-------------------------------------------------SELLERS: Make Sure You See #13 in the RIGHT QUESTIONS button.
13.  CAN "other" AGENTS prevent MY Agent  From SHOWING ME (Buyers) ... THEIR "DISCRETE" - "Office Exclusive" - "Off Market" - "Coming Soon" - "Pocket" LISTINGS Inventory ...
-------EVEN THOUGH the House has a For Sale sign and Phone # in the front yard?   And WHY would they DO that ... if they're TRYING to SELL the House?

"The requirements of law governing the relationship between agent and principal is to the effect that the agent cannot be allowed to profit at the expense of the agent's principal, no matter
whether the result is reached by misrepresentation, concealment or other fraudulent device."
Penalties are severe, but people WILL take risk where there's a lot of money to be made, and that's
what makes the High End more dangerous for Buyer & Seller consumers.
 In 2014 California alone had 435 "Outright Revocations" of Real Estate Licenses.

In some RARE instances "Pocket" Listings can be a reasonable choice. But for the most part, they are a tool that benefits the LISTING BROKER'S COMPANY, at the expense of Buyers easily seeing
everything that is on the Market, and Sellers getting their homes sold
MORE quickly at HIGHER  true "MARKET" price ... by simply having their property EXPOSED with EASY ACCESS to
(It's called the MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE (MLS) and you WANT IT.)

But if a Seller gets talked into a "Predatory" Pocket Listing, where Agents may talk clients into OPTING OUT of the MLS, or INTO the newer tricks like "Pre-MLS" - "DISCREET" -
OFF MARKET"- "COMING SOON" Listing ... FORGET about the Word of Mouth from Open Houses where neighbors visit, then call their friends who've been wanting to move here. Forget about
ANY BUYERS Working With Other Companies in town all together. The WHOLE POINT of this kind of Pocket Listing is to AVOID splitting the commission with ANYONE...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------while you wait.

These "Pre-Listings" are not always voluntary. "PREDATORY" Agents can simply make excuses to Savy Sellers who WON'T GO FOR "POCKET" Listings - because they know enought to WANT their
ON THE MLS. But the Listing Agent or Broker DELAYS actually putting your property on the MLS (by misleading "gentleman's agreement" or placing Advanced "Start Dates" for the Listing
Term) ... supposedly because the house needs to be "Spruced Up" first, maybe some
Pre-Inspections FIRST... "to know what we're selling." A new roof, driveway, some electrical work, NONE of
which you were planning on doing, and probabgly preferred to negotiate with the buyer if need be, rather than experience delays for a slightly higher price.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------YET ...
MEANWHILE ... this agent will still place the property on the Internet as a "Coming Soon." Or Advertise "DISCRETE Pre-MLS" with thei phone number and sometimes a For Sale sign in the
Front Yard with a "Rider" on top saying
"COMING SOON."   WHY ...?  
---------------------------------------------------------So BUYERS riding by will call them DIRECTLY.    THESE Buyers ...  they happily SHOW the house.
WHILE AGENTS from other companies with Buyers in their Cars - who ALSO see the Sign and WANT TO SEE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE ... mysteriously CAN'T SEEM TO GET THEIR BUYERS IN THE DOOR.
Calls are not returned, appointments missed, but mostly - they're told Flat Out they can't show the house YET ...
(can you guess...)
................................................................................................................................"Because the House is not ACTUALLY  LISTED YET."
--------------------------------The ONLY way THESE buyers can get in is to DUMP their Agent, or approach the SELLER Directly with their Agent, and hope the seller has some sense.

Not only is this very discouraging and
worrisome for an eager Buyer in town for the weekend, it  effectively REDUCES the true market demand for the SELLER that would otherwise pressure the
Price UPWARDS by competition.  Worse ... after this Listing Broker has effectively
EXCLUDED all other Buyers in every other Agent's Car in Town, there's no Guarantee this aggressive Agent is
EVER going to even
GET a viable offer. But if they do, even if it's considerably below Asking ... they have every incentive to "recommend" it to their Seller to make the FULL commission they're
working "so hard" for.

In fact, a Seller receiving an offer BEFORE the house has been exposed to the "
WHOLE Available Buyers Pool" to fairly "Test" what the OPEN Market Will Bear ... arguably puts the Seller in a
position of
Unlawful DURESS. "Normal marketing channels" have been usurped. The Seller has been put in the uncomfortable position of having to  determine if they should ACCEPT this
non-competitive Offer - or gamble on waiting until the Listing Agent ACTUALLY "LIST" the property on the MLS, and see if they can do better?
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How would you like it ...?
----------------------------------------------------------Real Estate Excellence, Inc believes NO Fiduciary PROFESSIONAL should EVER intentionally put their Client in this position.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HUNG OUT TO DRY
And WHO can this poor Seller turn to for ADVICE now that they have an Offer? Surely NOT their own Listing Broker - who is NOW in a Dual Agency position representing the Buyer and Seller -
so can no longer legally give "Advice" to
either side that might advantage one or the other in the Transaction.  And it ESCALATES. What if more offers come in and everyone is suddenly in a frantic  
BIDDING WAR.  No advice (and the same holds true for any Agent that works for the Company or their Branch Offices, DESPITE the pretense of the Listing Agent offering to Supply separate Buyer
and Seller DESIGNEES from within his own ranks to "negotiate" for each side. In fact, these Designees have the exact same degree of Fiduciary Duty as the Listing Agent ... which comes down
to NO ADVICE. The ONLY place to obtain UNVARNISHED ADVICE now ... is to hire your own lawyer. (See DUAL AGENCY in the Code of Ethics on the Home Page for a detailed discussion.)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What happens to the SELLER ...?
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The SELLER is more likely to get a LOWER PRICE than they should have.  

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What about the LISTING AGENT ...?
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Listing Agent gets the FULL COMMISSION.
WHY High End Sellers should BUDGET for FULL PAGE ADs in the Biggest, Shiniest Local Real Estate Magazine in town.  It has the best chance of getting your house SOLD Quickly ... and may
save you
Hundreds of Thousands of dollars on a High End Property. (See: "The MATH" below). It's the O-N-L-Y way we know of to do an "end run" that gets around agents focusing the buyers in their
cars on
THEIR own Company's Listings - so they don't have to split the commission in half with a competitor.  Because...
-------------------------------------------------------------------------  -------Those same Hot on the Path Cherished Buyers  who are Already in Town ...
are still going to be going "At It " once they're relaxing in their Hotel room bed that night ... looking through the LOCAL Real Estate Magazines you see for Free everywhere on local stands.  
And IF these Ready Willing And Eager buyers come across YOUR HOME and
LIKE IT ... the FIRST THING they're going to do when they set foot in their Agent's car the next morning is ask
SEE that GREAT HOUSE they found for themselves in the Magazine!  And their agent is going to have to Grin and Bear It ...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And TAKE them to see Your Home!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Even if they DO have to Split the commission in half.

---ff----ss-ss-----------------------------It's the ONLY Straight Route to the Heart of ALL the Real Serious BUYERS Already In Town and "Raring to GO ..."
------------------------------------------------------------------------Who happen to be in all the OTHER Agents' cars ...!

And, it's a GREAT One!  Because NO agent would ever want any Client to actually "realize" they're doing anything other than showing them ALL the BEST Houses on the Entire OPEN Market they can
think" of ... that meet their Client's "criteria" and price range. Some people will look you straight in the eye and swear they ALWAYS show their clients ANYTHING THEY WANT TO SEE, because
willing to show competitors listings and anything you ASK to see (A-F-T-E-R they've worn you out on their listings and it looks like you're not going to bite). "As if" that's the same thing. But
that is NOT the same thing as genuinely showing ALL relevant properties without bias, which is the ONLY way to actually
Place Your Client's Interest BEFORE your own. Exactly like ALL professionals
in any field are supposed to do. Dentists aren't supposed to pluck healthy teeth... because it makes them more money. But, if that carefully designed Whirlwind Tour focuses
predominantly on a
company's own Listings ... it can leave a lot of nice people "Slamming on the Brakes" in front of that FOR SALE sign, in front of that BETTER house they
WOULD HAVE PICKED ... if only someone they
trusted had shown it to them. Only, it had another company's Sign in front of it. And now they're all moved in.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And THAT kind of regret ... is called Buyers Remorse.

--------------------------------But "Professional" or not ... it's human nature to want the WHOLE commission, and "Laws" can't fix everything.  That's why Y-O-U as a High End Seller ...

---dd--g---h------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEED TO "BUDGET" FOR ADVERTISING YOUR OWN PROPERTY
-------------------------------------------------------------------------So that the REALLY Serious Buyers already in town are SURE to AT LEAST see a "Picture" of your home.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------INSTEAD of leaving it to a "willing" Agent or Broker Promising MAXIMUM advertising  to get your Listing.
----------------------------Only, the MOST Expensive  Advertising IS the Local Magazines - and you're likely to see the word "Rotational" when it comes to THAT kind of advertising.

shouldn't you let your Listing Agent pay for that Advertising out of their pocket?   In our opinion, real estate Agents and Brokers simply CAN'T AFFORD to ADVERTISE Full Page Ads
on ALL of their listings - MONTH AFTER MONTH - the way YOU GLADLY WILL ... once you understand the logic we're about to explain. And, perhaps read the nebulous fine print in Listing Contracts
regarding that MOST EXPENSIVE OF ALL "Magazine Advertising" ... (with the word "
rotational" next to it.)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IT'S NOT ALL THE AGENT'S FAULT...
Agents know many Sellers are going to
INSIST on placing their property on the Market HIGH at first.  And when it doesn't sell DUE to being out of line with current SOLD COMPS,  when the first 6
months contract is up for renewal  ...
you might just decide to try a NEW company to "Re-List" on a whim.  And THEY ... will have to absorb this loss. Multiply that times ALL of their Clients Listings,
and you'll understand why the word "rotational" is so popular. Advertising cost for the Agent  can REALLY ADD UP due to unrealistic Asking prices ... and disappointed sellers moving on to another
company.  Take a look at yourself. Aren't we ALL a little unrealistically "Hopeful ..."  when it comes to "how much" OUR house is worth?

But, the critical consideration for SELLERS is ... HOW MUCH is it going to cost you NOT to have your FULL PAGE AD in front of the truly serious Buyers in Town?

ANSWER: A LOT !  And we're about to show you why.  But just remember ... if you WANT to "HOPE" higher than the ACCURATE Sold Comps to see if the market WILL bear it ... you have EVERY right to
do that, because YOU are the CEO running the business of selling your property.  But you can't reasonably expect your Agent to take that risk with you ... AND pay for the ADVERTISING it takes to
properly support that kind of venture.  

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------EVERY MONTH - UNTIL YOUR HOME SELLS

Assume you have a house worth $2,500,000 according to accurate SOLD comps. You'd "like" a quick sell,  but you're not in a huge hurry, so you put it on the market at $2.5 and plan to hold firm.

SIX months later - no "reasonable" offers - and your agent wants to lower the price "a little."  How low do you go? $2.4...? $2.3...? Probably not.   Unless you're VERY patient ... you're probably going
down to $2,250,000. Anything less doesn't really seem persuasive, and you're not really AT ALL patient anymore. The Listing is "
aging" but the market's still good. You feel you're finally on at "market"
and planning to hold firm again, because it's a Great house with a view and worth every penny. Now, you wish you'd STARTED at $2.25 and maybe this would have all been over with. So much worry
... so much wasted time ... your plans are on hold, and after all of THAT ... you're only back at square one.

Maybe you'll get some competing bidders and end up with the $2.5 after all. In fact, maybe you wish you'd thought of that sooner. But at least now Buyers Agents will tell their clients it's a good deal,
and even slightly
Below Market.  ... will they?  What do you actually know FOR SURE about these assumptions based on what someone told you? How do you know the market is "holding up?" Is that
what your agent who wants you to re-list enthusiastically told you? It may be true, but look around. Go to some Open Houses in your price range and compare. Don't believe all the real estate
statistics you hear.  
REALLY ... !  Do your own research.  ONLY ... you can't. Try to find out through "independent" sources how long other houses like yours are "sitting..."  (without" counting
resting periods where they've been taken off the market?) You can't.  
YOU have no way of knowing or verifying THAT kind of "history" on Comps you're relying upon ... because the info isn't public.
Only MLS agents can view that info. Which means they can basically SAY anything they want along the way. And all you can hope for is that
YOUR agent is HONEST. WHY can't you see the proper
information to make a reliable decision?  Because "information" is power. And certain Laws allow MLS to keep
"certain" current property information - available ONLY for its members.

So ... here we are, insecure and at $2.25.  Apparently, one can only assume the market would NOT
Bear the $2.5. Or maybe your house just never got in front of enough EYES  of the real "Buyers in
."  Or maybe you were just unlucky. Or maybe other agents had a difficult time getting their clients in to see your house quickly because of that Lock Box not being there - that your agent
talked you out of for "
security" reasons. You're becoming uncomfortable and don't really know what to believe anymore ... but all you can do is go forward and hold a positive thought!

SIX months later - no "reasonable" offers you could accept. And maybe you haven't seen many (or ANY) of those FULL PAGE ADS in the Biggest Local Real Estate Magazine you were expecting to
see.  Maybe  there's only a small picture of yours  grouped with "other" houses.  Maybe they're "STILL" planning to run them in the "rotation." Or maybe ... you're
ONLY on the internet, and THAT
surely hasn't worked.   Maybe you're getting impatient ... or the market is falling ... or you have to commit to your future plans soon or lose another opportunity. How's your patience going?
How often are you running "worst case scenario" NOW, after a year?  You just want to get it over with, and you're seriously considering changing Agents.  But even if you do ...
Isn't it really time to lower the price again?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------So you bite the bullet,  Drop the Price from $2.25 ... Down to $2 and it really hurts.
----------------------------------But the house sells almost right away to a lucky Buyer, or some Investor who's been watching on the sidelines, or maybe even to your Broker.  

------------------------------------------------------hhgg-----------------------------------------Here's what happened:

--------------------------kki------l------------------------------------ll-------------------------------------.------6 mos @ $. 2,500,000
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.----6 mos @ .   2,250,000  
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---2 wks @. .  2,000,000
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.------------------$  .  500,000  Total Loss

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here's what COULD have happened Instead:

---------------------------------------------------You COULD have paid for your own FULL PAGE AD in the Biggest Shiniest Local Magazine
------------------------------------------------------------To Control Your Own Marketing. Carmel Magazine where we live or HOMES Magazine type publications.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FULL PAGE AD: Usually Around $699 Avg per Month
6 mos-----$ ----4,194  Total Loss
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Year-----$ ----8,388  Total Loss

------------------Is that a little bit better? Is that pretty inexpensive to Make Sure you're MAKING SURE you're being seen by ALL THE SERIOUS BUYERS  IN TOWN EVEY WEEKEND?

There are no Guarantees, but notice every time you turn on the TV, BIG companies are paying Big Bucks to get DIRECTLY to YOU ... even though they know you're probably on your way to the
bathroom or kitchen.
YOU on the other hand - have a Captive, Eager, and Excited audience of EXACTLY the right people ... who've CHOSEN to pick up that magazine - Read Every Page - and will
FIND YOUR HOUSE!  People already convinced they want to live in your town and are IN TOWN for that very purpose. They're  Serious.  How can you beat that?  Do you think you might have had a
better chance of
SELLING your house in the FIRST 6 months At FULL Price ... with those FULL PAGE ADS in the magazines?

Of course, sometimes the
Real Buyer WILL find you on the internet, or eventually ride by your house and say STOP!  But for the real Buyers already HERE and actively looking ... you want to make
sure they have
every opportunity to at least CONSIDER your property.

If your Agent
INSISTS they'll RUN ALL OF THIS EXPENSIVE ADVERTISING AND PAY FOR IT  to get your Listing ... YOU INSIST as a "condition" written into the Listing Contract - the "details" of that
promise. But try and be MORE THAN FAIR to your Agent or Broker. When that offer comes in ... you're REALLY going to need their best efforts on your behalf.  If you're pushing for TOP DOLLAR and
know you're placing the property HIGH for the market (perhaps with the idea of having
room to come down) or "justifying" with Comps you know are actually a bit MORE Desirable than your
property because of view, street, age, etc ...  it's neither worth it
or FAIR to ask Someone ELSE to pay for your Advertising.  Better to buy a little Good Will with that relatively small amount of money,
than to leave a Bad Taste that causes people to pigeon hole you in their
LEAST favorite category.

ur suggestion... don't shoot yourself in the foot. Don't be annoyingly frugal, or INSIST this money comes out of their commission on Sale,  even if you know they're likely to "agree" to get the
Listing. You wouldn't try to "negotiate" a lower price with your Brain Surgeon before going under the knife. They might agree, but you don't want negative thoughts about you floating into their
mind ... while they're in yours.  Don't be "
too smart ... by Half."  Win the BIG battle.

ONLY Brokers can place Ads in the larger free Local Real Estate Magazines with Houses For Sale. It's not a law, but these magazines don't want to offend the industry. So no matter
which of you is PAYING
-  in our opinion, it is a good idea to write into your Listing Contract by hand some wording that makes it clear the Listing and any extensions will be contingent upon the
Broker agreeing to run a FULL PAGE exclusive AD for your house
(or the size you want) in each Consecutive Edition of XYZ Magazine, with you, the Seller, paying monthly at the rate of $ ___ per month
until the house sells,
or if the Broker is paying for the Ad, state that.  You can also add something to the effect that  all interested Buyers and their agents are to be given SAME DAY access to view
interiors, or "next day" Best Efforts at the latest. And no matter "what" anyone tells you,
make sure you REQUIRE in your Listing Contract that the Address and Price be prominent in your
Ad to help avoid
Bait and Switch where Buyers calling in from YOUR ad - can easily be Diverted Away to other agents "preferred" listings when they're answering phones in the office.  You
want to provide yourself some protection that you will be treated as represented, and any violation of those HANDWRITTEN terms (which take legal precedence over print in Contracts) will provide
grounds for you to immeditely consider seeking professional help elsewhere, without consequence.  
Brokers can be under serious pressure due to "Other" Listings that are about to expire
and you don't want any of YOUR Buyers DIVERTED with insincere "Scheduling excuses" as to showing YOUR house ... to solve your Broker's "Other " problems.

AND ...
"WHAT IF" down deep ... YOUR Agent (or their Listing Broker) REALLY wants to find the BUYER themselves - so they don't have to Split the Commission in HALF?  What if they're aggressive
enough to recklessly treat your listing "As If" it were a "
POCKET" Listing while waiting on that magical call ... even though it IS on the MLS because You INSISTED (being the Savy Seller you are.)
"What if" they  make themselves "Difficult to Reach," miss appointments, or use innumerable discouraging and delaying tactics towards other agents who have impatient buyers in their cars ...
HOPING a"Right Buyer" shows up for THEM...! (And ESPECIALLY if you have a Cherry House that's easier to sell.)  Will you ever know?  

There are clues. Have they been rather emphatic playing the "fear" card in convincing you NOT to use an electronic Lock box that makes showing of your home convenient for
OTHER Agents (with
their clients often in town only for the weekends?) Have they gushed over the quality of your house and the appreciation it will receive from the "RIGHT" kind of people who can afford such a jewel
as yours,
while seeming keenly concerned for your welfare if they were to hold "Conventional Open Houses" for you - where "just anyone"  with undefined bad motives can walk through ... and
ALL THE MORE if you have antiques, rare personal belongings, or expensive decor - Without bothering to mention there will always be a Licensed Agent present. Or reminding you of
the IMPORTANCE of easy, fast access in a competitive market to most quickly Sell Your Home?  Are they quick to place a FOR SALE sign on your property, or do they advise
AGAINST it "so YOU'RE not bothered?" Ask yourself ... do you REALLY
not want Buyers in All the other Agents Cars who might ride by ... NOT EVEN KNOW YOUR HOUSE IS FOR SALE?

Naturally,  EVERYONE has some legitimate degree of concern over "security" and a fully disclosed Pocket Listing CAN diminish some security problems "somewhat."   But you need to think long
and hard on that question before you find your head simply "nodding" in agreement to these legitimate concerns - without truly understanding the conscquences.  
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ASK YOURSELF ...
------------------------------------------... just How Many qualified buyers in YOUR Price Range are likely to end up in Your ONE Particular Agent's CAR ...
--------------------------------------------------COMPARED to the ACTUAL number likely to be In Town  In all the OTHER Agents Cars ... TRYING to find exactly what you have to sell?

But what if they can hardly find you? ...because
your Agent wants to make ALL the commission? So unless you have excessive security concerns, don't let inordinate fears place your house
at a huge market disadvantage.   Like many savy sellers, you may come to believe any
"possible" benefits of a "POCKET Listing" ("DISCRETE" Listing - "OFF Market" - "Pre-MLS" -
"Office Exclusive" - "Coming Soon" Listing
) or an agent who HAS you on the MLS - but is treating YOUR Listing "as if" they have a Pocket Listing - are far more on One side, than the Other.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------And FAR Less Beneficial for YOU ... than the obvious benefits provided by an Open Market.


-------------------------------IF...  you have that FULL PAGE AD in the Big Local Magazine - where ANY Buyers in Town will find you  NO MATTER WHAT - and ask their Agent to get them IN.
................................----------------------------------------.......And, even a "misguided" Listing Agent will thereby be most likely to FULLY Cooperate ...  
-------------------------------Rather than having endless Other Agents  BUYERS knocking on your front door, or sending letters with complaints about NOT being able to GET IN  to see your house!
-------------------------------Because THAT could easily be interpreted by a court of law as a clear violation of their Fiduciary Duty to YOU ...  the Seller.

ALL Agents and Brokers compete enthusiastically for your Listing. Even the BEST of Agents can't help trying to tell you what you want to hear to get the Listing (even though that can lead
to unchecked HIGH starting prices that make them fearful they'll end up losing the listing before the house sells.) So they
really can't afford to pay for FULL PAGE ADS every month on ALL of their
. YOU HAVE TO DO IT to make sure the job is done RIGHT - and you may even want to try more than one venue.

-----------------------------------------------------------------Y-O-U ... ... NEED TO "BUDGET" FOR ADVERTISING ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY...

rather than falling for the usual line... "Of course, I'll be picking up the cost of Advertising this wonderful property, and start focusing on the broad exposure on various Real Estate internet sites,
their own site, Email networks, the
New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Multiple Listings ... and somewhere along the line you may hear "Magazines" and Newspapers - followed by the phrase "...
"on a "Rotational" basis, because THAT'S the expensive advertising.-And you're not likely to hear anything about the SIZE of your ad, FREQUENCY of runs, GROUPINGS with other houses, exactly
Local Magazines, or if they're going to include the Address & Price. Botttom line, Advertising is EXPENSIVE for agents. And they simply can't be expected to pay for it ...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE WAY YOU WANT THE JOB DONE.

As the Seller, you're the CEO of this project.  The cost to make SURE you're being seen by all the serious Buyers ALREADY IN TOWN is relatively inconsequential compared to having to lower the
price. And it's an
End Run around any invisible nonsense you simply can't see or predict. So don't be pennywise and pound foolish. Be happy you now know HOW to get the job done right. If
you've seen our video, you already know a lot. But
MOST important for SELLERS is to understand -  

----------------------------------------------------Your GOAL is to GET AROUND every Agent and Broker in town who has a Ready Willing and Able BUYER in their car ...
----------------------------------------------------------that  t-----thtth-...they're HOPING like all heck will pick from THEIR Company's Inventory of Listings ...
---------------------------------------------------------Instead of YOUR house that ISN'T in their inventory ... so they DON'T have to split that commission in half.  
Your Solution: The BIGGEST, SHINIEST Local Real Estate Magazine in Town on all the Racks, and in Hotels for Free.

THAT is the ONLY way we know of to get around Agents focusing their buyers on their OWN listings ... at the expense of Clients getting to see the Whole Open Market without bias. So take
Charge of your own Marketing to get those
Buyers Eyes looking through magazines in their hotel rooms. The cost for a whole year is many times LESS  than if you have to DROP THE PRICE even
ONE Time if the house doesn't sell.  And you'll be kicking yourself later if it happens to you.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------NEGOTIATING A LOWER THAN STANDARD COMMISSION IN YOUR AREA

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DON'T DO IT ...

NOT even if the agent offers it to Get the Listing. You'll be shooting yourself in the foot. Better to ASK a little more for the property to cover that small relative difference. Because a "Lower than
" commission percentage ... REALLY... REALLY is a MAJOR "Negative" for ATTRACTING AGENTS with BUYERS IN THEIR CARS who HAVEN'T fallen in love with ANY of THEIR Listings ...

-------------------------------------------------------So NOW ... they  NEED to Split that Commission by showing any other company's Listings to get a sale at ALL.  

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THESE are YOUR Buyers.

Assume the "Standard" Commission in your area is 6%, and you talk a Listing Agent down to 5%. Here's what happens. The Agent places your property on the MLS, where ALL cooperating Brokers
and Agents go to see
updated information DAILY on even their OWN Company's current Inventory, and determine what houses they're going to show someone that day. If you're lucky - they NEED
to show OTHER COMPANY Listings. They're going to place a
search query on the MLS in their clients price range, preferred area, required square footage, bedrooms, etc. - which will produce a LIST
of possible choices they review to develop the TOUR. To the far right is the most important box.
The PERCENTAGE being offered by the Listing Broker ... for ANY Licensee who works for another
company that produces a
Ready Willing and Able BUYER who makes an offer that's accepted by the Seller.

--------------------------------------------MOST of the houses on that selection "List" are going to be offering HALF the commission - 3%   
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But YOURS is going to be offering - 2.5% ...  

--------------------------------------------Which is simply going to make YOUR HOUSE ... The Very LAST HOUSE Agents are going to be taking their clients to ...  if ever.
-------------------------------IF YOU'RE NOT IN OUR AREA:   Ask Us ...   (Use Form Below)

----------------------------------------------------Our AFFILIATE
-------------------------------will then provide our  "CLIENT FIRST"  Novel Approach
-----------------and be SOLELY RESPONSIBLE  for all aspects of your Real Estate needs.

---------SELLERS (Below)
To Avoid Real Estate
PREDATORY Tricks and Tactics
-ALL OF THESE  "Worst Case Scenario Tricks" -  CAN'T  HAPPEN TO YOU ...
--WITH US...

---fff----f-d------------------------------TO SELL WITH US...?
-----s----The HighEndBuyersRemorseTerminator's  Novel Approach.

Everyone has detractors from their competition, but we hope from viewing our Video & Code of
you may have come to your own conclusion that we are HONEST people who make every
effort to both share and implement this "
CLIENT FIRST" Business Philosophy nationwide.

Before LISTING with us, consider that once you've sold your property, you may well become a
Buyer as well. We believe Buyers deserve to have ALL the houses in their price range for sale on
the Open Market pointed out in the neighborhood they're most interested in ... In the
Order that
best meets
their "Criteria" - rather than being influenced by an Agent's financial "preferences."
After all, that is what CLIENT FIRST means, and
"Client's Interest First" is the High Standard
expected of any "Professional" in every field. At the heart of the matter,  Agents falling
below that
standard is exactly what hurts Buyers and
SELLERS ... by making it difficult to get your house
in front of ALL the serious BUYERS "eyes" In Town.

So ... you may hear from competitors that our Novel Approach to Buying and Selling homes means
that we and our Affiliates are
NOT going to Work As HARD for YOU. Nothing could be further from
the truth. In fact, our "Client First" declaration to  
Always Put your interest FIRST ... MEANS we'll
be the very ones
MAKING SURE every other Agent in town who has Buyers in their car KNOWS
about your Listing with us, and has easy  fast access to get these BUYERS
INSTEAD of trying to make SURE only WE find the Buyer - so we don't have to split
the commission in Half ...
while YOU wait.

Don't be too quick to believe when you hear agents will put "special emphasis" on getting YOUR
home sold.  
We "believe" what many agents call "special" (like Pocket Listings, Discreet Listings,
and NOT holding Open Houses ...) amount to little more than Agents trying to fit Square Pegs into
Round holes to make more money for themselves, while actually creating "Bottle Necks" in the
natural flow of the Buyer's - Seller's simple need to exchange value ... with the end results being
CAUSING "Traffic Jams" and "Frustration" for Buyers & Sellers ... and the resultant Bidding
that ensue can lead Buyers to walk away in disgust, while homes are left unsold.

Of course, we're just another voice, but as you can see from our Video, we're Consumers too. So
we sympathize with your not knowing "who" to believe, and hope simply taking a look at the logic
below will bring you some reasoned peace of mind.  So...

---------------------------But NO MATTER "WHO" YOU LIST YOUR HOME WITH...
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TIPS To Avoid Real Estate
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Unfortunately it is not always possible to accommodate everyone as only a Special Mindset of Brokers are
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Your relationship is SOLELY with them,  NOT REEinc. We have no legal Authority and all
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We have
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But No Matter "WHO" You List With ...
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