----------------------------------------------------------POINT TO PONDER:
You may have noticed we charge our Clients $500 earnest deposit
for helping them find their own Perfect Little Pocket and
dream home. It may
sound "tempting" for some of you to try the same. But is it really a good idea for YOU? We Refund that
$500 Fee
at close of escrows for offers placed through us. So why do WE charge a fee...   ...then "suggest"  you do NOT?
  • We do this to avoid being used for "Sight-Seeing" Dream Homes by people vacationing in this Magical Resort Destination
    by the Sea, who aren't R-e-a-l-l-y serious  about moving here. Some people love the idea of seeing inside our Beautiful
    Homes while their other-half plays golf, or goes Diving, and  Pebble Beach alone has 8 golf courses in the forest by the Sea.
  • *Do YOU have a problem like that, serious enough to turn off an "un-certain" percentage of potential clients? If NOT... you
    may be shooting yourself in the foot. It's all up to you,  REEinc has no Authority,  NO say as to any aspects of how you run
    your business. As an affiliate, you remain a fully Independent Contractor or Broker working under another Brokers License,
    not ours, and REEinc. has zero supervisory control over your business practices.  You remain solely liable for your
    own actions.

By "selecting" the SUBMIT button this page, you ACKNOWLEDGE you have
Read, Understand, and AGREE TO:
(1.) ALL TERMS OF USE on this page. (See "TERMS OF USE" to the Right,  and Below.
(2.) ALL TERMS OF USE & DISCLAIMERS on this Website (to include those reached by selecting
(3.) You Agree to Your Full and Exclusive REMEDY against Real Estate Excellence, Inc. for ANY &
ALL perceived or actionable causes whatsoever shall be
limited to a Refund of the remaining portion
of your individual "per annum" charge for
affiliation membership.
*You must ALWAYS be an "AFFILIATE In Good Standing" with REEinc to continue use of our
BADGE and Intellectual Properties.
Why NO PHONE Number...   
---CCC-----------------------------------------------------Our Business Model has evolved for reasons.

It is impossible to TALK Licensed Professionals through the innumerable details they must "fully grasp" on this Website to make a good
decisions on becoming our AFFILIATE - "
over the phone" ... and we know you don't really want to talk to a secretary. ONE Highly Qualified
employee can answer a hundred structured
Emails... in the time a single phone call can take with someone who doesn't like to read. Real Estate is a complicated
business requiring genuine intellectual pursuit,
individual diligence, continuing education, and  "actually" becoming an expert to do a good job. It's not for everyone, and we're
aiming for the
Highest level of "personal" integrity in our Affiliates. This REQUIREMENT TO READ intentionally narrows the field towards the "sincere." It's more a question of
EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE A GOOD DECISION IS ON THIS WEBSITE, and best "presented" for Comprehension. NOT holding people's hands on
the phone acts as a
natural filter against filling our ranks with people who simply do not like to read - or be accountable to contracts they should well understand before
signing ("
selecting" the SUBMIT button).  We believe agents aren't any better at helping "other people" with contracts, than they are at helping themselves, here.  
Unfortunately, we simply don't have as much time as we would like to get to know each and every one of you,  and deciding to become an Affiliate to help MARKET yourself
requires some concentrated time and thinking.  
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOW AFFILIATES CONTACT US:
We provide our Email in the "CONFIRMATION of AFFILIATION" Email we send you. This is your future Contact Email to us. If you lose it, you can always write a note in the
Questions" box on the order form on this page, but you'll have to enter all  the "Required Fields" as well to make it go through.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's the Problem at the National level...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------many people don't like to read.
For the National arm of our business, the number of calls can easily overwhelm our capacity, and many are merely "curious" about our business model" or "...how do I
become an Affiliate)
 ...calling  to have a LONG conversation - when EVERYTHING they need to know is  BEST presented for comprehension here on this page. We hope you
understand what a "BIG" problem this can be to solve.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE UP SIDE for YOU ...
Having to
Read to Participate provides a natural "FILTER" in favor of Intellectually Oriented Affiliates ... who in turn will provide our "CODE of Ethics way of doing
business" for
their Clients. A higher standard grows the public's "Perceived Value" of  the REEinc CODE of ETHICS ... and YOU will benefit by these collective leaders
qualities. In the end, we're trying to help. Everything is structured to allow a modern, highly efficient  
National Virtual Business Model that will continue making the
world a better place ...
long after we're gone.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What about a simple Email address...?
We immediately provide our AFFILIATES and CLIENTS with a Confirmation Email when any order is placed. That's your future CONTACT Email.  But there is no such thing
as "simple" Email on a National scale, and we will
never have the resources to go through thousands of Junk Emails every day to make sure we haven't accidentally missed
an Important Contract.
  We have to control access to this VITAL Virtual Tool for our Clients and Affiliates so that YOU have  easy access to us ONCE YOU'RE AN AFFILIATE ...
and to allow the business to scale. We believe any reasonable person can make an informed decision from the information provided on this Website.  
So please don't give out this CONTACT Email you'll be receiving, or you'll only be clogging the machine for yourself.  Instead - just REFER
Colleagues and Potential Clients to HighEndBuyersRemorseTerminator.com if they're interested when they see your BADGE. As for
competing "colleagues" ... Affiliation can only help your company and reputation grow it's share of the Pie in your area - as it takes on the Shine of our BADGE of Honor in your
Ads, Open House, and doing FLOOR - and helps you start becoming one of the BIG Agents in town.  Because the
Very "Idea" of Honor comforts Sellers looking to List in the
future - when the need arises and they look back on that first day when they asked you  ...
- "What's T-H-A-T...!"
But your Broker's affinity for our CODE OF ETHICS and Video for your Marketing Purposes is an exposure
of courtesy they deserve from you to encourage more
Meaningful Marketing Advantages for Agents.
See:  "...an individual is an Independent Contractor if the payer" (your Broker) "has the right to control or direct  ONLY
the result of the work ... and NOT what will be done and how it will be done ... ...you are self-employed."  IRS.gov
Real Estate Excellence Inc      2015
All Rights Reserved  SM  TM
PRIVACY POLICY:  We do not sell your personal information to outside parties.
See: Terms of Use
(Navigation Bar) for Full Privacy Policy and Google Analytics
-----------.-----------WELCOME ...
LISTING Newspaper Ad

Sitting OPEN HOUSE or doing FLOOR at the Office, have you ever found yourself  
W-I-S-H-I-N-G you had something REALLY Important to say to Walk-Ins...


...so very earnest and meaningful, so very relevant to their needs at THAT very Moment ...
... they would  l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y ... NEVER forget you?
s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g... that would give them a R-E-A-S-O-N to pick
that Informs their Task and leaves them feeling HAPPY they met you..
...something so very important for
THEM ... ...you're left looking
Lyrical ... Intelligent ...  and the O-b-v-i-o-u-s  Choice?

But if you're like most of us, you probably don't have that special "something..."
... that doesn't ring  ... H-O-L-L-O-W ...
So you smile a lot, talk about the weather, and end up their best "Restaurant Guide" in town,
instead of the Licensed Agent helping with their Real Estate needs.

So... you try to being even MORE  Professional ...  not "quite" so friendly...
...only to end up feeling
Phony and "Officious" while you compensate for that uncomfortable feeling in
your gut every time you ask those
I-n-v-a-s-i-v-e ..."Qualifying" Questions ...
... much too early for anyone's comfort.
You start wondering if you're looking silly to clients... like an "over-eager" novice applying for a job no
asked you too. And... no one seems to be listening anyway.  
Worse...you haven't had a new client for a v-e-r-y  long  time. Or ever if you're new.
THIS ... is all you've got.
-----------THIS ... is your best shot ...
So you lay your head back on the chair and comfort yourself thinking, "they're probably just
"looky-loos" anyway."
Only to find out Next Week they Bought a House - Using an agent they'd just met.
All bringing you
right back to Square-One ...
W-H-A-T ... am I doing WRONG ...?
-------* You're talking about Yourself ... the Information You need ... a job for You...

-...instead of something you Believe In.

WHY would you do that?  Because it's almost impossible to sell yourself with people you've just met ...
... to show how good a person you may truly be ... to so much as mention ... Resume like material...
...without looking
Self - Aggrandizing.  

THAT'S why being an AFFILIATE  of our CODE OF ETHICS - gives you something important to talk
about ... ... that you
do believe in ...

... "something"... so good for THEM  ... So Logically Persuasive ... it literally proves on First Exposure
You're as good a person as our CODE of ETHICS
- or you wouldn't have given it to them in your
that explains exactly what "CLIENT FIRST" really means. In fact ...
the words to our Code of Ethics are
so enlightening...
... there's simply no way to "Put the Genie "Back-in-the-Bottle."
... Therefore  ...
As an "Affiliate" to our Code of Ethics ...  you're  left "Irrevocably Committed" in the minds of
your clients...
with the expectation that you're going to treat them...
"... as good as you would your own Mother."
And these new Clients will intuitively feel this, and realize your honor must be Real ...
Because it's
already taught them SO MUCH for simply having read your Code of Ethics.
. . .
Have you ever wished you had something...
REALLY GOOD to say in your Advertising...?
"... something ..."
so very HELPFUL to Clients - that your phone might actually  R-I-N-G after all that effort?

TO ACCOMPLISH THAT ...  ...you have to TEACH them something.
"Something"... so clearly good for THEM ...so Free & Independent of being TIED to you...
... that they just might  Trust it. Only ... W-H-A-T  could that possibly be?

How would you like to use our BADGE ... And the VIDEO you've just seen...
... to do all of THAT...   for you...?
As an industry insider you may not like everything you saw in our Video. But your CLIENTS will.
They'll like
YOU for recommending it. From our VIDEO they'll understand the incredible value our
... the
money and misery you may well save them ...
... and the Happiness you have the ability to bring to their lives when you say...
"I'm a Real Estate Excellence Code of Ethics AFFILIATE...!

Of course, they'll be watching your every move like a hawk because of it... but many already are.
And  their sense of
Your "Trustworthiness" for being The O-N-E who led them to our VIDEO
... to "Teach them to Fish" ...
...will be Greatly Enhanced.  Imagine the "sweet ring" to their ears ... of a detailed assurance  you're
going to be
playing fair in every case ... instead of Pushing "certain" properties on them.  Imagine the
confidence you'll inspire as they
closely watch you fulfill their highest expectations....
And soon ... they'll be praising you to their friends and telling them...
"Affiliates for Real Estate Excellence Code of Ethics are not the problem ...
... they're the solution."
Being our AFFILIATE is not just "saying" you're honorable...It gives clients a way to know what that  
means. And
You ... a way to Show it ...  
To finally have a way to MARKET your
Most Valuable Quality for Clients.
Your Honor...

... and to Make This Dream Come True ...
...all you have to do is live up to the High Standards of our Code of Ethics that will make your business
grow. It's an opportunity to make the world a better place. To develop your own
loyal Client Base, and
their appreciative
word of mouth that follows. And ... to secure your own happy future.

We do the Detailed Education that protects the public ... You earn the Client.

And after they View our "High End BUYERS REMORSE TERMINATOR" VIDEO - that YOU led them to...
... Your being our REAL ESTATE EXCELLENCE AFFILIATE  ... will be like being
Recommended  by a trusted friend.  US.

If that sounds Interesting ... you might be right to become one of our AFFILIATES.
SO THAT THE NEXT TIME one of your future Clients Walks in the door ...
You can relax. Stand there smiling patiently with that big V shaped White Ribbon around your neck
pointing like an arrow down to your
Shiny BADGE ... and Wait.
Wait ... for them to point to your Badge and say...
"What's T-H-A-T ...!"
...then lean right over with your best smile ... hold your Shiny Badge up to their Face so they can
Read It...  ... And say...
"THAT's... my Badge of Honor! I'm a Real Estate Excellence Code of Ethics AFFILIATE...!"
while casually placing our HANDOUT with your Picture and Contact info in their hand.
And soon ... you'll find yourself
engaged in a Conversation about finding their Perfect Little Pocket
FIRST - to "Get It Right the FIRST Time." So they DON'T end up with Buyers Remorse
efore they even know what's at the other end of the street!" You'll be explaining how "finding
their own Favorite Part of the Neighborhood F-I-R-S-T
... Automatically NARROWS the entire
Market of Houses for Sale down to a
HANDFUL of Dream Houses ...
THEY'VE picked for Themselves along the way ..."
Instead of ever allowing anyone to  Start-them -off -  with a "Whirlwind Tour" of Intoxicating Dream
... where AGENTS make those Choices FOR them. While sometimes focusing on
THEIR own Company's Listings ... W-H-E-R-E-V-E-R  THEIR Listings HAPPEN to be ...
Instead of showing them the WHOLE Open Market ...
...so they DON'T have to Split the Commission in HALF with a Competitor.
..2. ...and because they need to sell ALL of their Listings before they expire...
... NOT just the GOOD Ones.
They'll begin to understand what makes you "different" and WHY you've Declared to Honor the
Real Estate Excellence Code of Ethics
Novel Approach to FOCUS Their Private Excursion...  
...on finding their
Perfect Little Pocket ... FIRST...
... THEN ...
...once they've narrowed things down to their FAVORITE Little "Nook or Cranny" in the neighborhood
... only
then show INSIDE the Houses in their price range - that THEY'VE "Picked" for THEMSELVES  
along the way ... from the WHOLE OPEN MARKET
(Before throwing your own Company's Listings in the mix.)
So that they
DON'T end up with "BUYERS REMORSE" the week After they're ALL-MOVED-IN...!
So that they DON'T find themselves SLAMMING-On-the-Breaks in front of that BETTER House  ...
the ONE they WOULD  Have P-I-C-K-E-D...!   If only someone they trusted had shown it to them.
You'll HAVE their Rapt attention.
You'll look like the smartest, nicest person they've ever met in Real Estate.
And if you live up to our
CODE OF ETIHCS ... you probalby will be.
they'll have learned more in "3 Minutes" from YOU about finding their Dream Home -
about getting it
Right the FIRST time ... than they ever imagined existed. And, all Verified by the simple
power of their
own logic ... as words of wisdom flow calmly from your lips. And resound intuitively in their
minds like the
common sense and decency they are. And you can't beat that.
How does that compare to walking on eggs, and talking about the "weather" trying to make sure you
don't "offend" potential Clients ...
... or asking "
Qualifying Questions"  TOO EARLY for anyone's comfort?

... With our HANDOUT ...
... that You've given them - they'll have something Really Good To Do  back at the Hotel that night,
or at home
when that Shiny BADGE and the "interesting conversation" you had pops into their minds
again. Because, the
HANDOUT not only contains our Code of Ethics, the very words explain WHY it's
ALL So Important  for THEM... and Refers them to our Website to view the VIDEO ...
and the principles you stand for. So that...
... NO MATTER W-H-E-R-E they're Moving TO ...
serious Buyer will be enthralled with what they've leared. And they'll grow more appreciative with
every passing minute for the
GIFT you've given them - With No Ties.
They'll "remember" the sincerity in your voice when you told them
"You Really NEED to Watch This  VIDEO ...  
BEFORE you take One - More - Step towards finding your Dream Home."
And after experiencing that revelation...
...clients are not likely to want anyone... BUT you. Because, they're going to realize you may well have
lready saved them Millions of Dollars worth of misery ...
...with no Strings Attached.
At least ...you tried. They'll "Get That" because you Gave First. You provided profound "Insight" into  
this very important task they're so very
"excited" to accomplish ...
... Finding Their  "Perfect"  Dream Home ...
They'll start to wonder about you. "...pretty Big Gift ... telling everyone for free!"   Maybe you're just
one of those people who can't stand to see
nice people getting hurt - for not knowing how much they
need a little honest help. M
aybe you actually ARE honest. Maybe you're just trying to make an honest
living ...and found this "special way" to send a - not so subtle message people will hear-  to take
responsibility for the
Profound Difference you know Professional Honor can make in people's happiness
for the rest of their lives. But,
whatever they think, it's going to be good.
Because your little "Gift"  sends quite a message.
* ... a GOOD person has shown up in their lives... *
A "good" person with a Blueprint.  And here's the equation...
All Clients NEED honorable help to run this Gauntlet - because it isn't their Field  =  It IS - YOUR Field of Honor   

You've created Balance. A Perfect logical loop - that your Clients & You can now step into in comfort.

is your Most Powerful Tool

It  "makes sense" to Clients, and provides that special "something" you believe in to get the
conversation rolling at a very critical moment ...
your first impression.  It establishes your HONOR.
And HONOR ... is what makes you "special."
It makes you Stand Out.  
It's what
You have to Sell.  HOUSES ... sell themselves.
And before you know it, you'll be in a relaxed conversation where Clients are telling you their Real
Estate needs. Being curious about
your Favorite nooks and cranny's. And HOPING ...
you have time enough to help them find their Perfect Little Pocket ...

Is that a little better than trying to look "officious" or asking miserable "Qualifying Questions?
Can you even imagine one day... you might have to start getting up early to answer excited phone calls
about that
Video you had clients watching last night ... and all they want to know is...
What's THAT...!
It's what our Affiliates wear
and FLOOR so Walk-ins
point and ask ...

...like you probably just did...


...and they give you
Something Important"
to talk about...
...while showing Potential
Clients you just
might be a
Critical Thinker.

...  instead of  ...
asking those annoying
"QUALIFYING Questions"
veryone  hates
TOO Early for Comfort.

3.25 x 2.25 in

You  can't pay to get another one  (unless you provide a police report
specifically naming  You - and the Badge as one of the items stolen.
Or, provide  Insurance proof that your house burned down, or the like.
(photos don't qualify).
THIS  protects
YOU. Lenience here leads to non-Affiliates using our
Intellectual Property, causing  dilution and harm to the reputation
ALL Affiliates NEED.
(If you can think of a better policy to accomplish the same thing,
we' love to hear it.)
What's THAT...!
... and what does
BROKER & AGENT Affiliates Welcome

You CAN'T get another one, and you can't
share our Intellectual Property, so when
someone ask to
"BORROW" IT ... say NO.
You are
LEASING our Intellectual Property
Good Will and we enforce our BADGE
Rights, and "Similar"
infringing marketing concepts.

This Policy is the ONLY way to assure only
Behavior affects the Very  
Code of Ethics "Reputation and Branding
All Affiliates Need.  Without
this Policy, our
Badge of Honor distinction
would become diluted and of little value to

High End Listings and Sales generally go disproportionately to a very small number of local
agents  ...with
L-o-n-g Coattails.

..................................... some have worked long and hard ...
---------------------------... some have inherited family businesses ...
---------------------------... some are just uniquely smart ...

Even more confusing, while National Names are clearly persuasive... ...some Private local companies
often do as well - or better. How do They manage THAT?  What's the Big Secret... ?

.....................*CLIENTS choose Agents  ... who STAND OUT in their minds.

It can be from recommendations, liking you on First Contact, picking up a phone with a Buyer in a Hurry ...
But there is just  Nothing so consistently  P-E-R-S-U-A-S-I-V-E  for Clients ... as thumbing through a free
local Real Estate
MAGAZINE  when they arrive in town to start REALLY Looking...  
-------------------------------------...and come upon an Agent who has
...............* 10  "back-to-back"  FULL  PAGE  Listings from local Sellers...!          

------------------------------------------------------  W-O-W...!
----------------------------"... THEY  MUST be the BIG Agent in town."   

And so the cycle grows.  Because that's  what really works. They keep getting MORE Buyers, and MORE
and MORE Sellers
... because looking BIG IS "Credentials."  Buyers think, "...clearly they must be the
BEST - because they have so many of the Best houses in town."  It's very attractive for High End clients  
who always want the "BEST." After all, would
YOU want a Doctor whose waiting room is always empty?  
Most of us appreciate some "OUTSIDE" indicator of worth.   
----------------------------------"Something" that makes a person STAND OUT .

--------... SO ... how can you ever hope to compete with THAT...?


Thanks to "Humanity" ... people simply can't help "liking you" ... when they find themselves liking you.  
Sitting an Open House, or doing "Floor" at the office ... many people WILL give you a chance if they like
you ...  
---------------------------------------------... if you can  STAND OUT  in their minds.

We've all heard the story... some regular agent gets this Great Buyer doing
Floor ...  at an Open House ...
at the
Grocery store...!  H-O-W ... did  THEY Stand Out ...?  

--------What made that client "like" that person ...
------------------------T-H-A-T much...?

It wasn't
all luck. It had to be "something!"  Ask yourself how you're feeling about the world today?  
The economy ...terrorist ...war ... politics ...? We're all
S-o-o-o-o  TIRED of the idiocy aren't we?  
Yet ... out of the
great fog of wrongness ... what occasionally  "Stands Out"...  and keeps your hope for
humanity alive...?
---------------------------------------------Honesty, Fairness, Bravery, Integrity...

...some Great person "Stands Out."  What if you ... could give that? We all want it... decency, kindness,
 Because HONOR fixes everything. If everyone had it, the world would be paradise.  HONOR ...
in all it's  iterations... is
the most important subliminal message in your personality. The message that YOU
are "safe" ... is the
most  important  thing you can ever hope to offer your clients (or anyone else).
Because we are ALL
so tired of the "Bad Guy's." Even the bad guys are tired of bad guys. It's something
we all have in common. And that secret little "
hope for a better world" ... that we all hold deep in our
psychology... is what makes us LOVE finding someone we can truly TRUST. It's what makes us "
someone... over Wit, Intelligence, Money, or Looks.   It's why we like dogs.

-----------------------It's a profound need. Even people who aren't trustworthy, ...like people who are.

We all wish the world would be what it should be. It's a powerful hunger. So if you
are an honest person,
finding a way to
Communicate your honor ... to PROVE your honor ... is important for clients and  they'll
only love you for it. It's not corny ... it's the BEST reason anyone could ever have for LIKING anyone else.
Unfortunately, your clients aren't mind readers and you don't look like a dog.  So
Y-O-U ... have to do it.

But HOW can you
show  you have honor? How can you show you're  "special" ...without looking foolish,
and self aggrandizing? Why would they believe you?  How can you share your goodness?  How can you
teach your clients to fish safely ...  so that the best things happen for you both?
It's the MOST important thing. The MOST
likeable thing. If you have Honor in your Heart, and a License in
your pocket ... you have
ALL the  Good Things any clients needs, ...and none of the bad.
------------------------------------------------If "That" person is who you want to be ...
--------------------------------------------...You're the one we want to be our Affiliate.

And you're the one EVERY Clients wants for their own happiness ... even if they don't know it yet.

We hope our TERMINATOR will give uniquely good people a way to "STAND OUT" long after we're gone.
We hope our Marketing Ideas and "High End Buyers Remorse Terminator VIDEO will continue to provide
fundamentally persuasive tools for those not yet established in their communities, by helping you
"connect" with our BADGE as you explain the all important CODE OF ETHICS as the best way for ANYONE
to find their Dream Home, and for you to show what you're made of ... so that

We hope YOU can improve our industry over time and light the path for
Your Clients with far more
INSIGHT  ... than being left to count  the number of LISTINGS an Agent has in a local real estate magazine.

Have you ever had a very "special" teacher in your life...? That's what you can become for clients.
But in your case, they'll soon realize ... not only did you help them find their REAL Dream House ... in their

Perfect Little Pocket ...

...you also may WELL have saved them millions of dollars worth of misery.
People don't forget that, they
seek it out. They recommend it to their friends and loved ones. They make your life happen  the way
you've imagined ...
---------------------------------------------------... the same way you helped them.

If you have Honor in your Heart
and a License in your pocket...
You Have All the "Good" Things
Any Client Needs...
...and None of the Bad.

THE REALLY SURPRISING TRUTH:  We don't even give our own clients our email or phone number until they've DECIDED to schedule a day with us, and this requires providing personal info and a credit card so we know who we're dealing with.
They see our Video, our Website...  they know who we are. We have to know who they are before committing time. And  N-O-B-O-D-Y wants to talk to a secretary... they want to talk to US.  So to serve our own clients,. we  have to control
the flow to leave an open slate where
Our Clients can get through. We hope you understand and have such a "BIG" problem to solve in YOUR business someday.

You're still the same Independent Contractor working  under your Broker's License and supervision for professional guidance.  We can not violate that
required SINGULAR supervision and resultant liability your Broker provides the
on your behalf.  We are ONLY a source of good ideas, and Marketing Materials to better help you tell clients who you are, and communicate your professional "opinion" as to the
BEST way to serve their interest ... which is was a professional license is all about in any field. But using our Website and Video to Educate your clients

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SHOWS  them what's so  "Special" about YOU ...

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And EXACTLY what do you  "P-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-l-y" ADD to the Bare Bones of a Real Estate License  ...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------~ Intelligent Method and HONOR ~
you'll come to love as you
enjoy the cool weighty heft
and feel of fine Jewelry.

The Badge works Best for
Open House or Floor -
Hanging from your Neck
on a LONG White Ribbon.
The "
V" Shape
Literally "Points" to the
Badge and helps Create
All Important Moment
when Clients
finally ask...

"What's THAT...!"

...just lean right over to
Hold Your Badge up in
front of their face and say...

"THAT's my Badge of Honor.
I'm a Real Estate
Excellence Code of Ethics

They'll say...
"What's THAT...!"

You'll say...
"It's a Solution to help
End Buyers Remorse..."

...and suddenly you'll find
yourself in an Important
conversation about their
Real Estate needs...
instead of asking those
"Qualifying Questions"

for anyone's comfort.
What's THAT...!
THAT's... my Badge of Honor!
I'm a Real Estate Excellence Code of Ethics AFFILIATE...!
Badge of Honor
1. Doing Open House & Floor
2. How To "STAND OUT"
Buyers Remorse
LISTING Mailer 5 x 7
SAMPLE:   AFFILIATE MARKETING AIDS  -  Design & Print for yourself using our Badge Images and  "Blanked" Templates you
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Code of Ethics
Houses Sell Themselves
REEinc      2015
REEinc       2015
a resource ...
a resource ...
-----BADGE Delivery:    Expect 1 - 9 weeks, depending on our in-house supply.  Sorry, we can't control
------Demand or our Mfg's capacity so please be patient to receive this HIGHEST QUALITY Badge your are likely to
------have ever seen. Badge & Membership Charged same day of order.
AFFILIATES - Welcome to your new family at Real Estate Excellence.

Real Estate is a complicated business requiring genuine intellectual pursuit, individual diligence, continuing education, and "actually"
becoming an
expert to do a great job.  But no one starts out an "expert" ... and no one gets there without making a few mistakes.                 
A few suggestions...
Be welcoming and warm with your clients. It's not their field, but you have common goals and they can appreciate the profound thinking that
led to your  adopting the self discipline of a Client First  
Code of Ethics to run your business affairs - and put their interest before your own.
Clients are hearing your Affiliation say ... "I'm not the problem ... I'm the solution.  You can trust me to do what we all know is right, and when
somethings is "grey" ... I'm going to treat you with the same honesty I would my own family."  But it's not their field. So always treat their
questions with respect, and answers with
expert depth and a keen association to Logic. If you're not sure,  let them know "that's a good
question" and you'll get back to them with a "good answer." Don't "invent."
Don't try to "Look" smart ... there's no need for it. It only turns
you into a
pane of glass most people can see right through, and instantly destroys all confidence you can be relied upon. Just try to do your
JOB methodically -THAT is what instills confidence. And remember ... it's not about YOU, or how you look today, or how much experience you
don't have. Its about the work. Everyone is tired of the "fluff" of pretenders, so challenge yourself to be thorough. The fundamental of
SMART may be nothing more than the honesty to be
comfortable with the millions of things you DON'T know ... so you're clear on what it is you
NEED to learn.  

You NEVER want an Angry client. Regardless of the "truth" ... they may have better lawyers than you.
-----------------------------------------------------------------EGO inflames anger - Honesty & Respect diffuse it.
It's called "people skills" but it's really just "standing in the other guys shoes" and "being a nice person." Remember
everyone has a
"baloney" indicator in their mind
going all the time .. even if they're too polite or to annoyed to show it. And with the HIGH Expectation your
AFFILIATION creates in the minds of Clients thinking they have someone "special ..." ... "baloney" is a very discouraging thing, and can get you
fired without explanation. People are quick to forgive a genuine mistake, or a hole in your knowledge. But
NOTHING  can lead to disgust
quicker than someone whose claimed "lofty" ideals ... delivering "baloney" instead.  So help us ALL build a reputation for true "Excellence"
that reflects on ever Affiliate ... by being
down to earth in your work First,  ... and "sophisticated" second. Like the Marines have
accomplished with their famous slogan...
"...a few good men"  ... perhaps our slogan should be"... a few good Affiliates ... in every city.  And
THAT will bring you business your entire career."

------------------------------------------------------------------ ... the GENIE IS OUT OF THE BOTTLE ...
With the HighEndBuyersRemorseTerminator.com ... It's all going to be different than before. Your clients are going to KNOW what to watch
out for and be watching you like a Hawk to see if you're the real thing. No one is going to be able to take unfair advantage of them  ever
again. Not even YOU. So becoming an Affiliate is not going to be a free ride to get new clients, but more like the Excellence
we all require of
our Brain Surgeon and Engineers. Make sure YOU'D want to ride over the "Bridges"
you build. Then enjoy the sweet feeling of self esteem
that comes with doing a great job. Never forget this is NOT "business" for most clients ... it's personal. They may already be feeling
vulnerable picking up roots from everything familiar to "join a new tribe" in your community, and
YOU are going to be giving them their first
impressions. So treat them nicely and
always APOLOGIZE forth-rightly if you make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. But lieing to
someone's face to try and "cover it up" can make even the meek
very angry enemies bent on "justice."  

Let's clean up our industry and make the world a better place together.  Do that and you'll
be  A+ in your clients hearts and receive their
enthusiastic support over the years to come.
And don't worry, you'll always KNOW what to do. When in doubt, just treat everyone like you
would your mom ... and the whole world will work out for everyone someday.
All the Best,
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sonya & Paul Larisey
level of "personal" integrity in affiliates. This REQUIREMENT TO READ  intentionally narrows the field towards the "sincere."  
NOT "holding people's hands" on the phone all day, prevents filling our ranks with people who simply
do not like to read, or be
accountable to contracts they should well understand before signing.  We believe agents aren't any better at helping "other people" with contracts -  than they are at helping themselves here.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                       --"EVERYTHING you need to make a good judgement is on this Website."
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And we simply don't have as much time as we would like.
... is Y-O-U-R Personal Business Decision ...
All Orders Subject to Verification
& Written Acceptance
State & License #
Company Broker
State & License #
Company Name
& Website   
FIRST                                                      MIDDLE                                    LAST  
Your FULL Name
Your Email:
Your Phone:
Credit Card
Expiration Date
Security Code
Billing Address
SHIP Address
(IF  Different)
(IF Different)

................Condition of Use:
Membership in Good Standing Required
BADGE must be RETURNED to us at end of
AFFILIATION for any reason, and may not be
Used, Sold, Loaned, or given away.
.............1 BADGE Per AFFILIATE
Per  Annum Affiliate Membership:
See: "Does It Worry You"  in AffiliateTerms of Use below
QUESTIONS:  This Box SCROLLS for Longer Messages.
Required Field
I AGREE to Terms and Conditions of Use     >
This ACKNOWLEDGES you have  Reviewed, Understand, and  AGREE to ALL TERMS OF USE and
CONDITIONS on this Website including those reached by the "
TERMS OF USE" button. (Navg. Bar)
Selecting  "SUBMIT" button  Creates a lawful
relationship between You & Real Estate Excellence, Inc.
I have read, understood, and agree to Real Estate Excellence, Inc Terms of Service. I
understand the Recurring MEMBERSHIP Charge above applies to this order, and that I will be
billed for charges on an
auto-renew basis for each 1 year term, until I Cancel.  If I choose to
CANCEL, I will lose
ALL AFFILIATE rights of use, and no longer be charged for any future term,
but no refund will be provided for current term,
UNLESS within 3 months of any RENEWAL.
(Just eMail your Cancellation of Renewal and return your Leased BADGE ONLY Affiliates may use.

.........................                  AFFILIATES TERMS OF USE:
  • IF YOU CHANGE BROKERS: Email us your name, the new Broker's name, License # & State,  
Company Name & WEBSITE. (As a courtesy, make sure they know you're our Affiliate.)
  • IF YOU D-O-N-'T WANT TO RENEW for next year: Remembered to Cancel before your Annual Renewal
Date, and Return your Leased Badge. We'll send it back if you ever re-apply at no charge but shipping.
  • IF YOU Find Our Charge on your Card Statement Next Year ... and WISH you'd remembered to Cancel,
    we'll understand. Just Email us and we'll Fully Refund that charge for UP TO 3 months after the Charge
    date, so you'll still have plenty of time to discover the mistake and cancel your renewal.

All Orders are Initially Set Up on AUTO RENEWAL for OUR convenience and YOURS. It avoids needless  
Back Forth
Emails, and as long as you're HAPPY ... you don't have to "remember" RENEWAL dates,
and  your Good Standing remains intact automatically.
BUT... If you Regret finding that Renewal
, you will always have 3 months after the renewal date to notify us by Email, and we will
reverse/refund the charge.  
    Why so liberal...?
  • Our company ethics come down to one word ... HONOR. It's critical to our reputation that ONLY Affiliates
    who continue to share our common goals and operate their businesses using Real Estate Excellence
    Code of Ethics as their advertising Moniker and moral compass ... affect that reputation. So If you
    CANCEL affiliation, you may no longer use ANY of our Intellectual Properties or Badge.
  • WHAT IF OUR PRICES GO UP? We're actually hoping our price can go down. But whether"up" or "down"...
e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y ... w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r "Charge" you find on your Card Statement for renewal... you will   
ALWAYS have 3 months from the charge date to simply send an Email to receive a FULL refund. In effect,
Your Credit Card Statement IS your "Notification"- and this is FAR more efficient "Bookwork" in an Internet
world than redundant Back & Forth, pointless Emails and phone calls every year. We hope you identify
with this policy and consider it's modern,
Greater Efficiency for us both.
  • RESCISSION OF YOUR AFFILIATE'S PRIVILEGES: In every way we want to build the publics trust in our
    Affiliates reliable High Standards ... so we have to live by those standards ourselves - and so must you.
Unfortunately, people aren't as perfect as IDEALS. We retain the right to END your Affiliation "Without Cause"
(as may you) and by simple Email notification to Cease and Desist use of our Intellectual Property. If we Rescind
your Affiliate privileges, we refund the remaining portion of your fee for the Term,
and we refund your leased
badge" one time fee  
if" you return it in good condition. Whatever condition the badge, you agree to return our
Leased Badge in a timely fashion
if you lose your "good standing" for any reason whatsoever, to include
voluntarily ending your own Affiliation. (There is No Refund for the "remaining term" or the $129 One Time
Charge for the Badge if you end your own Affiliation.)

------------------------------------So, when in doubt ... think CLIENT FIRST.
Then treat your Client exactly as you should your own mom. If you've tried your best to do that ... we'll have every
reason to find in your favor if we receive "complaint" over what may have  been only an unintended mistake, or

-------------Our Business Relationship with You as an Independent Contractor
As a licensed Realtor, you remain solely responsible for all  legally required
disclosures and actions, signings, and professional conduct expected of each States
Licensee, working solely under the required
Singular Supervision and resultant
liability of your Broker.
We are ONLY a source of good ideas, and Marketing Materials that better help you tell clients who you are, and
communicate your professional "opinion" as to the best way to serve
their interest ...

-----------------------------------------------Intelligent Method ... and Honor

1. There is no relationship of Fiduciary Duty, or one of authority existing between Broker or
Agent Affiliates with REE, Inc
, nor do we monitor affiliate's marketing practices at a distance as
this would be impossible. You operate your business completely free from the
control or influence
of REEinc as a parent company.

2. Your Fiduciary duty is to the BROKER you have your license with, and never to Real Estate
Excellence, Inc., with whom you have no Fiduciary relationship. NO
relationship of "authority"
exist between Affiliates, and Real Estate Excellence, Inc.

3. All affiliates agree to consistently conduct business in a proper corporate name and License -
NOT to include Real Estate Excellence, Inc, High End Buyers Remorse Terminator, or any
name that
could lead clients to perceive us as the "Parent Company" of your business activities,
or as the perceived authority.  

4. In the event we Refer a Client Buyer or Seller to you, you agree to clearly DISCLOSE your
as an Affiliate of REEinc on First Contact and any compensation agreement
between us for the referral
in writing within 3 days to the client "referral" with signed
acknowledgement that our referral fee shall be paid from your portion of the commission paid by
the seller.

5. You agree to consistently conduct business using the proper Corporate Name of your
company and never Real Estate Excellence,
Inc. to be sure that customers are clear about
which entity they are doing business with. This includes:
(a.) Signing all documents using your complete and official company name.
(b.) Always using LETTERHEAD, and your company's Broker Identification and location that  
precisely identifies you as the entity responsible for  mailings,  ads, blogs, tweets,  emails, and
WHENEVER you use REEinc's Code of Ethics Intellectual Properties, Marketing
concepts, and Materials of any nature.
(c.)You agree to a completely
DISTINCT online identity (email, webpage, blog, etc.) from Real
Estate Excellence,  REEinc,  High End Buyers Remorse Terminator, or in using any of our
approved Marketing Materials, Slogans, Emblems, copyrights, or Trade Mark materials.
You may use our approved materials in an
UN-ALTERED form (except that you can "size") to
promote yourself, while always disclosing the proper corporate name of your company and
Broker info on all promotions.

-----------------------REFERRALS:  We May Occasionally Send You REFERRALS
Once a REEinc  AFFILIATE you become "eligible" to receive REFERRALS in your area when clients request our
AFFILIATES. However, be aware this is fairly unlikely, and necessarily Complicated, so you should in NO WAY include
the small potential for REFERRALS
...  in your decision to become our Affiliate.

(1.) Real Estate Excellence, Inc makes NO Guarantee that any individual Affiliates is "likely to" or ever will
receive a Referral from us.
We claim 25% of the GROSS Income for referrals to your Company - paid at Close of Escrow before any cost or
commissions splits are taken out (about HALF of some large companies). Unfortunately,
this remuneration can only
legally contractualized with the Registered BROKER FOR YOUR COMPANY. That's the law. (Your Broker doesn't
have to be one of our Affiliates
as long as YOU are).
So, we can only contractually
"Require" that OUR BUYER'S Request for a REEinc AFFILIATE be "HONORED" ...
but NOT "who" honors it. In fact, your Broker may be an Affiliate and give it to themselves, or any other of our Affiliates
working under their license.
This choice is legally in your Broker's hands, not ours.
(2.) We may never receive a request in YOUR Town.
(3.) TIME. We simply don't have the time to "debate" the merits of our choices, review endless resume info, or parse
letters and inevitable complaints about choices other Brokers may make.
WARNING:    However unfair these realities may seem when compared to a "Rotational" system direct  with each of
our Affiliates (which we would MUCH PREFER) ... these are inescapable realities and current laws we all work under.

-------------------------------As a REAL ESTATE EXCELLENCE AFFILIATE You Can ...

  • USE our BADGE , AND the High Quality Downloadable "Image" of the Badge on YOUR
    Website, Print Ads, Open House and For Sale signs, and your All Important HANDOUT you give potential
    Clients with YOUR Picture and Contact Info to get them to see the High End Buyers Remorse Terminator
    Video.(See: "Affiliate Marketing Support")

  • Place a link to our WEBSITE Video on YOUR Website to encourage clients to view our Video and learn
    the principles you Stand For, and what your AFFILIATION and Declaration to the Real Estate Excellence

  • Use our "HighEndBuyersRemorseTerminator.com" in your own creations by embedding the Link to us.

  • The HANDOUT: *Use Our copyrighted Marketing Aids (downloadable - "editable" pdf files or High Quality
    JPG for Magazine, Newspaper and Web advertising with recommended CONTENT and "slots" for your picture
    and contact info,  Give Your HANDOUT to potential clients so they can view our Video back in the hotel that
    night, and YOU have a better chance of your phone ringing the next morning.

  • Hang our BADGE around your neck with a big WHITE Ribbon so Walkins  POINT and ask YOU the
    questions for a change ...   "WHAT'S THAT...!"  This will get the Conversation Rolling about something more
    important for THEM than the restaurants and the weather - or your asking personal questions a little too early
    for comfort. Or ending up worrying you blew your ONE CHANCE every time another one walks out the door. Or
    comforting yourself thinking they're probably looky-loos anyway, ...only to find out next week they bought a
    house. And you're back at square one... wondering "what am I doing wrong?"

  • Use our Real Estate Excellence COMMON SENSE FOR SELLERS - Listing concepts that show Sellers WHY
    they should  I-n-d-i-s-p-u-t-a-b-l-y "Budget" for FULL PAGE AD's in the biggest local Real Estate Magazines.
    Because THAT'S the ONLY way we know of to get around Agents focusing the Buyer's in their car on their OWN
    listings where they don't have to split the commission in half. Because those same buyers are going to be
    looking through those magazines in their hotel rooms at night, and their agents WILL take them to your house ...
    if asked. Further, the cost for a whole year is many times LESS ... than they're going to lose if they have to drop
    their price eventually if the house doesn't sell. And... why agents simply can't afford to absorb those cost for
    every single listing they may have. (See: "SELL Your House" button.)

  • "More" COMMON SENSE FOR SELLERS: WHY Sellers negotiating a "lower than standard" commission
    percent ... REALLY... REALLY is a MAJOR "negative" for attracting AGENTS with BUYERS IN THEIR CARS ...
    that you (as their Listing agent) simply can't change about the industry. Because that 2.5% (instead of the
    normal 3% split in commission on the MLS they all view to determine what houses they're going to that
    day) is simply going to make YOUR HOUSE ... the very LAST House they're going to be taking their clients to,
    ---------------------------------------------------------------...if ever.
DISCLAIMER - Terms and Conditions of Use:
*  If you choose to use our Affiliates:
Your relationship is SOLELY with them,  NOT REEinc. We have no legal Authority and all
Supervision for their actions is required by state laws to be "Singular" to the registered
Designated Broker they work under at their company for liability purposes to the consumer.  
We have
No way to "monitor" Affiliates  personal interactions with you, or their adherence
to our Code of Ethics, and we may not be named in any Legal Action between you and them,
the designated Company, or Broker they work under, or any other parties whatsoever.  
* The information on this Website is not intended to be legal advice.  ALL Information and
on this Website, or any REEinc Websites, Media Outlets, YouTube,  embeded  Links of
our Videos or Intellectual property use elsewhere , or contained within our Intellectual Property
distributed in any form,  represents the OPINION of Real Estate Excellence, Inc. and
nothing is
designed to provide legal or financial advice
. Before making any home purchase,  or sale you
should consult a licensed qualified real estate attorney for "Legal Advice" and a CPA for
financial advice.
*Others may draw different conclusions, and laws vary from State to State and are
ever- changing.  We are happy to correct mistakes. Anyone
Relying on any information found
in this website
does so AT THEIR OWN RISK, and REEinc assumes no responsibility  for
consequences relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction you take based on the
information, materials, or services on this site,
our Affiliates' sites, or our actions.
*All content is provided 'AS  IS'  with no guarantee or warranties to it's accuracy, reliability,
completeness or timeliness,  all of which have not been verified,  and will not be verified,  and
we will not be responsible for any damage or loss related to same.   In no event shall REEinc be
liable for any direct,  indirect,  punitive,  incidental,  special consequential damages whatsoever
arising out of or connected with the use of our Affiliate Members, their
Adherence to our Code
of Ethics or use of our Intellectual Property.
*Real Estate Excellence, Inc. may receive compensation for referral of Buyers or Sellers to
Affiliate Companies.
Solutions ...
If you're New to the Industry
Read Box 1 & 2 below.
Sonya & Paul Larisey
All REEinc Affiliates have agree to consistently conduct business in a proper corporate name
to include "Real Estate Excellence, Inc" or any name that could lead clients to perceive us
as the Parent Company of
their business activities or the perceived authority -  to be
sure customers are clear about which entity they are doing business with.  

----TERMS of USE:  Selecting "SUBMIT" on order form to left CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE FOLLOWING Conditions of Use
----------------------------------------------To Become a Real Estate Excellence AFFILIATE in good standing.
* Every
Agent or Broker  must submit an "Individual" request to become an AFFILIATE Member of Real Estate Excellence, Inc. (REEinc)
* All
Periodic Per Annum Rights to use our Intellectual Property (Marketing Aids,Trademarks, Copyrights, Images, Badge, Linking to this
site for the benefit of your clients, etc.) are SOLELY  
Individual  Rights between Individual AFFILIATES and REEinc.

    BROKER Affiliates  may NOT extend their INDIVIDUAL "Affiliate Rights" to use our Intellectual Property to their Agents, employees,
                                                        ... NOR use our materials on their COMPANY Website
    *ALL agents and Broker Associates working under the "company"  Broker's License are also REEinc.Affiliate Members in good standing.
                                                                                  * Without this policy...  
...a Broker AFFILIATE's "Company Website" displaying our Intellectual Property (images of our BADGE, our Code of Ethics, LINKS to our Web
Video, etc.) would
CONFUSE the Public by Falsely Inferring that  ALL AGENTS working under the Broker's License were ALSO our Affiliates -
operating under our Code of Ethics - when they had not individually Declared allegiance to operate their business according to
CODE OF ETHICS. This is the ONLY way to protect the Code of Ethics Reputation that  ALL Affiliates NEED ... from being diluted and
harmed by the
Behavior of NON-Affiliates.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------ALL  AFFILIATES May:
    1. Use our Downloadable images and Marketing Aids (See: AFFILIATE MARKETING SUPPORT) on your  Personal Business Website for a
    MEANINGFUL message and professional look, or for your personalized business creations - cards, signs, fliers, mailings, inserting
    your own Head Shot picture & contact Info, logo, pictures of a houses, etc. ... then inexpensively print to your home printer for short
    run trials, or send out to a professional printer, magazine, or newspaper Ad. You can Personalize your All Important HANDOUT  for
    "Open House" & "Floor" clients  with your picture and contact info - then  allow IT to explain the
    High End Buyers Remorse TERMINATOR in detail  " FOR You" (if they're in a hurry) ... and  WHY they need to see our Video BEFORE
    they take One More Step towards finding their Dream Home, or read SELL YOUR HOUSE "Common Sense for Sellers" to help you
    CLose Listings.

    2. Place a LINK to High End Buyers Remorse Terminator.com  that takes your clients  to our Website Video on YOUR Website (or just
    "type" our web address there, and in PRINT Ads, your fliers, mailers, or on the Back of Your Cards with a paragraph explaining WHY
    you want ALL of  your Clients to see our Video ...
       (a.)  to help them get it right the FIRST time.
        (b.) To demonstrate personal HONOR is what YOUR being an AFFILIATE  of  REAL ESTATE EXCELLENCE  CODE OF ETHICS  means for
       (c.) And to show clients why "Personal H-O-N-O-R" is the BEST possible reason to choose  ANYONE in Real Estate.  And once they've
    --------seen the VIDEO, your REEinc Code of Ethics, and the Right Questions ...

--------------------------------- "...sticking" in the back of their minds is going to be this surprising realization that ..."
----------------------------------are likely to be the ONLY Person they've ever known in Real Estate ...
----------------------------------------------------------------- ... who took them to the water
----------------------------------------------------------------------and taught them how to Fish.

--------------------------------THAT'S a huge gift from a stranger. And it's one you gave nicely ... with no ties.

--------If they don't appreciate THAT ... you weren't going to get them anyway.
--CC---------At least not for now. But as time goes by ... every time they run into the "nonsense" again ...  
--CCCC-----every time they're looking over some "other" agents shoulder with the knowledge you've given them...
---CC--------... they're going to remember you. ...so your phone might still surprise you one day.

-----------The Formula:  We provide the education  ...you earn the grateful client.
-CC-------------------------------------The only thing you have to do then is ... HONOR our CODE OF ETHICS
-C-C------------------------------------Provide the same absolute HONESTY you would to your own mother.

----FF---G-------------------------------------------------------------CLIENT  F-I-R-S-T
--------------CCC-------------------------------------------------That's what you're selling.
---C-CC-----------------------------------------------------------That's how to make yourself special.
--C-------------C--------------------------------------------------That's how we all want to be treated.
--C--C-C----------------------------------------------------------That's how each of us can make the world a better place.
--C-CC---------------------------------------------------------------... and why not try?

------The B-A-D-G-E...
    4. Wear our Affiliate BADGE when holding Open House, Sitting Floor, or any event or function where
       you might Attract Clients.   The BADGE is Literally a CONVERSATION STARTER.
              (Restaurants, Grocery stores, and Gas Stations on the way home from work might be "pushing" the concept,
                  but who knows ... it's a very "attractive" shiny badge. It's YOUR Badge ... ... experiment.)
                                         Let us know if you find a surprisingly successful venue, you'll be doing the world a favor and other Affiliates
    ----------------------------are not your competition, they're your team that will ever help grow Public awareness of the importance of
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Your BADGE of Honor.

    * If you have a "good idea" - don't be afraid to ask us. We are open to your creative suggestions. If your idea falls outside the boundaries expressed in the Terms of Use
    on this website, you'll need written approval first, but remember... we're on your side all the way. There is a way to improve this Real Estate Industry that is proper and
    right, and balanced  for everyone, and there are still plenty of good ideas out there we haven't thought, or had the time for.  If we can help you, let us know. Because...
    --------------------------------------------------------Mr. or Ms. AFFILIATE Agent - YOUR Personal Honor -  IS THE SOLUTION.