-----------------------------------------------Real Estate Excellence believes ...
---------------Buyers & Sellers ease of access to our profoundly democratizing knowledge
-----------------------------------------------------------*Code of Ethics
--------------------------------------------------*Right Questions for Buyers
--------------------------------------------------*Common Sense for Sellers
--------------------------------------*Time - Tactics - Terms Negotiating Strategy

Will create a perfect feedback loop between-Highly "Specific" Consumer Knowledge ... & ... Service,
seeding a better future for everyone who lives under a roof, and eventually becoming the equalizing
Standard of Excellence" as images of our BADGE on
--------------------------------For Sale signs, Office Windows,  Websites, and ADS
across the country stimulate curiosity and growth by this self-governing "equalizer" knowledge.
Until it has finally become ...
--------------------------------------------"Common" Sense for the generations that follow.

Not only for
Real Estate Excellence AFFILIATES to fulfill the now "Informed " expectations of their Clients ...
but also for
Non-Affiliate companies  who will have to compete with the REEinc Code of Ethics Standards
of Fair Play to maintain market share.

------------------------------------------Our Real Estate Excellence "CLIENT FIRST " Affiliates  
--------------------------"Declare" to provide Real Estate Services according to our Code of Ethics
------------and refer their clients to our website to learn "specifically" what CLIENT FIRST really means.  

We hope our life experience that led to the
High End Buyers Remorse Terminator Video, our Code of Ethics,
Right Questions, and Common Sense for Sellers
 will help you fulfill some of your goals one day.  Too late for
us, but we certainly wish we'd known then ... what we know now. And we think it only fair that you should
know it too. It's been a labor of love and we hope these seeds we've planted will someday provide many of
you with a little more of the fair play,  comfort,  and security we all desire.

----------------------------------------------------------------CONTRIBUTIONS of Money:
Please do not contribute unless you feel very comfortable with REEinc's management  and  judgment in
purposing these funds. Because there is no required accounting or detailed reporting provided beyond that
which we may choose to provide in email updates, blogs, or newsletters we may develop relating to potential
future projects, lawsuits we're defending,  pursuing, or participating in, donations to causes or education,
lobbyist or "others" we feel are  trying to help the industry, scholarship, hiring of project employees, facilities,
equipment, professional expertise, or any use whatsoever shall require no accountability now or in the
Ours truly is a "trust me" endeavour we're not going to saddle with red-tape to hamstring our
efforts, or those of future management who may eventually fill our shoes.
We only promise our best
efforts, and that we will NEVER sell your name or provide your information, unless we've first obtained
your written permission, and we have no such plans to do that.
We hope our video, this website, our
Code of Ethics, and "The Right Questions" button gives you some level of comfort about our talents
and good intentions.

Here's why:
Real Estate Excellence, Inc.  is a FOR PROFIT, independently owned California Corporation
accountable to anyone, and we want to keep it that way. We hate time consuming "red-tape" and feel our
hearts are in the right place. But we are
NOT a professional Charity or Foundation like you may be
accustomed to supporting, that may have a Board of Directors accountable to the public. We cherish our
remaining time on earth and need simplicity and flexibility to be effective and happy. Our Policies may
change and evolve over time, and no one can hope to please everyone.
Make sure you at least feel we are honorable and have good intentions and values similar to your own before

If that all sounds like "a lot like Trust..."  you're right.  But if the whole process is buried in bureaucratic layers
"too" complicated by the legalities of a modern world ...
no one is going to do this job. Not even us. Time is
precious. And our being as clear as a bell about these issues is nothing more than honesty and Good
Intentions, and the fact that we know there ARE "good" people who understand, and always have been.
They're gone now, but THEY are the ones who were responsible for society no longer having "Roman
Arenas," Blood Sports, "Heretics"  burned at the stake, Slaves, "Rule of Thumb" laws limiting the size of  the
stick a  man could beat his wife (actually "progress" for the time), Nazis or Communist ruling Washington,
and the many "good" people who fought  for their mothers, sisters and daughters to have the "right" to vote,
hold high office in business, science and government, and to accept the right of consenting adults to be
intimate with whomever they want whether it's the way "we were raised" or not.  That's a lot of progress.

However mired we may have been,  the "good" among us have always somehow prevailed to push us
all into
the better world we were fortunate to simply be born into ...  instead of the miseries of the past.  "Robber
Baron"  Industrial Giants briefly magnified abusive era of Steam power, locomotives, and oil were overcome
by the rights of common workers with one voice. Two hundred and fourty five years of Slavery in America ...  
impossible to even imagine in our world today ...  was defeated by "good" people whose profound sacrafice
and legacy defined
Civil Rights for everyone in the entire world,  then further led to greater equality in
education, political representation, neighborhoods where "anyone"  can live, opportunity in business, sports,
entertainment, and "almost" ... equal pay for equal work. We're still working on that. But even our children
have gained most of the important rights
to grow up protected and eventually play a full role in society ...
even if they ARE mixed race, gay, or "
foreigners." Fairness is winning. Logic is more admired. Kindness ...
can be found more readily.

But look at how many things NEEDED to be overcome.  WOW!   BAD people prey on the "good"...
and it's always been that way.  Clearly,  they have to be battled by "good" people to make any progress
at all.  And that's how we see ourselves. We're not here to bide our time and sip "mint julipets."  Real Estate
is one of the largest arena's in the country, there's a lot of vested interest, and it affects
EVERYONE and their
security.  W
e anticipate  Lawsuits TO SHUT US DOWN by making us spend money and time on  SLAPP
Lawsuits ... by calling our FREE SPEECH ... something "

-----------So WE would like to help ever coming generation of "Good" lawyers (like Ralph Nader) ...
------------------------------------------Fight  "Bad" lawyers ... and WIN!

In fact, we think we're going to have to. And to do a good job of that, we recognize we need to build a TEAM
of expert witnesses, "GOOD" Lawyers, and THINK TANK
RETIRED intellectual experts in related fields like
Appellate judges, legislative craftsmen who design and write laws for legislative bodies, industry "watchdog"
writers, State Bureau of Real Estate "infringement" hearings judges, etc. ...   
----------------------------A wise old body of founding father type mentalities we'll start with calling...

---dd-f-f-------------------------------------------------The Gray SUPERLATIVES

... the Reckoning.  Not only to MEET & GREET these vested SLAPP assaults on us and other worthy victims
with discouraging force, but to "invent" Legislation to advance a FAIR pursuit of happiness and protection  
for every person who lives in a home.  Despite ALL of us breathing the same air, vested interest with large
funds who illegitimately use the legal system with SLAPP suits are noted to be somewhat brutal in the
misuse of law, power, and fear. And apparently take some deviant "pride" in
winning. We'd like to see this
cold, lopsided machine nature evolve like the "Flat-Earthers" finally did ... by the force of evidence against

We'd like to encourage that change beyond our lives by developing a consumer crowdfunding  "model"  
that can be adopted to solve many of societies legal ills ... by the power of
with time on their hands in numerous problematic fields, who have great skills and perhaps some ideas in
their heads they've  never had a means or time  to do any "good" with before. We'd like to give them a format
to contribute their wisdom and energy to make the world a better place. An online environment that's fun,
where they rub shoulders intellectually with peers across the country, and meet for video THINK TANK
sessions to stragegize solutions to solve the worlds problems for their grandchildren. Rather than have that
lifetime of experience still bubbling in SO MANY experienced minds ... cease to matter.  And only now with the
internet, for the first time in history ... this can
easily happen.

It is our policy at REEinc to do battle, rather than succumb to fear.  There is ALWAYS "somebody" with more
"money" who can bully by simply being willing to outspend and waste your time.  It's a question of principle.
Because historically, that has always defined what a "good" person always does, and why there has been the
improvement in the world we all ENJOY.  But like the Statue of Liberty, we could use some help to build that
Monumental Base ... and keep the light shining.

That willingness to take our turns at battle is why we now  look our enemies in the eye with full knowledge
they are more powerful than us alone, but with the surety that they will always be smaller than the collective
"good" of the many.  And all the more with the mobilizing power of modern day news and media.  

At Real Estate Excellence, Inc... we intend to do "good." Because  "good" business is what's good for the
world and the children to come.  And an awful lot of people did it for us ... before we were born.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THINK TANK  ...  
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... your chance to make a difference.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you're a wise old bird who would might like to become involved, we're developing an online ...
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  ----- ---Real Estate THINK TANK
A no fees, MEMBERS ONLY Blog for retired or seasoned PROFESSIONALS with unique Legal skills and experience such at those of an *Appellate Court Judge, *Intellectual Property
Rights Judge, *Non-Profit Freedom of Speech Defense Association, *Legal Scholar developing Legislation, * Industry Broker Scholar with experience to share, *A State Bureau of Real
Estate Attorney, mediator,  Judge, *
Or Have a Ralph Nader "skill set" you know we're going to need for our proactive endeavours ... join us with your input and interactions with each
other on various TOPICS and potential Legislative Agenda. The public will have access to read the content, and you can use a pseudonym if you like. There will also be a
PUBLIC  tier
for questions and comments where professional members can go to answer (anonymously, if you like.) So think about helping us brainstorm Real Estate and other complex and
important topics to help make the world a better place.

----Honesty ... the only light for our inner world ...
-----------------------without it we grope the walls in fear

Intelligence ... an endless whisk broom job
-----------------------that ever bends the back to honesty
REEinc 2015      Paul Larisey
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The Statue of Liberty.            BBC Online.
a national resource ...
....Legal Defense Fund               
...Legislative Agenda
..Consumer Awareness

(French political thinker, U.S.
Constitution Expert, and
abolitionist) proposed that a
monument be built as a gift
from France to the United
States to commemorate the
perseverance of Freedom and
Democracy in the United
States, and to honor the work
of  Abraham Lincoln. Laboulaye
hoped that by calling attention
to the recent achievements of
the US, the French people
would be inspired to create
their own democracy in the face
of a repressive monarchy.

A National Public Resource
TIPS for Buyers & Sellers To Avoid Predatory Tactics
of Unscrupulous Real Estate Agents
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Thank you for your curiosity.
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*Real Estate Excellence, Inc. may receive compensation for referral of Buyers or Sellers to
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Solutions ...
But ... U.S. Government
sources failed to provide
funding to build a  
Monument Base for what
has since become the
preeminent symbol of
Liberty in the world,
and a
newspaper-led campaign
attracted small donations
from 160,000 donors.
ASK US ...
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If you would like to contribute your professional experience or donate to a sustained effort to bring greater Balance to an Industry
that touches everyone in our country who lives under a roof ... we are endeavouring to fund a "
War Chest" to Make the World A Better
 under our Corporate umbrella so these efforts-continue on long after we're gone.  So "coming soon" - join us at the ...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------SLAPP LAWSUITS
----------------------------------------------------------------------(Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation)

Are often filed by LARGER Companies, Competitors, or Professional Associations  against SMALLER companies, and ALWAYS present
themselves to courts as
"good faith" claims ... But are actually intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics or competition. (See
Wikipedia.org -  Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation)
by burdening them with the COST of Legal Defense until they abandon their criticism
or opposition, and to intimidate "
others" from participating in the debate.

They chill
First Amendment rights of Free Speech and healthy debate by targeting those who speak out on issues of public interest, and
come as claims of
Defamation, Intellectual Property Rights, Unfair Competition, etc. without expecting to "win" the lawsuit. Their goal is
accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear of unknowable damages, intimidation, mounting legal cost, or exhaustion.

Wikipedia: Other widely mentioned elements of a SLAPP are the actual effectiveness at silencing critics, the timing of the suit,
inclusion of extra or spurious defendants (such as relatives or hosts of legitimate defendants), inclusion of plaintiffs with no real claim
(such as corporations that are affiliated with legitimate plaintiffs), making claims that are very difficult to disprove or rely on no written
record, ambiguous or deliberately mangled wording that lets plaintiffs make spurious allegations without fear of perjury, refusal to
consider any settlement (or none other than cash), characterization of all offers to settle as insincere, extensive and unnecessary
demands for discovery, attempts to identify anonymous or pseudonymous critics, appeals on minor points of law, demands for broad
rulings when appeal is accepted on such minor points of law, and attempts to run up defendants' costs even if this clearly costs
more to the plaintiffs.
Making the World a Better Place
*All statements on this website represent the Opinion of Real Estate
Excellence, Inc.

-----------------------------Real Estate Excellence, Inc's Consumer Advocacy Mission Statement:

  • To provide a National Public Resource for Buyers and Sellers to learn how to protect themselves from
    ------------------------------------------------------Predatory Real Estate Tactics.

  • To establish our "BADGE of Honor" as a SYMBOL of HONOR  for Honest Agents who've never had
---------a  WAY  to believably "Distinguish" themselves to the Public.  But can Now  PROVE  this All Important
---------Invisible "Honor" as our Affiliates In ADVANCE ... by simply referring potential clients to our Website
........ and Video  to-learn HOW  to protect themselves from Predatory Real Estate Tactics
--------------------------------------------------------------To EARN these clients Trust ...
--------------------------------------Because there is No Way to put the Genie Back In The Bottle
Sonya & Paul Larisey
Terms of Use:            
Professionals can Hang Out with their peers to make the world a better place, while
pleasantly  indulging their intellectual hobby and facination for rarefied topics we all  "TANK"
to evolve and enjoy.  We will eMail notification once we go live with initial Topics, and you'll
be able to simply set up your Login Info to go to TANK TOPICS. We look forward to getting to
know you.

To be fair to other professional members who don't wish to rub shoulders with pretenders
who waste everyone's time, or maliciously defeat the rational flow of arguments on various
threads one finds in many blogs on the internet, we believe we can only maintain the
professional Integrity of the site by knowing that our
Professional Contributor Participants
are who they say they are. For everyone's good,  we will eventually need to verify identity if
you want to do more than read the contents on the public tier (it's your choice when you
create your user name and password.) To encourage participation by members who may
still be actively working in sensitive positions and wish to participate anonymously, we will
never divuldge your identity to the public or other members of the Superlative.  We believe
this policy will bring many more current and passionate relevant issues, and highminded
members to "Tank Discussions."  Therefore...

Professionals  MAY work ANONYMOUSLY on REEinc's public Blog Website

Because we understand some contributors may deeply wish to do good, yet not be
identifiable to current or past employers, colleagues, or Members.  For this reason you may
work under an anonymous deep throat "Call Name" - and each Pro contributor writes their
own BIO.

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