing their minds even 1 time ... when they find their own Perfect Little Pocket ...  AFTER they're all moved in.  In fact, most Buyers Remorse cost buyers an arm and a
leg in commissions and misery ... and you
STILL have to go through finding your new dream home and  MOVING all over again, and often in a rising market.  

So we saved on the commissions, but lost a lot more. Because the
EXACT same REMORSE mistakes not only cost us the same misery of "moving" again, finding the right place for everything again,  
disappointment galore, Lost TIME to make those million calls to solve problems, 6 years of lost payments to "lease" instead of the same money paying for your own property, and all the remodelling
we chose to do on the first two houses. But the BIGGEST loss of all was the huge EQUITY GAIN in rising
property values.  And still,  the most valuable thing we lost of all was ... the 6 years of smoother
days and peace of mind
we had come here to enjoy. Perhaps more than anything else ...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  THAT is  the greatest harm of Buyers Remorse for most people.

But the money issue does "
smart" all the more resoundingly at the High End:

  • The first house we offered on (the 17 mile drive estate in the Forest) ... sold for over 5 million some years later and is still climbing.

  • The house on Scenic we could have bought considerably below 2mil, and true to her word, the owner sold immediately to a speculator. He immediately rebuilt a stone house that sold for over 6
    million almost as soon as it went on the market.  And again in 2004, it sold for just under 12 million. What's it worth now ...? We'll leave that to the imagination.

  • The Cisco executive who bought Yankee Point for just over 3 million,  sold for over 6 million in 2012.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ----------------Hindsight

-----------------------------------------------------------------Oh, well. Too late for us. But we hope our "hindsight" ... helps you.  And we can't help at least WISHING there had been a
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------High End Buyers Remorse Terminator  ...  and  a  RIGHT QUESTIONS button around for US ...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Back then ...

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All the Best,

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Paul & Sonya Larisey
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Consumer Advocates
About Us

"IT" happened to US ... in our opinion.  WE believe it happens to a LOT of people EVERYWHERE.  Of course, it's impossible to prove (which is "why" it keeps happening AT ALL), and we'll never
have a prayer of knowing the full details - which is WHY "IT" feels so very
WRONG when it happens to YOU!     ...    and for once, we're not talking about Buyers Remorse ...

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WE'RE TALKING ABOUT  The MISERY ...
--------------------------------------------------------Of losing the Dream Home you've Finally Fallen In Love With after Great Efforts ...

-lll-l-l---l-------------------------------------lll-----------------------------------------------------------------------(Over a YEAR in our case).

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                       -WHAT a kick ... in the GUT

After looking for our Dream Home in
San Francisco, Tiburon, Sausalito, Belvedere Island, the Bahamas, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard for nearly a year, we'd stopped over in Carmel on the way home
to LA one day and happened to drive the 17 mile drive in Pebble Beach. It was the most profound experience of
forest, cool ocean air, mountains, and views of natural splendor - all in a world
renowned resort destination where the fortunate few have been weaving quaint little neighborhoods through the misty mountain forest by the sea for generations, and it just took our breath away.
From then on - we knew. We spent every other weekend driving 10 hours back and forth from LA to Pebble to find our
true Dream Home for the next year.  

But for one moment - imagine it all happening to YOU.  The long drives rich with anticipation and dreaming together as you cruise along. Exploring
beautiful homes and neighborhoods. The hotels we
stayed at, where we'd spend the evenings doing research and going through magazine like Homes & Land, or the local paper like the Pine Cone at night while having
more conversations about this
neighborhood ... that house.  All the while, HOPING you can find something wonderful - in your price range.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -FINALLY... it all pays off.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There it is ...-your Dream Home of a lifetime come true.

You'd been RIGHT to dream BIG.  Funny though ... it had been on the market the entire year. And even though it was in our price range ... our Agent we'd spent so much pleasant time with, had only just
made us aware of it. In response to our perplexed questions ...
she didn't think we really wanted something NEW.    "...what!"    Well, it hardly mattered anymore, except the house was sitting right there
on our FAVORITE street we'd driven a million times ... and had never seen a sign, which seemed strange considering the seller was supposed to be under duress?  But even if there was one - we'd
probably have thought it WAY out of our range anyway (which is
usually WHY it's good to have a local agent you trust who knows the area). Anyway, the story was - a "spec" house that hadn't sold and
the builder was having "
trouble" carrying the debt, very anxious to sell, and he'd already dropped the price significantly, twice.
------------WOW!  Our hearts began to throb with expectation. And all the more when we got inside, because THIS Brand New 6000sq ft  House was sitting right there on ...

---ll------------------------------------------lllll------------------------------17 MILE DRIVE in the Old Forest Estates area of Pebble Beach near Cypress Point
----------------------------------------------------on 3 acres, with SPECTACULAR Ocean views, directly across a 6 acre stretch of unspoiled forest on the Ocean side, we were told was
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- owned by a very famous director/actor who to lives here.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The word "PERFECT" kept coming to mind ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The phrase Heaven on Earth wasn't far behind ...

Because we "
could" have gotten it for just under 2 million, or so the story goes. "Something" seemed fishy here.  INCREDIBLY foolishly ... we "shaved" $50,000 off the asking price in a misguided
not to look "TOO eager"  and possibly encourage a high Counter Offer, or help create a bidding war by fanning the sellers confidence.  And OTHER PEOPLE get good deals sometimes, right?  
Maybe it was our turn.

Well,  it wasn't. That "
less than ASKING price" offer and "no Time certain"  gave more wiggle room for the Brokers Desk than we yet understood. Especially considering we "correctly" sensed it was
already a GREAT deal and had just come down considerably.  Moral of the story: No matter how smart you may be, you're NOT half as smart as even an "average" Expert ... in
And we weren't even members of an MLS to get comps up here, we were Experts in Real Estate "education" (
which is academic and about as different as being a BOXER'S trainer,  versus being the
BOXER.)  So we were as dependant on an Agent as anyone else, because we hadn't been hit hard enough or often enough ... yet.

To be fair, even if Comps had shown the house to be overpriced ... it wouldn't have mattered
that time. We were utterly in LOVE with that brand new house, it was in our range, and we knew we were
in a  HURRY before somebody else showed up. But something was bothering us. We simply couldn't understand
HOW it was possible ...THAT  House hadn't sold for OVER a year. Still, the very fact that
hadn't - gave us the confidence to "think about it" on the ride home that day, instead of writing an offer then and there. And as soon as we got home, we called from Los Angeles and told our Agent
Make the offer, expecting a very quick verbal acceptance the next morning to an "almost"  full priced offer ... to a Builder who was apparently about to lose the house to the bank.  Naturally, we
knew we'd go higher to
lock him in if he countered, and expected our agent would probably be writing the papers up the next day - a mere "technicality" we presumed.  Our hearts were already
bubbling with happiness,  and the Champagne we'd finally  cracked open to celebrate before going to bed that night to sleep like babies. At last ...

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GUESS WHAT HAPPENED ...

---------------------------------------------For the first time in a year ... we didn't hear anything back from our agent for days.  Endless messages were not returned, and office personnel "knew nothing."  
-------------------------Had there been an accident ... ?  We actually worried for our agent and were "frantic" with ELATION, fear, anger, and adrenaline.  And now ... we REALLY couldn't sleep.

After about five days we finally got a sheepish, rather
curt call from our "busy" agent we'd come to think of as a friend, someone with whom we'd often had leisurely dinners after long days ...  

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"... sorry.  Somebody else got it."  Deal closed.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT HAPPENED !!!
-------------------------------WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL US BACK!  WHY didn't we get a chance to COUNTER !!!   You knew WE'D HAVE PAID MORE ...!  W-H-E-R-E have you been for 5 days!
...............................................................................................................................................-----......"Sorry. The Deal is closed."
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And that was it.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Not a word of explanation. And it was clear from her tone ... she already knew we'd never work with her again.

The closing price? $1,850,000 - the "
ASKING" price. Only $50,000 over what we'd misguidedly offered so they wouldn't think we were overly eager.
Did anything
illegal happen to us?  Probably not.  Anything unethical?  Nothing anyone could ever hope to prove ... a "verbal" offer over the phone to someone we trusted that never even went to paper
for us to sign.  
The classical "he said" - "she said" - with nothing significant to be gained even if you could prove it.  Our opinion ... it was just Business as usual.
That's the way it can go.  A devastating kick in the gut you can't really describe ... and we were back to Square One.

Now that we're older, we understand EXACTLY what happened.  At least, we know all the "possible" things that happened.  And that is but one of the many seeds that blossomed to create the ...

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   -HIGH END BUYERS REMORSE TERMINATOR
Of course, the story gets even better with time. The property has increased enormously in value, and every time we drive by it still brings a "twinge" to our hearts.
Because that was our Dream Home.  Our broken heart that didn't work out.  Fortunately, it wasn't the our last love.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The empowering thing we learned was ...   
------------------------------------------------------------------- -----        We are truly on our own. That we had to find our own way.  And that made all the difference.       
The One that Got Away
Homes We Left Behind
In Carmel and Yankee Point
(Before moving to Pebble Beach)
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Carnegie Hall NYC
Just in case anyone's curious ...
.......................................................Sonya  Larisey

Real Estate Excellence, Inc.                                       Co-Owner/Founder
Real Estate Education Video Tutorials

Coca-Cola Telecommunications
--------------------------Administrative Assistant to
Columbia Pictures, Burbank, CA                               Michael J. Grossman, Executive
sddsdsddsdsdddsddsdsdsdqwerdewfsvgfrefgtregfrsfdgreVice President, Legal Affairs

Columbia Pictures, Burbank, CA                               Administrative Assistant to
-----------------------------------------------------------------Guy McElwaine, President, Chairman
-----------------------------------------------------------------& Jon Dolgen, President Domestic
-----------------------------------------------------------------Operations, President of Home
-----------------------------------------------------------------Entertainment Columbia Pictures

Paul Newman                                                             Personal Assistant
Warner Bros.
Burbank Studios, CA

John Wayne                                                              Personal Assistant

Michael Wayne                                                         Office Manager, Executive Secretary
Batjac Productions,
 Beverly Hills, CA

Juilliard School, New York City
Protege to Alexandria Danilova, Prima Ballerina Assoluta
Guest Soloist for American Ballet Theatre.
Alexandria Danilova
Prima Balerina Assoluta
of Russia
Sonya  Larisey
See below:
---The One that Got Away
---Homes We Left Behind
In Carmel and Yankee Point
(Before moving to Pebble Beach)
--------------------------------------------------Paul  Larisey
The Charleston, SC phase:
.I got off to a lucky start. Number 2 son in a family that grew up 5 loved kids with a solid quick to tear no nonsense Iwo Jima marine dad who worked at the Navy Yard building ships and
submarines, and a classical pianist mom who could have been Ms Claus, and loved nothing better than everyone singing around her piano.
.....At 11, life was a Huckleberry Finn fantasy of freedom for kids out on the outskirts of town, with lots of centuries old oak forest, and camping out in the woods all night long with my
buddies at the Indian dugout by the river back when things seemed safer and people didn't lock the doors at night.
.....At sixteen I was the lead singer for the "INTRUDERS" - the Big Band in town playing TWO nights every weekend for three years doing  Beatles, "Satisfaction," "Pretty Woman"
Under the Boardwalk," ANYTHING on the radio that made the girls dance. Life was good for singers.
.....My mom had found a voice teacher along the way for Operatic tenor Arias, I couldn't care less about at that age, but was learning so she'd have some "real" classical music to
accompany, and that led to a full scholarship to Charleston Southern University to study music for a few years instead of Viet Nam. But I failed miserably to fit the Southern mold as I grew
older and finally slipped away one day off to NYC.

But Sonya ... ALWAYS got it right.
.....HER full scholarship in Ballet was to JUILLIARD in NYC!  It wasn't luck, she was pure ... lyrical ... passion.  At sixteen she sat alone in a darkened theater in San Antonio, Texas to see
twenty command performances of Russian ballerina, Maya Plisetskaya, do
Swan Lake ...  no one else usually came.  She'd show up after school, the manager would say, "ok, it's her again" -
lets run it" - they stopped charging her.  
Because secretly,  everyone had high hopes for the little star in town. Sonya had already taught hundreds of their kids on stage through her early teens with a microphone in hand at
recreational centers, while young gang members often looked on admiringly through the open doors in hot Texas summers. She'd
produced and starred in her own full scale Oklahoma "like"
production by fifteen, and the whole town had come to see. (
we still have the old 16mm film her dad shot.) She'd started at nine, and by sixteen  ... she was already so far along she was
polishing her act in that dark little theater.
At Juilliard, Anthony Tudor,
(founder London Ballet, head faculty Metropolitan Ballet, choreographer NYC Ballet, artistic director American Ballet Theater) producing his famous Sleeping Beauty for
Juilliard chose Sonya for the coveted role of the
Blue Bird Pas de Deux over the Seniors. She was a freshman and already noted for powerful  fouettes on "pointe" (on toe) that had been
her forte from the age of sixteen, and from then on had to check for "tacks" buried in the stuffing of her
pointe shoes.  

Like Sonya, I got to
NYC on  my own steam.  ...  I Hitchhiked.
1969 New York phase:
..........1972 Graduated The City University of New York - City College
..........Bachelor of  Science  (Double Majors - Premed, Psychology)
Operatic Tenor -
studying along the way with Beverly Sills' teacher, Estelle Liebling, and Jan Pierce vocal coachs of the Metropolitan Opera.
Nanny - took care of two great kids for 3 years- mornings, homework, bedtime along with my lovely first wife on East 60th st in exchange for the 5th floor walk up. Their mom owned the building.
ParaMedic - Manhattan part time.

-----I was happy and wanted to be a Psychiatrist. I'd just finished 3 more solid years of college carrying 21 hours a semester straight through the summers at a mad hatter pace of endless
sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths, Statistics, Abnormal Psychology, Labs, all without a break.  
All to Graduate before I was TOO OLD to be accepted to Medical school, back
when Doctors made real money and it was so competitive there weren't enough "slots" and less than half of applicants got in. So I'd known from the beginning it was a "risky" major because I
was going to be
25 when I applied against the brainy 20 year olds most prized by the Med schools because they made better robots and would have the longest careers.
-----This wrongheaded  "rush" was at the expense of the "college experience," leaving too little time for life but that wasn't the problem anymore. The problem was - the chasm between the
infantile state of Psychology as a science - compared to the "Hard" sciences that could put a rocket on the moon. Or modern Chemistry that had worked so well at
blanketing painful
it had practically emptied psychological wards around the world. People could control the boogey man enough to live outside of walled institutions. But "The Psychology of
" ... "barely" worked at all.  "Why" ...?  No one knew. And this had been my intended calling because I liked words. But when "words" are the medicine ... they require a "rational" -
simpler than we'd been led to believe. Regardless of any miserable past, perhaps
emotional health was necessarily ONLY the reward for being "good." The "payback" for making a moral
for honor -instead of against it. "How" could it be any other way ...
-----I'd seen time and again,  people who'd hurt the people in my ambulance - had done it very much on purpose. They knew it was "bad."  They knew "good" was nicer. They "understood."
But "
understanding" played no role in their decisions. They were impenetrable to reason. Yet, this deep "understanding" I'd so embraced ... is all education has to offer.
"... Oh."    And I never wanted to be a Psychiatrist again.
-----Because there sits fundamental Truth on a  platter ... and the very people who need it most ... simply choose to ignore it for momentary gain. While the "good" are left to carry the heavy
burdens throughout history - even for the "bad." Nothing new. From the time of the Roman Arena through the Inquisition, burning of witches, Crusades, slavery, Civil War, WW1, WW2,
Hitler ...  there has been no way to
reason with "Bad."  They already know.
-----So if you are "good" ... all you can do as you get older and stronger is take a turn at fighting to help the world become a better place - if you "hope" for the future of children. Because that
fight is the ONLY thing that has ever helped keep some of the good alive. And despite the exaggerating effect of 24hr News ... things are getting better in the world as a whole. No more "rule
of thumb" to tell a man how big a stick they can beat their wife with, no more Slavery, witch burnings and pulling out of tongues, crucifixions ... women can even vote in many countries.  NOT
for a 100 years after freed black men could vote, here ... but they can vote. Pulling a molar is painless, light bulbs, electricity, cars, highways - a miracle. Coast to coast travel doesn't take 6
months anymore. Distant loved ones are a phone call away, and
with video. We're all entertained, educated, and fed better than kings of the past. Even TV is great now with documentaries
that take you all over the world to experience what Marco Polo did while eating popcorn. Or you can take a trip to the Space shuttle, to distant planets with real pictures, or down to the
bottom of the ocean to visit the Titanic. Education comes with pictures now, and will soon be
Videos taught by the best teachers in the world - and translated into every language. And if you're
not into computers yet ... wow! Are you missing out.
-----So, we're not really safe yet, but "things" are definitely getting better, and the list keeps growing. But a lot of people are still having big problems with the"Psychology of words" doing
them any good - even though it's all any of us have - and quite effective for happiness. So for anyone on the fence, we're tossing our way of looking at things  
up onto the Platter  for the
taking ...
how "we" use smart words to help ourselves.  Because we believe "good" can win, and these words have not only fueled the creation of this endeavour, but many or our life
choices that turned out satisfying. We care and hope you "choose" to join in our effort to make the World a Better Place, and that this path brings you the satisfactions it has for us.

1973 Here & Now Films - National TV Commercials Production (3 years)
-ll------(Manhattan 3 years Assistant Director/Production Mgr.  Lots of Travel - I Loved it after the long grind.
-llll--yy-Elmers Glue, Sherwin Williams Paints, Glidden, Cheer, Tide, General Mills, Pillsbury, Cars, Wines, etc.,  and some night classes at NYU in Film Making and Holograms.

OWNER (Various Small Businesses I established in Manhattan over 10 years)
  • Cibachrome Photo Processing Manhattan.(20 Manhattan Photo Stores, Modern Photography & Popular Photography Mail Order production)
  • Ladies Fashion Design & Mfg.: Customers: Bloomingdale's, Macys, Gimbels, Bergdorf Goodman
  • Luxury Furniture Design & Mfg.- dedicated retail showroom SOHO Nyc
  • Prince Street Art Gallery SOHO Nyc - short lived but fun

1978 San Francisco Phase:
..........Moved to Sausalito, CA to spend full time on my lead guitar and songwriting (70's "Eagles" like) and to put together a band to perform live. We did. ...  just as Disco and the Bee Gees was about
--------to slowly put the rest of us out to pasture.  Who knew ...?  But it was a great time to be young and happy.
1979 Los Angeles Phase:
..........Manhattan Beach, CA to work on my music,-run barefoot along the surf, and watch girls play Volleyball on the beach. Great place to calm the mind. Six months later ...
..........Hollywood Hills,  just off of Sunset Boulevard to work on my music, write a screen play, work on acting scenes with real actors, and immerse into the LA music "scene."
1980 Malibu, to get away from the LA music "scene"- to a magical little converted "boat house" from way - back - when ... when competitive ocean "rowing" was apparently  fun and popular in
f--------Malibu. Built just above the High Tide on pilings in the sand just above the waters edge, I wrote my novel to fix government, put a governor ON Big Business, and turn the working poor back into
-l----l---a real middle class.  I'm saving the last chapter for "last" for LAST in life ... just in case I get smarter along the way.
1981 SONYA
....... Met my ballerina Sonya. She was working for Paul Newman at the Burbank Studios, and the most down natural person I'd ever known. I was sneaking onto the "Lot" to find out what was  
--------about to be produced, and give my "acting" picture to anyone who'd take it.  She took it.  I've been completely happy every since. Destroyed my artistic impetus ...
1983 Married Sonya - MAJOR life accomplishment ... my soul mate.  Remodeled our home. Started an antique restoration business, a remote Retail business in Bellvue
-l-l-l-l--Square, WA selling Hand Knit sweaters from New Zealand, and took some Real Estate courses along with Sonya (because she always wanted to.) I tagged along with ZERO interest other than to
-l-l-l-l-lprotect her in a bad area where the courses where held. Something happened.  We had a great teacher, a lawyer dry as sawdust. But to my utter surprise I liked law ... it's Shakespearian
-l-l-l-l-efficiency with words and persuasive power to change the world.  
1989 Real Estate Excellence, Inc was born.
-l-l-l---Wrote and Produced Real Estate Excellence, Inc's Video Tutorial to pass the CA Sales & Broker Exams.  It worked.
1993 The Carmel, Yankee Point, Pebble Beach Phase on our Video
The High End Buyers Remorse Terminator was born.
-ll-------Consumer Advocacy in Real Estate  Brokerage to help the world be a better place.
----Honesty--- the only light for our inner world ...
-----------------------without it we grope the walls in fear
Intelligence-----an endless whisk Broom job
-----------------------that ever bends the back to honesty
a national resource ...
The One that Got Away
Carmel by the Sea 1993
We "Arrived"
Carnegie Hall NYC
Sonya & Paul Larisey