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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  -----Getting  PAST the GUARDS At The PEARLY GATES                                                  

------------------------    FIRST: ... because it will eventually apply to ALL of you who think you've found your Dream Home, and can become the Most Important Thing
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To help make sure you GET IT ...                         

-----------------------------------------------------------1. Did you know one of the Big Promises  Brokers & Agents  make to SELLERS to GET  their LISTINGS is ...

--------------------------------------"When an OFFER comes in on  your house ... Naturally ...  I'll  immediately  call  EVERYONE whose already shown your home to Potential Buyers ...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TO BRING IN COMPETING BIDS."

---------------------------------------------------------------------...  YES,  to COMPETE against YOUR  offer.     It's called ...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SHOPPING THE OFFER

--------------------------------------------------------------------------YOUR OFFER can be used like FLY PAPER  to ATTRACT a Bidding War.

------------------------BUT! ... my Offer is on one of MY AGENT'S  Own Company's Listings!  They've been driving me  around for weeks and  even WROTE my OFFER to the Seller ...!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... SURELY  my own Agent's BROKER is representing ME too ..!!!!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHY would they DO that ...!

---------------------------------------------------------------------Answer:  With current laws, they HAVE to ... if the SELLER wants it.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No matter WHERE the Offer comes from.


Then you haven't read our CODE OF ETHICS on the HOME page. It's the "HOW TO" and the BEST thing we have to Offer. It's FREE ... and it can save you:

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Many Nightmares
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Up-to Millions of Dollars
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Help you end up in your REAL Dream Home the FIRST TIME.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* And hopefully avoid BUYERS REMORSE for the rest of your life.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(So if you don't  LIKE to read this kind of material ... )

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Consider: You don't buy a HOUSE every day.   And ... this is not your field.
------------------------------------------Taking a little time here is a LOT less painful than finding your REAL Dream Home ... the Second time.   Or the Third time  ...  LIKE US!

*** BUT ... the house has been on the market for MONTHS with no offers. Whose going to suddenly SWOOP in to compete against me now?
Would you think EVERY High End area might have some LOCAL Investors waiting patiently on the sidelines, watching prices DROPPING as Listings AGE ... waiting for just ONE More
"DROP" before they BUY that house -  YOU just Offered on ...?   When suddenly they receive a well greased call from "someone" privy to OFFER GOSSIP in the LISTING Office ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------to let them know it's NOW OR NEVER ?  

Or, the SAME call, only from a highly reliable Broker they can count on to call  when LOW BALL OFFERS come in to do the Heavy Lifting of disappointing the Seller for them, so they
can jump in front of a
Below Asking Price Offer with a slightly Higher One to Save the Day ... and FLIP the property?   Maybe even to YOU eventually.  
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But unlike YOUR Offer ... THEY may be repeat business,
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ... and always so appreciative.   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------While YOU lose the Dream Home you REALLY wanted.

It's a real Kick In the GUT.  Are they crooked, ...or shrewd?   Whatever you think, that's business.   And Business, and Freedom of Speech is legal.  It's just that ... it can really
Break your Heart when you've fallen in love ... and imagined your life in that Dream House.

--------------------------------------------------------------WHAT CAN BUYERS DO ABOUT IT:   Read "TACTICS" in our CODE of ETHICS on the HOME page.

2. What Neighborhood is REALLY "Right" for you? (Sound simple ???)
You probably already think you know. But consider this. Despite your first Big WOW  Impression ... Despite "things" you may have heard about one place or another ...
MORE than any of the other RIGHT QUESTIONS ...
your life is likely to be MOST happily "Influenced" by getting this one RIGHT.   
--------------------------------------------------------------So,  WHEREVER in the world you might be thinking of moving,  at least ASK yourself THIS question ... I an "INNY" ...  or am I an "OUTTY..."?  

Being clear on this can be critical in helping you get it RIGHT the FIRST time.  And it's not as simple as it looks.

    *If you're an "INNY" (self stimulating,  reads a lot, loves quiet walks, daydreaming, a relaxing round of golf, staring into the fire, looking out to Sea without getting bored... )
     You'll probably cherish the privacy of living somewhere like the Magical Forest by the Sea in Pebble. We certainly do, that's where we finally found OUR "Happy Ever After" long
    *If you're and "OUTTY" (Loves being in the thick of things, walking around town, the Carmel Shops and Restaurants, the Forest Theater,  Fires on the Beach at Sunset,
    -stopping to talk with familiar faces at the Post Office,  LOVE that communal small town "family" feeling of having youth and people all around...)
     A Charming Cottage in CARMEL by the Sea is probably your cup of tea.

                                                                   But make no mistake ... there is a H-U-G-E difference in the experience you will have between the two...
Here's the Problem:
    ...if you're REALLY an INNY... but you pick that "So Charming" Cottage in Carmel - the one that looked so Cuddly when you pictured yourself curled up with a good book by the
    fire,  faint sound of waves crashing in the distance, and daily walks on the white sand beach in fresh cool clean ocean air...  

    You might want to consider THIS:
    From our experience,  "So charming" can end up W-A-Y  T-O-O  small..."  for some of us.

    "Where" are the CLOSETS ...? THAT'S not a "Closet...! ... I know closets!"  You can end up wishing Neighbors were not q-u-i-t-e so close, and nice tourists not Quite so plentiful,
    and that nearby heartsick dogs could "actually" be taught not to bark until they've created a neighborhood Quartet, sweet things that they are.
    Sure,  you "considered" these things, but you thought you'd probably "get USED" to this happy cacophony of humanity. And secretly, it made you smile with cozy  anticipation
    like fires on the beach at sunset.

    Honestly, it's not that bad at all. We're just "exaggerating" to get you to THINK ABOUT IT.  And NO dogs sang better than our two Old English, and you might really LOVE
    the tribal closeness so many of us have lost in a modern world. You might have little appreciation for big houses with a lot of empty rooms you never use. And in truth,
    we have nothing but fond, fond memories of our time in LOVELY Carmel by the Sea. Except for the closets. That really can drive you nuts.

    But what if after a few years ... YOU CAN'T  " get used to it?"  What if those early "doubts" turn out to have been "good perception"... for YOU?  What if your neighbors, their nice
    weekend friends, and their friends cars ARE  "TOO" close after all ... FOR YOU?  And you're finding yourself becoming annoyed again and again over little repeat things?

         Well ... you know the answer ... and there's no one to BLAME but yourself. And even THAT'S annoying. But, do you know what those "feelings" REALLY mean?  
--------You've got BUYERS REMORSE.  And it's not going anywhere.

It may take another year to ADMIT it ... but you've got it.  "S
pecifically" ... you've got High End  Buyers Remorse. So it's ALSO going to cost you a lot more money and time. Because if
you have the
Wherewithal to FIX your mistakes ... you're probably going to be moving again. And you know it because you've been starting to think about those Big houses in Pebble
with Gates,  and
LAND  you can walk around on and call your own. The ones you "could" have bought for about the same price back then ... before the kids had flown the coop. The
kids that loved the beach so much in Carmel (
and were going off to College in a few years).  But NOW ... you're daydreaming.  "... I  could have just bought them a car to go to the
beach and they'd have LOVED it!
"  If that's you ...   you've definitely got Buyers Remorse.

Wouldn't it be nice to AVOID all of that with a few simple "THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS" like Einstein used to do ... To get it right for YOU ... the FIRST Time?
But people don't think about all of that IN TIME. Instead,
they end up on a Whirlwind Tours of Dream Houses and Buy the first thing they fall in love with.

LIKEWISE ... if you're REALLY an OUTTY ...
BUT you bought that BIG amazing Mansions in Pebble, with the Ocean View that dropped your jaw and made you fall in LOVE "from the First Moment you saw it ..."
    You may NOW be feeling a little isolated and lonely behind that beautiful gate ...  WISHING you'd picked something smaller. Something more communal and closer to PEOPLE
    in Carmel. Somewhere ...where laughter and voices float through the air as people pass by on the street. Where you can just WALK to town for breakfast, and on down to the
    beach with your dog. Or see familiar faces at the Post Office where you go to check your mail every day, and stop by your favorite patio Garden Café for a coffee and cinnamon
    roll and a little friendly chatter while you read your mail or The "Pine Cone" that comes out on Fridays. Somewhere ... you can rub shoulders with familiar faces over the years
    to come?

    Sure, you could  just get in the car and drive over. But  it's not the same ... FOR YOU!  We all make mistakes. But THIS mistake ... is not like MOST mistakes.
         THIS Mistake ... is a BIG ONE!  Because the only way to FIX it is to:
SELL your Dream House.  
b)  FIND your
NEW Dream Home.  
c)  MOVE
d)  Find the "RIGHT Spot" for
e)  Re - Redecorate, and
maybe a little "Remodelling" to get things "just" RIGHT this time.  
f)   And end up funding
 3 commissions instead of one.
g)  THEN get to know all your new neighbors, again.

It might be fun. But isn't the real truth ... all you
THOUGHT  you were doing was coming here to R-e-l-a-x ...  have some FUN ... and be HAPPY ...!  
Do you KNOW anyone who LIKES to move?
So   ... are you REALLY ... an  "INNY"    ...     or are you an "OUTTY?"  
----------------------------------------------------------------------------Most people don't think about it in time to save themselves.  

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------The  High End Buyers Remorse TERMINATOR way:    
---------------------------------------------B-E-F-O-R-E you start LOOKING at intoxicating Dream Houses (that you're DEFINITELY going to Fall in Love with...)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------                    -..inny ... outty  ...  INNY ... ...  OUTTY ???  ???     

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Because getting THAT one  RIGHT ...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Can LITERALLY save you Millions of Dollars worth of headaches.

So ...
WHICH Neighborhood  is REALLY  RIGHT for ME?   (Hint: .... you only get to pick one.)

--kkk----------------------------------------------------------------------------------BUT: Just when you think you've GOT it ...

CARMEL WOODS:  ...a cozy neighborhood with whimsical settings, also walkable to the beach and town.

CARMEL VALLEY:  ... maybe ... a small Horse Ranch with "Western" acreage ... your own small Vineyard ... Quail Meadows for Golf ... and an Intimate Retirement Community,
---------------------------------Rich with local Artisans and one of a kind restaurants & shopping in the Village.

CARMEL HIGHLANDS:  ... our own magnificent Wuthering Heights ...  BREATHTAKING High Cliffs in Mountain Forest overlooking the Great Blue Pacific...

PACIFIC GROVE & MONTEREY:  Quaint little Americana by the Sea with bygone times made famous by John Steinbeck, and millions around the world who've come to vacation,
---------------------------------------------------or spend their lives in this Idyllic little heaven.
MONTERRA® or TEHAMA (Clint Eastwood's adjoining community) ...  both linked by a private clubhouse ... world-class fitness facilities and an INVITATION ONLY 18-hole golf course
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HIGH above the rolling coastline of the Pacific.

And EACH with it's own idyllic ambiance, World Class Golfing, unparalleled Vistas, year long TEMPERATE WEATHER laced with Cool Ocean Breezes,  movies and entertainment,
fine arts, gourmet restaurants, great shopping,
and  the peace and quite you've been looking for.  Each is right for "someone."
--------------gh------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But here's the truth ...
----------ff---------------------------------------------------Once you actually LIVE here ... (or WHEREVER YOU'RE moving in the entire NATION)
-ff------------gg----------------------------------------------------Only ONE neighborhood is going to TRULY become your FAVORITE.  

---jjj----------------------------------So it's the FIRST thing you always need to FIGURE OUT to have even a chance of  getting it RIGHT for YOU  the FIRST time.
---hhhh----------------gg-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Use OUR experience ...
--hhgg--------------------------------------Don't let ANYONE "START YOU OFF" with a Whirlwind Tour going INSIDE Intoxicating Dream Houses ...
--hhhhhh----------------------------------BEFORE you've figured out EXACTLY the Neighborhood where you want to live. (Because you WILL fall in love.)

---hh--------------------------------------------------------------------ONCE YOU HAVE A HANDLE ON THE "NEIGHBORHOOD" ...
--ggg--------------------------------------------------g-----------1.  Find your own Perfect Little Pocket  in it ... that  you love. Then ...
-----hhhh---------------gg---------------------------------------2.  Start looking for your Dream Home... in your own Perfect Little Pocket ...

3. If I Die, will my wife be afraid to come home ALONE at night ... in THIS house?
It's a GREAT house, a great setting, and maybe even a great view.  It seems  PERFECT, you can afford it, and it has completely taken both of your hearts.  EXCEPT ... for one nagging
little thing every particle of you wants to shove under the rug.  If I should die, will she be "comforted" by familiar fond memories we've shared together here? Or will she feel isolated
and afraid to come home alone at night?

It's a problem. Most people are from suburbs and cities and don't realize soon enough what it's like to live without street lights on winding night drives through forests,
or over mountainous hither and yon to get home. Many of us grow to love living under the beautiful night sky without the distraction of streetlights. But it can make where YOU live
feel  a little too
Remote for her to ever to feel comfortable again - coming home alone at night without you?  You'll know the answer right away.  If only you think to ask it  BEFORE
you buy that house. But most of us DON'T think to ask it. Most of us never even see our new home AT NIGHT ... before we're all moved in. Because none of us like thinking about
these kind of things.  

And that can prove to be quite an unintended "Blind Spot" in our own wisdom, and leave the person you may love most in the world ... to suffer the consequences alone. It can
leave them having to make the
HARDEST, most stressful move of their life ... without your being there to help. All for simply not having even "thought to think" about it in advance.
So think about it now, before you come to
seriously look.  Before your inevitable ELATION pulls that checkbook right out of your pocket. Because no matter how strong we are...
we're all happier holding someone's hand
in the dark.

4. Can I grow OLD in this house?
How many people would you think are ASKING themselves that question when they walk into a house with an Ocean View that takes their breath away!   It's as if you've gone to
heaven and the
Song of ANGELS is carrying you through the air.  You're HAPPY ...  ELATED!  And ready to write that check THAT VERY MOMENT!  Before someone faster on
their feet beats you to it.

Getting Old" is  going to be the furthest thing from your mind at that moment, and probably should be. That's why you need to think about it NOW. Because you probably ARE
going to be lucky and get VERY Old in a modern world if you're fortunate enough to live in some relaxing wonderful place. And in case you're young enough to have to wonder,
there is
NOTHING  "Old People" like better  than getting even older. And that's going to be you someday.

So picture this: If you've been  fortunate enough to grow old in a place where you LOVE to live ... imagine suddenly being uprooted  by having to move ... just to get around safely.
It happens all the time, "
Old People" having to start all over again, somewhere uncomfortable and unfamiliar because out of nowhere ... Yesterday suddenly became the last day...
you  had the core strength to keep your balance without having to worry you're going to fall
.  Or make it to the bathroom in time ... in a house that's seems to have suddenly become
TOO BIG and rambling for comfort.

A house that's changed and developed endless little one step,
multiple levels architects seem to find so interesting, that  you have to step up or down going from here to there.  
Very stylish" and you'd actually forgotten all about them until now.  And the driveway ... has suddenly "erupted" into an  incredibly STEEP mountain pass. You can hardly check
the mail anymore.  And the
FANTASTIC HIGH Ceilings you LOVED ...  came along with some VERY  L-O-N-G  stairs.  

SUDDENLY ...  unless that  house has a VERY RELIABLE "home" elevator (a likelihood not proven out from all the Open Houses we've seen with disappointing little signs on  elevator doors)  
or you can brave strapping yourself into Stairway "Chair Lifts" that
descend from frighteningly HIGH places,  ... you're going to HAVE to move.

And at the absolute WORST time for moving in your life ...  when you'd
much rather just stay at "home."  Sometimes ... less really IS more.

5. Buyers Remorse potential:    ... WOW! ... ... ...  How could anyone be LUCKIER than living in a Wonderful House on a Cliff ...
HIGH above the Ocean, with endless Views of the Pacific Off to Forever ...?
--------------------------------------And it can all be yours. Somebody pinch me. You've found it!  And that's an Exciting day to say the least.

We know
Exactly what that one feels like. Only... there's always a little more to it...
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Than That

Of course, you don't expect ANY house to be 100% PERFECT.  But here's what some of us have to learn ...  AFTER we're all moved in.  Not EVERYTHING important to your happiness
has to do with YOUR house. Some of the
FABULOUS houses along the Coast are on streets where many residents are not Full-Timers.  Of course security is likely to be Top Notch, but
only there from time to time because: The houses can be investments for diversification, Corporate houses used mostly around Holidays and Special Events, or just one of
several houses around the world someone wealthy might own for fun vacations, and perks for friends and business associates.
------------------------fff--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SO ... what so bad about THAT...?

Well,  if you're anything like us, it turned out to be "...a lot."  You can end up feeling more "isolated" than you ever actually meant to be. Take a walk ... no one around. Take the dogs
down to the private gated beach ... no one around.  Not quite the "novel" we had in mind.  Most of us have no experience with that kind of feeling. We grew up in a city, or the suburbs
and have never experienced "stillness" as a lifestyle.  And unless you're one of the "world traveler" types ... you can be totally
blindsided if you don't think about
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SSSomething like THAT...!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- in time.

The houses and settings can really blow you away in any High End community. But would  you think someone trying to close a deal is going to TELL YOU something like ...
But even if they would ...  they probably won't. Because they're not likely to have even THOUGHT about something like that.  We hadn't ...!  

But even if we had ... the truth is, it may not have done any good. Because we were young and invincible, and SO IN LOVE with that house on the ocean with an indoor pool,
and a Big Yard for our Sheep Dogs to play, and a back deck built right to the ocean's edge - HIGH over the crashing waves below, with whales and their babies cruising up and
down the coast all year long, and birds, and wind in your face, and endless Blue Sea as far as you could see.  It was
BIG SKY country and the house seemed absolutely HUGH,
after Carmel.
---ddg-----f---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talk about changing your LIFE ...!

We were elated.  Young and strong - and thought ourselves Quite independent.  But  more than anything ... we had each other to share this wonderful life experience together.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Noooooo ... problem.

But after 3 years, we couldn't deny it anymore. We came to fully realize we were
far more "tribal" than we ever would have believed. "We"  HADN'T  escaped  the web of humanity nearly
as much as we'd though.  And probably just like everyone else, we found some comfort in seeing lights on across the street and knowing someone other than a "timer" was there.
And that
little things like nodding Howdy Do when you catch a stranger's eye, seeing people come and go, and turning the corner and finding familiar faces as you go through your
daily life ... all brings more pleasure than we knew .  

What a surprise.  We'd taken the "tribe" for granted, when the truth was - we obviously LIKED  
something about all these flawed people around, that we had never fully appreciated.
Apparently, the tribe was still in us even though we might not "remember" until disasters strike and everyone's
heroic loving nature seems to POP right out everywhere you turn.
But fortunately,  it's seems that
OLD familiar feeling of being safe in a small tribe of people around a campfire somewhere deep in the forest at night and everyone you know you've
known your entire life ... is still in us as a genetic memory. And probably why most of us smile when you say "Hi" even to strangers, like lone wolves howling to keep each other
company in the night.  And if we'd known all of THAT a little sooner ... we probably would have just stayed right were we were in Carmel ... and added some closets.

So, ARE these
Cliff-side, Mountain side, Hill Top Wonders Truly FABULOUS after all?  Absolutely ... you're going to LOVE them. Many are like Hollywood Movie Sets, only cloaked
in real nature and scenic views to die for. Your jaw is going to DROP. And
especially when you go INSIDE.  Are they RIGHT for a LOT of people?  PERFECT!  
---ffdg------d-----------------------------------------------------------------------But the only question that really matters is ... are they right for Y-O-U?  

6. Once you find your Favorite Neighborhood ...  can you really find your own PERFECT LITTLE POCKET  by yourself?  
Yes, if you have the time to learn the area and have a keen sense of direction over streets winding through mountainous paths, rather than an easy city grid like Manhattan. And,
you may miss some of the great little
nooks and crannies that give no clues they're hiding right down that plain little road, off to the left past the big Oak tree just before you get to
the meadow, which means you've gone too far. Probably the same reason the wise old farmer giving directions by the side of the road finally proclaimed, "...sorry, you can't get
there from here."  But that was before iPhones and Apple or Google MAPS giving turn by turn directions, so you
can do it if you know where to look, or like just rambling along in a
beautiful place.  

In fact, YOU are the
ONLY one who actually CAN find your own Perfect Little Pocket.   But at some point ... you're likely to need help writing and presenting the offer anyway, possibly
"negotiating" a counter offer, going through inspections,  financing, and the things along the way to closing escrow.  And a little  "locals" experience can go a LONG way towards
speeding your search, knowing what  
similar houses sold for, idiosyncrasies about  neighborhoods, schools,  and someone else driving who already knows where to go ...
frees your mind and EYES up so you can really look and take notes.

So as long as you're
actually FOCUSING first on finding your own Perfect Little Pocket , THEN "honorably" being shown the WHOLE  Open Market of houses for sale IN your
favorite little part of the neighborhood along the way - without
BIAS for an Agent's own Company Listings ... why not take advantage of this service agents are usually happy to
serious buyers.  (Emphasis on "serious." Unless you're FAMOUS in these parts,  come prepared with your Bank Pre-Approval Letter proving the Price Range you can afford, or if you're buying CASH - documentation proving
available funds and you'll get the RED CARPET treatment form  agents. "Pre-Qualification" letters mean NOTHING because the information is "UNverified"-  and evey agent knows it.)

And now that you have the option to use one of our AFFILIATES, or at least know what to "watch out" for no matter WHO helps you, the only question is ...

7.  DO YOU WANT THE BIG AGENT IN TOWN with all the Ads in the Local Real Estate MAGAZINES ... OR are you better off with the modest  Mid-Sized to Compact Model?
It's pretty simple:

Smaller Agents:  (Most Agents - regardless of a Larger Branded Company they may work under)

Devote to YOU, will Bend Over Backwards to earn your respect, and can be especially appreciative and Service Oriented for your having chosen THEM -
instead of a BIG Agent. They may still have something to prove, are trying to
Grow their business, need the money more, and are eager to earn your future Referrals.
--d--gg--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You are a "PRIORITY" in their lives.

This alone can be a deciding factor if you want a relaxed experience on your "Excursion to Find your own Perfect Little Pocket  FIRST."

a)   Which ... AVOIDS Whirlwind Tours of intoxicating Dream Houses  that can be designed predominantly to Showcase an agent's Own Company's Listings
and leave you with a terrible case of BUYERS REMORSE once you settle in and begin to know the neighborhood. And...

b)   Is arguably the MOST important thing you can ever do towards
Getting It Right the FIRST time.                                                                                          
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(That's a lot to have accomplished with One Decision)

BIG AGENTS: Can be busy.

And repeatedly pawn you off to Licensed Assistants while they go take care of something momentarily more important.  (Like Scheduled Closings, Listing Appointments,
Offer Presentations, Arbitrations, a Golf game with an important Client, showing a 20M house ...
) They can't help it. Logically, the MORE of those FULL PAGE Back to Back Ads they
have in the local Magazines ... the more calls they're going to be fielding from local Buyers in town, the less time they're going to have for YOU, and the more "distracted" they're
going to be when they're with you.

Big Agents  generally have the
most "INDIVIDUAL" Listings because of these Ads,  and often the most EXPENSIVE  homes. All very impressive to Buyers & Sellers.
And they're likely to have plenty of experience. But when you get a date, it can be more like being out with a 911 operator,  than a quite night at the movies.

And while they may ADVERTISE "
DISCRETE" LISTINGS ...  ANY Smaller Agent can show you these same homes if they're on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which is the
more likely scenario.  Because SELLERS are becoming "smarter" along with the rest of us in this On Line age, and they're ready to SELL  NOW!   The Quicker the Better. Many
undoubtedly have
Other Plans "On HOLD" for that house to Sell, and want it all  behind them.  So instinctually they KNOW they need ...
----------------------------------------- The BROADEST Possible EXPOSURE to the Public ...  For the Fastest possible SALE ... and THAT is the MLS.
It's not hard to figure out that the MLS Multiple Listing Service with Online Pictures and Info about their house instantly available right there on EVERY PERSON'S Computer
Screens, ALONG with
Proprietary INDEPTH Info for the INDUSTRY so that Every Agent in Town with BUYERS in their CAR ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------KNOWS THEIR House is On the Market ...
BEATS the HECK out of giving ANY Agent a truly  DISCRETE LISTING (a private "Pocket Listings") ...
whose sole  purpose for wanting it is  to
CIRCUMVENT the  Power of the Internet and local Competing Agents to make SURE  only THEY find the BUYER ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So they DON'T have to split the Commission in HALF!  

And it's NOT really a "DISCRETE Listing" as ADVERTISED ... if it's on the MLS and everyone can SHOW it.
(And they don't have to TELL Anyone how Many DISCRETE Listings" they actually have ( if any ...)  to Advertis"DISCRETE" LISTINGS)

But, times are changing.  Many Sellers have come to  realize they're going to be paying the SAME COMMISSION whether they go MODERN with the MLS ...
OR,  give a
"Trust Me" POCKET Listing to a BIG Agent ... In the HOPE of  "encouraging" them to Steer Traffic  their way for allowing them to make TWICE THE MONEY.

Sellers DON'T really CARE about "commission" Splits,  they're just trying to SELL THEIR HOUSE, and think a BIG Agent must be BETTER at it than a Smaller Agent. But that's
not necessarily true. As long as there is Internet coverage and  a BIG Ad in the local magazines so BUYERS IN TOWN know the house is AVAILABLE ... HOUSES sell themselves.

Even a
BIG Agent CAN'T always fit a Square Peg into a Round Hole.  And despite traditional arguments Agents make IN FAVOR of "Very Exclusive Pocket Listings" (DISCRETE
LISTINGS) ..Real Estate Excellence, Inc does NOT  believe many Sellers with a pulse are likely to  LOSE SLEEP over a house they're LEAVING anyway ...

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Over ALL THOSE PEOPLE  "Traipsing" through their HOME at OPEN HOUSES ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DIRTYING their floors. Or SEEING their Valuable Antiques.

MOVE them if it's a problem. They're going anyway, and many argue "Clean and Open" does EVEN BETTER, because people who like MODERN, or Asian, or Traditional can have a
hard time "envisioning" themselves in a house when they're DISTRACTED by the previous owners TASTE.  
"Staging" is not a science.  A" little" may be helpful, but it's questionable if
anyone ever
actually bought a High End house because of furniture that's not going to be there the day they move in. Whatever you think ... this ONE  argument FOR "Pocket
doesn't hold a candle to the BENEFITS of "LOCAL" Word of Mouth that's generated by ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------Holding "Open Houses" on the WEEKEND for Buyers In Town.

Because there's a WHOLE OTHER  GROUP ALSO looking.   LOCALS!  They  LOVE  the "Rare Glimpse" of getting to finally "See INSIDE" Houses in their immediate
Neighborhood that only
Occasionally come up for Sale... and OFTEN have Friends or Relatives thinking of moving nearby who've ASKED them to
"Keep an Eye Out" for anything Really Good that comes available. Word of Mouth is one of the most powerful reasons any High End community ever Grows.

But if a Seller gets talked into a "Predatory" Pocket Listing where Agents NEVER put you on the MLS, or the newer tricks like "Pre-Listings" or  "Coming Soon Pre-Listings" ...
you can FORGET about the Word of Mouth.  "Pre-Listings"- also know as "Coming Soon" Listings - are where Agents make excuses to DELAY putting you on the MLS (sprucing up
the house first, getting some Pre-Inspections to make sure you know what you're selling, a new roof, etc) -
yet still placing the property on the Internet as a "Coming Soon," and a
For Sale sign in the front yard with a "COMING SOON" rider on top so that Buyers who call the Listing Agent DIRECT are shown the house - WHILE AGENTS working for other

This Tactic that may be good for the AGENT'S bottom line ... effectively REDUCES the true market demand for the SELLER that would otherwise Pressure the Price UPWARDS.
And after effectively
EXCLUDING all other Buyers in every other Agent's Car in town, there's no guarantee the Listing Broker is even going to get an offer. But if they do, even if it's
considerably below Asking, they have every incentive to "recommend" it to their Seller to make the FULL commission. In fact, the Seller receiving an offer
before the house has been
exposed to the "WHOLE Current Buyers Pool
" to test what the Market Will Bear ... arguably puts the Seller in a position of DURESS when normal marketing channels are usurped, and
they have to try and determine if they should ACCEPT the offer, or wait until the Listing Agent finally "LIST" the property on the MLS and see if they can do better. And WHO can this
seller turn to for ADVICE? Surely NOT their Listing Broker, who is now in a Dual Agency position where they can give no Legal Advice to either side of the transaction.
(See: Predatory Pocket Listings at the "Common Sense For Sellers
" button - or select the Link >  "Predatory Pocket Listings" if you're ready to leave this page now.

------------------------------But as a Buyer ... "WHAT IF " I DO choose the BIG Agent to be MY Agent ... and decide to BUY one of THEIR Listings?   

Unless you hire a Lawyer, NO ONE in the Real Estate Company is going to Legally be allowed to negotiate for
YOU to obtain the LOWEST PRICE and BEST TERMS. And remember,
 HIGHER PRICE brings YOUR Agent  MORE  Commission.  And the same holds true if you end up in a Bidding War with competing Offers coming in.
(See DUAL AGENCY in the CODE of ETHICS on the HOME page.)

But, that's the powerful DRAW of ... "BIG."  Of "EXCLUSIVE."  Of "LUXURY."  The "BIG" surgeon might be a good bet, they only work on one person at a time and they're trying
to save your life.   But the BIG Agent ... is tempting you with
DISCREET LISTINGS (whatever that really means to any particular Agent.)

MOST of their Inventory REALLY  "DISCRETE"- "EXCLUSIVE" - "Off Market Deals" ... "NOT available on the MLS?"  They undoubtedly DO  talk "some" people into POCKET
Listings, and even Have SELLERS sometimes
misguidedly "PUSH" them on them, and EVEN Delicious "Net Listings" where the Seller sets a price they REQUIRE to
... then allows the Agent to Market the Property for WHATEVER THE MARKET WILL BEAR ...  and KEEP THE DIFFERENCE,  All hoping to  "encourage" the Agent's
BEST EFFORTS (especially if a Seller is secretly under duress), or in a hurry for various legitimate reasons. And it's all legal with proper Disclosure.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But how would YOU like to be the BUYER on THAT deal?

LIKEWISE:  Sellers looking to LIST their properties for SELL may also be impressed by the Large Number of Ads that bring in BUYERS CALLS. But,  the POWER of that higher
VOLUME of Calls Big Agents may have coming in from Buyers in town, is
mitigated by the Agent having to DIVIDE that "interest" among ALL of the SAME ADS bringing in the calls.
Netting a potential ZERO advantage for any individual SELLER.

And that's WHY Smaller Companies and Smaller Agents can ALSO exist. To pick up the slack when BIG Agents, and BIG Brands
also LOSE UNSOLD listings of disappointed
Sellers.  Because the "model: doesn't support the "appearance." No matter HOW MANY Listings
anyone can gather unto themselves, there's only "so much" Market Demand at
any given time. And the "randomness factor" of
Buyer Interactions falls upon ALL the Industry - due to varied advertising, serendipity, and an army of Smaller Agents manning Offices
for"Walk in Buyers" seeking information, or agents sitting endless "Open Houses" where they come in contact with Buyers.  And even a BIG Agent can't "Create" demand for their
Sellers.  But  having
your house sit UNsold can erode confidence as to any REAL Advantages in the BIG Agent's "marketing bag." They can't  pull BUYERS out of THEIR HAT - either.

They just LOOK like they can for all the Full Page Ads.
 And once they reach that "size" threshold  in a community, it's self-propagating. Even if, as is often the case,
it's from Generational passing down the Business through children's hands (through no fault of their own) ... but with varying degrees of interest, ability, honor,  and skills at Real
Estate services. Yet STILL ...
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------They remain The BIG Agent in Town.   

And, there's no way to know how many "True"
DISCREET Listings anyone really has either. All you can be sure of is that  MANY agents want you to THINK they have A   V E R Y:

---------------"Special" ... EXCLUSIVE ...!  LUXURIOUS ...! UNRIVALED ...!  PRESTIGIOUS ...! EXPENSIVE ... ! ELITE ... !  DISCRETE ...! OFF MARKET ...!  ... Portfolio.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ONLY ...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For  VERY "Special" People like YOU!  

This "PLASTIC" flavor doesn't reflect well on High End Buyers or Sellers as being quite as Intelligent as you'd think they were. But maybe the Agents have a point ... if they're STILL
doing it successfully, ... and they are. Perhaps many Quite Intelligent people haven't caught on yet...  that
ANY Agent can ALSO show them ANY of these same houses on the MLS  ...
WITHOUT the nonsense. And we believe MOST of the High End Listings around the country
touted as "DISCRETE" ... ARE in fact ON the MLS - considering the Seller Savy that has
become greatly enhanced as the Internet weaves it's way into everyone's life, and Real Estate blogs dispense better advice than was available to Buyers and Sellers in
the past. THAT'S  the invisible subtext of ...

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DISCRETE LISTINGS ... Very... Very ... DISCRETE

STILL, every Agent would probably LOVE to have some of those REAL Luxury POCKET Listings from a "P-a-t-i-e-n-t" Seller ... that they can just allow to collect dust on their inventory
shelf until that
SPECIAL call comes in and they have "Just the Thing " ... and DON'T have to Split the Commission in HALF.  No doubt - some Very "special" Marketing Promises"  are
Marched out to try and obtain TRUE Pocket Listings.  But that doesn't mean they're good for Buyers OR Sellers. They're usually just  "good" for whoever has the Listing.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BIG AGENTS ... come in colorful Variety
At the HIGH END ...  1.)  Many become Happy Millionaires just doing what they do Best, teaching young Agents, and gradually coming to LOVE knowing  how to help people
beautifully. 2.) But there are "other" successful varieties that tap the vulnerabilities of humanity by creating insecurity and  acting busy and impatient to
and sell their own Listings without YOU ever seeing the whole Open Market of House in your range that SHOULD also be shown to you. Apparently it "works" well enough.  But no one
wants "THAT" Agent. This is the agent who doesn't realize you're not buying a house. You're on and Adventure to change your life and trying to be HAPPY. And you have to get
it RIGHT for
THAT to happen.                                                        

The Agent's  "job" is simply  to provide factual information and professional opinion in a complex field. So if you end up with the second kind of Agent,  remember the "
EVERY Agent is WANTING TO CLOSE THE DEAL to get paid.  YOU totally control that destiny.  So don't let the shoe get on the other foot.  YOU are footing  the
bill and paying for services rendered. That makes you the Boss.  YOU don't need  "
attitude" or impatience to "Help you make up your MIND."  So tell this agent straight out that YOU
WANT ...

............"... a Very NICE Agent that helps you stay relaxed with EVERY STEP along the way of your New Adventure ... so you can enjoy it !" Then ask them
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "... do you THINK you can DO this ...?

------------------ff---g-----------------------Things will  probably improve quickly.  People like that are often just trying to impress you to get what they want,
---f---s-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... and they know when they've been caught.

8. Are you Really ready to BUY this house?   If the answer is:  "I'm "Pretty Sure!" Or, "I REALLY think so!" Or, "... we've been talking it over and feeling really GOOD about it."
-------------------------------------------------------------------You're not Ready. (You'll be "Riding Six White Horses " when you READY! )   

---f------------------------------------------------------------------------------But THAT'S the kind of answers that may well Inspire your Agent's creativity ...
------f----------------------------------------------------------------------"I hear someone else is REALLY interested ... and may be coming to look later Today.  
---ddf-----g-----------------------------------------------------------------You may want to get an offer in TODAY to at LEAST Stay in the Running
---f---g-g------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LOSE THIS HOUSE!"

Really ...?       Sometimes it's true.  Sometimes you can't help wondering if an Inappropriately Aggressive Agent has just decided to "Help you make up your mind..."
Don't be insulted, stay on course. It's just that they
KNOW it can WORK  ...  EVEN  if you SUSPECT it isn't true ... because it MIGHT be true.

----ddd--g---h--------------------------------------------So it doesn't matter.   If YOU'RE not "RARING to GO ..." YOU'RE not Ready. THAT is what matters.

will regularly do a Run Down of houses they've shown  you. That's appropriate and can be helpful. But just because you've seen a LOT of Quality gloves you can get on
your hand, doesn't mean you've found the one that really "FITS."   Ignore "PRESSURE" tactics. Unless they're really "
young or dumb" - truly "Good" people who live by the Golden
Rule  DON'T use them.  But if your Agent "keeps it up" ... the most powerful psychological tool is the quick "
Cut Eye."  They'll "Get" it.  But If that doesn't STOP them ... you're with
the wrong agent. And
they're in the wrong business for their personality.  Wrangling a bunch of LOGS down a river might be better for them.

9.  WOW ... Why is EVERYTHING is Soooooo  EXPENSIVE! Here...?
True enough. On the other hand, Buyers can be unrealistic in a new environment. Only YOU can BALANCE that reality with your feelings so that you can progress, and there's
no point in making it a "Project."  Remember, you're still lucky to have the options you do. "
Back home" - where you could probably buy the BEST HOUSE IN TOWN for HALF
of what that adorable Cottage in Carmel by the Sea cost ... doesn't really matter any more.  (emphasis on: " the SEA.")  But It can be very emotional and confusing on first
exposure, and the
Adjustment Period can easily leave you in  Decision Paralysis. That's just human and probably a good thing to protect you. You're just NOT READY to
make an Offer yet, that's all.  When you
ARE READY ... it will be a HAPPY feeling.

But it's probably best to keep those feelings to yourself.  It can cause an agent to feel "
...oh boy, here we go again," and lead to impatience.  Keep your thoughts to yourself while you
adjust to the Sticker Shock.  They're your feelings, you're the BUYER with the money,
only YOUR feelings matter, and there's always a learning curve in a new area. It was the same
for us.  
Naturally, everything above your Price Range is going to seem  "more" APPEALING, and can make important differences like having an Ocean View, or living on that street
you REALLY love. That's the hard reality and
consumer demand is the only thing that has set these prices.  But it's the AREA that's probably going to be the most important change
in your life. And in a
Highly Desirable Area,  it's not at all uncommon for "EVERYTHING" you REALLY LIKE ... to be surprisingly FAR out of your range, compared to back home.  That's
probably why you're moving ...
YOU think it's better here, too. (Or wherever you're moving.)

If you're on the "Usual" Whirlwind Tour of Dream Houses we've WARNED you against,  it can REALLY be even MORE confusing with the RAPID Input,  and BIG emotions...

I HATE this one!" - "HOW could ANYONE ask THAT much!"  -  "QUAINT...!  Hell, that's just OLD!"  -  "OH,  ... I LOVE THIS house!  If only I could afford it!" (We're talking Millionaires here.) -
OHHHH! ... IF ONLY THIS ONE had a VIEW... !"   -  "Wow ... every thing's Perfect ... accept for needing a COMPLETE REMODEL ...!  (Are they NUTS...!?")  
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------To which your Agent is probably going to say something ridiculous like ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"YESssss ... You could DO that!"   

The "feelings" only grow and want to
Bust Out as you "Shuck" through more and more shells to get to the Pearl.  But you're better off NOT to give a running dialogue of your
Taste and Financial level of Comfort along the way, for when it comes time to Offer, or Negotiate. Yes, you may well be able to "AFFORD it"  ... you just don't think it's "WORTH IT ...!"
But if your Agent takes your complaints to mean ...
" can't really "AFFORD it" ... not only can that affect what they show you, that "reputation" may follow your Offer to the
Listing Broker's Desk - where you may be COMPETING with other Bids without even knowing it. And make some OTHER Offer seem like a
Only to lose the house.

10. What do you mean by ... CONTROL THE CLIENT specifically?
By the end of the day, you're DIZZY.  EVERYONE is VERY Vulnerable to manipulation in this state, and... THAT'S  why the TARGET HOUSE,
BEST House of the DAY ... often comes at the END of the day's Tour.  

DON'T make a LIFE ALTERING DECISION when things are going TOO FAST for comfort. Or that  "Nice" Agent you "thought" you really got along with  ...
is suddenly looking at their watch, acting a little annoyed,  speeding things UP,  or may even become IMPATIENT and UPSET that YOU ... just don't seem to understand what an
INCREDIBLE DEAL they've saved JUST FOR YOU ...!  When "apparently" there are OTHER PEOPLE INTERESTED!   
-------------------------------------------(I've shown you ONLY the BEST! "We" HAVE to MOVE on this one ... or LOSE IT!  It's one of the BEST Buys I've seen in the area in a long time! )
It's an act. It costs them nothing.  Just tell them you're tired, and LIVE to come back and fight another day. The house will probably still be there. You're the Boss and any agent who
does that is not your friend. Relax. Go home and DIGEST what you've learned. You'll be FINE when you come back next week. And think about finding a new agent.

ALWAYS "IGNORE" any  psychological
PRESSURE an agent puts on you to make an offer. Because ... "Who do they think they are?" If it turns out they were telling the absolute
truth ... you STILL weren't ready, and their impatience was NOT for your benefit regardless of what they say. They're manipulating and they need to learn to do the job
that!  If you lose the house, that's the price you pay for sanity, operating at YOUR pace, and making SOUND decisions. There are always lots of houses for sale and MORE
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And always try to remember:
---------------------------Disappointment  is FAR BETTER than GETTING YOUR ONE CHOICE WRONG  ... and ending up with BUYERS REMORSE.  

11. Are there "signs" that can tell you a SELLER is under DURESS?  (That is ... can I get a GREAT deal on this property? )
Not so much at the High End.  Duress is a less frequent visitor there, and everyone knows not to show that hand.  It happens, but  ...

----s--f---g--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------YOU  CAN'T   RELY  on  RUMORS about "Duress"
Because: Unscrupulous people Manipulate:
   "Knowing" nothing and perhaps having ZERO business acumen,  they can advise you wrong. They can  "Imagine" these Rumors of Duress to get your Motor Running
"...make an Offer ... try it ... make an Offer...") - hoping  to inspire a "Counter" from  the Seller you might accept.  It's the blind leading the blind, and can waltz you down
the Garden Path to
Low Ball  ... only to receive no response.  While leaving a very bad taste in the Seller's mouth with your name on it.   
----ddd-f--f------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When THAT'S the House you REALLY want!

12 . Is the PRICE right?   How can you tell?    
What IS Fair Value at a given time? How do you find it? The only way is COMPS of recently SOLD houses,  NOT by looking  at whimsical sellers ASKING prices (though, even they
collectively give a
ballpark idea). But the problem is ... the "COMPS" are the genuinely  HARD part.  Even with the facts, imagine trying in ernest to adjust between houses Views,
Square footage, Build Quality, Condition, Age, Style, Lot size, quality of other houses on the street, closeness to town or the beach, Magnificence, ...  Quaintness ... ... how accurate
can COMPS really ever be? We mostly let the MLS software algorithms figure it out for us, then there is at least a "standard" margin of error.

But even from the "seat of the pants,"  there IS some real value in knowing SOLD prices, over ASKING prices. Unfortunately, only Licensed Real Estate agents have access to this
information on the MLS at this time, so you're going to need some help. But the most important help for determining your offer can sometimes be the  HISTORY of the house and
listings. How long has it been on the market, the price it started at, has it been taken off to "r-e-s-t,"   how many times has the house  sold before, has there been a major remodel,
ALL clues the SELLER, and sometimes your own agent don't really want you to know because it tends to lead to more "trouble" than it's worth even for you, and can cause delays
that can lose the deal for both of you. Still, better to have it if you have the time.

Here's the issue.  If an agent knows they have an unrealistic Seller (someone they may have appeased to get the  Listing by accepting the Seller's insistent WHOPPING price they're
now faced with trying to sell
YOU), not only doesn't it behoove them to provide this information accurately, their HIGHEST Fiduciary Duty lies with the Seller... which is basically to
help the seller obtain the HIGHEST possible price. And the same is true for ANY Listing their company has. And they know
Angry Sellers are quick to snatch the listing, or even sue if
they think someone is providing
Buyers information that makes them "look bad," and does the "opposite" of obtaining the HIGHEST possible price, even if it's true. So whose side
are agents showing THEIR  own company's listings really on? The Seller's.

They only owe the BUYER "honesty." And that's a lot more "debatable" - and far less litigious.  It's a tough spot for an agent with even the BEST intentions, and one of the reasons
BUYER'S Agents exist. (See: "Buyers Exclusive Agents" in the Code of Ethics.)  But it's never easy. Even BUYERS Agents can have
other Buyers they're also representing ...
interested in the same house you are. Even legitimate Buyers Agents are sometimes not too keen on providing well considered COMPS of recently SOLD houses ...  that take time, are
never "exact" anyway, and cause confusion ... when the first rule of Human Nature is to get paid. Which can lead Buyers to feel EVERYONE seems to be trying to Rip-them-off.
When the only thing that's usually happening is that most people tend to list ABOVE the current SOLD market to have a little room to come down if they need to, because everyone
likes a deal. It's human nature.

Some people don't much care, others care a lot. But always ask yourself if you can
stand it if you lose that house - for shaving a few dollars instead of giving the Seller what
they want. Even if the price doesn't seem "fair" ... there is no "fair." There is ONLY a figure the Seller will take to give you their house, and they may have already told you what it
is with the asking price. We did a "small" shave once 20 years ago and it turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of our lives,  too late to fix, and it STILL hurts.
(See "About Us"
button -"The One That Got Away.")

If you're really ready to offer on a house, we'll provide  COMPS of recently SOLD houses as quickly as humanly possible to those who want them, and we "recommend" our
Affiliates do the same. But keep in mind we have no control over our AFFILIATES, they're all Independent Contractors working under their company's designated license, and we
accept no liability for their actions. (See our "Find An AFFILIATE in your TOWN button, then read the "TERMS of USE").

13.  CAN other AGENTS prevent MY Agent  From SHOWING ME ... THEIR "DISCRETE" - "Office Exclusive" - "Coming Soon" - "Pocket" LISTINGS Inventory ...
-------EVEN THOUGH the House has a For Sale sign and Phone # in the front yard?   And WHY would they DO that ... if they're TRYING to SELL the House?

Short answer:  Yes ... but ONLY IF it's a true "Pocket" Listing where the Seller has actually  SIGNED to OPT-OUT of being placed on the MLS ...     

--------------------------------------------------------------------MEANING:  The SELLER is simply  NOT INTERESTED in the BUYERS in TOWN ...
-----------------------------------------------------------------who happen to be riding around in  ANY OTHER AGENT'S CAR ...
-----------------------------------------------(An ABSURD concept, no doubt.  But that's what it means to "OPT-OUT" ... whether Sellers realize it or not.)

-----------------------------------------------------------Why?  The usual answer ... MONEY.  To "Try" and avoid having to SPLIT THAT COMMISSION IN HALF.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Pocket" Listings are usually not Good for Buyers OR Sellers
Though, you might well hear an Agent is just trying to "protect their Client's interest", or following the "instructions of the Seller" which can actually be true sometimes.  The question
is ... what in the world would have made that poor SELLER think NOT being on the MLS was a good idea ... compared to LOSING the
MASSIVE BENEFITS of BEING on the MLS where the entire
buying public and all "other" agents can find OUT your property is available - and see Pictures of it on the Internet?
Is THAT worth Losing - compared to "Having all those supposedly
"Dangerous People
" coming through your Open House ... with an Agent sitting right there?  Some Agents at the High End are especially keen to give this impression to gullable Sellers, implying
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------THAT'S HOW IT'S DONE by Sophisticated sellers at the High End, don't you know?
-------------------------------------------------------------------( Aren't YOU a Sophisticated Seller who KNOWS what you're DOING ... LIKE "all" the Other Sophisticated Sellers ... ? )
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------  -Our opinion ... don't fall for it. It's usually just good for the Agent and their Company. )                                                      

-------------------------------------------------------In fact, "members" of the MLS (usually every active agent in town) are REQUIRED to "Cooperate with other Brokers
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Except when  cooperation is NOT in the Client's best interest."
And that "except" is a hard sell in a court of law,  difficult to prove, and can leave "overly" aggressive Agents in a Legal mire. Because the STANDARD it is "judged" against is the
clear benefits for Sellers
of  using the MLS - where the property can be downloaded and displayed on public third-party advertising sites on the Internet that 9 in 10 home  BUYERS
rely on as one of their
primary research sources to search for properties.  And ...
Withholding" listings from the MLS significantly diminishes these marketing opportunities and may WELL result in:

            a)   Reaching fewer possible Buyers
            b)  Taking Longer to Sell
            c)   And NOT Yielding the HIGHEST possible PRICE for the Seller   
(See: "Common Sense for Sellers" on the navigation bar at Top of Page)

Real Estate Excellence believes:
In a Modern Internet World ... Agents Trying to  Convince Clients  that this old EXCLUSIVE "Pocket Listing" marketing strategy rooted in Horse & Buggy Days...
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------is ACTUALLY--In a SELLER'S Best Interest ...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INSTEAD of relying upon...
------------------------------------------*Broad Internet and Local Exposure,  and the COOPERATIVE marketing depth provided by being on the MLS ...
Is becoming more and more difficult to sell to the true "Sophisticated Sellers" of today. And derivative Lawsuits will eventually make "Pocket Listings" a thing of the past.

-----------------------------------------------THUS:   The Newer approach (with less liability) is ever evolving with Agents Advertising designed to IMPRESS  you to the same Old End ...
WITHOUT the liabilities. The New Code Words to capture the NOT so sophisticated sound more like ...

-----------------------------------------------------------"Special" ... EXCLUSIVE ...!   ELITE ... !  DISCRETE ...! Pre-Listings ...! Pre-MLS ...! OFF MARKET ...!  "COMING SOON"....

Only for  VERY "Special" People like YOU  (apparently DEFINED  solely by your willingness to CALL THEM DIRECTLY so they can make ALL THE COMMISSION).  It's understandable. But it
DOESN'T MEAN you're  "
necessarily"  going to be seeing REAL "Pocket Listings" ... only available for THEM to show you. MOST are probably right there on the MLS in your town
where ANY agent could show you.  Because it's getting harder and harder to talk SAVY Modern computer Sellers
OUT  of placing their house on the MLS ... with the same old lines.

Consumers there is NO WAY to know if ANY of these properties are the "implied" Truly DISCRETE Listings AVAILABLE to see Only through THEM.
But these Code words DO continue to bring some "would be" Sophisticated  traffic through the door, however gullible.  In fact, the only thing you can be sure of from THIS kind of
advertising is ...                                                                                                                   
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------MANY Agents want you to THINK they have A V E R Y  B-R-O-A-D ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"EXCLUSIVE" PORTFOLIO
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... even when they don't.
Despite the fact that MOST Listings are on the MLS where "Broker Cooperation" IS required for the good of the Industry, Buyers, AND Sellers ---

-------------------------------------A lot of thoughtful energy STILL goes toward NOT Splitting that Commission in HALF ...

The MATH:    6% versus 3% on a 10 million house  ...  is either a  $600,000  vs  $300,000 pay day. That's a lot of motivation to take risk.
--------------------6% versus 3% on a   5 million house  ...  is either a  $300,000  vs  $150,000 pay day. That's a lot of motivation to take risk.
--------------------6% versus 3% on a   3 million house  ...  is either a  $180,000  vs  $  90,000 pay day. That's STILL  a lot of motivation to take risk.
So as long as True POCKET Listings are legal, Agents are going to try and get them, or
Appear to have them to influence the NEXT Buyer or Seller that
THAT'S the way "
sophisticated " people DO IT - to encourage further sheep-like behavior, whether they're actually "good" for the vast majority of their own clients best interest.

But what happens when they CAN'T get a Pocket Listing - because a
SAVY Seller adamantly wants their house to have FULL Exposure on the MLS.
--------------------------------------------------------------THAT's where Buyers and Sellers have to keep a sharp eye out for THIN ICE.  
Because if an Agent (or their Company) is DETERMINED to break the rules, and the Law as to their Seller, in order to  sell their own High End Listing to make TWICE the money
Even Though they now have competition from all  the other cooperating MLS Brokers in the area) ... they have to do "something" to MAKE SURE that only THEY find the BUYER.

And that can lead to YOU - A FULLY QUALIFIED BUYER and your Agent illegitimately having  DIFFICULTY getting IN to see the property.
The only slight impediment to THIS Listing Agent is providing some thread of "plausibility" ... for repeatedly being so DIFFICULT to reach on the weekend ...
when MOST Buyers are in town. Because they wouldn't want to violate their Fiduciary Duty to the Seller in any way that can be proven.

Never got the call.  What message ... never got a message, should have called my office."  You did!  "I'll have to look into that, Try next week, the owner's using it this weekend,
it's  rented for the month, we "may" have a "Pending" on that one ... I'll have Mary get back ..."  she doesn't. Repairs are being made and it's a mess, how about next weekend?
They cancel at the last minute, or  the person they sent to let you in got the time wrong, their dog got lost, they suddenly had to take a sick child to the Doctor, they're contagious ...
And ALL of these "excuses" are often enough TRUE enough to life, that NO ONE can easily know when they aren't.   Without "morality" to stop you, how much would
YOU lie, or Fib, or not tell the whole truth ... for $300,000? How about $150,000? $90,000 enough?  It's hard to be perfect, and what difference does it make  
WHO gets that house,
everybody looking can get "
some" house.  It's easy to s-l-i-d-e.    And that's why it's a problem that needs to be solved by National Legislation. Because we're all human. And we all
have Bills.

But these "excuses" Buy Time for the Agent to find their OWN Buyer, while knowing full well  this
Road Block will Frustrate OTHER Agents' BUYERS and encourage them to "Jump
Ship" to get the House they want ...
before your Agent finds a way to get you IN to SHOW IT.  Because THAT would establish YOUR Agent as the "Procuring Cause" - who  gets paid  
Half the commission they deserve.  Of course, using these strategies amounts to theft.

But for the Listing Broker:   "...hey,"  what could we do? It was YOU who dropped your agent.  You must have been unhappy.  After all ...YOU called US. How can we ignore our
Fiduciary Duty to our Seller when a serious Buyer wants to see their HOUSE?  Maybe that other agent should get it together ... We're here to do BUSINESS."

And, there's NOTHING quite like seeing YOUR Agent being IGNORED  ... to make them look incompetent, unimportant,  and "professionally disrespected" in the area.
After all,  they can't  even ...
-----------------------ffff-----------------f-----------------------------------------------------------------"GET YOU IN"

But the truth is ... your Agent may be doing a stupendous job, and the real reason is all about money and retaining power.

Before you drink the "Kool-Aid to GET THAT HOUSE ... realize that
YOUR Agent can represent your FULL RANGE Fiduciary duty to negotiate for the LOWEST possible Price and Best
Terms for the BUYER.  While if you allow yourself to be
Wooed Away by these cold, cunning tactics to become a client of the Listing Broker in order to
-------------------ffff------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GET THAT HOUSE ...
not only are you going to be in DUAL AGENCY with no one truly negotiating for YOU, your new morally challenged Listing Agent who makes
more commission the HIGHER the price
goes ... can STILL land you in a
Bidding War and you lose the house anyway, while they "suggest" another they happen to have ... you may not like quite as much.  How will you feel
then?  Will you really want THAT  Listing Agent who "only" ...
-------------------------------------------------------Bends a few precious rules that have been designed solely to make the world a better place ... ?

Is that who you really want
helping you start all over again ... with a few of those  "substitute" suggestions? What if you don't LIKE their other Inventory?
Are they going to be the right person to help you find
someone ELSE'S LIsting you may like better?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT TO DO?
It's up to you.  But we've "heard" ... if your Agent REALLY can't get you in ...  there's no law keeping a Highly Pre-Qualified BUYER from  Knocking on the Owner's Front Door
to tell them how much they love their house ... and how long they've been trying to get in to make an offer on it.
(Or calling, sending a letter, or asking your attorney to speak to the Listing Broker. County tax records can help with that info, or if you don't mind paying).  

Or, there's no law against you and your Agent showing up at the Listing Broker's office and INSISTING you be let in to
SEE THAT HOUSE or Know WHY NOT!  ...before you
"lawyer up" to recover all the"Monetary Gain" you may lose over time for not having been allowed to Bid on that property.

-------------------------------------------FEAR may not only quickly solve YOUR problem ... You may have taken one more "little" step for mankind.

Because these kind of complaints can not only lose Agents their Listing and Commission, they can escalate into Breach of Contract Lawsuits with Compensatory Damages,
Punitive Damages, Attorneys Fees, and being reported to their Bureau of Real Estate for license violations review,  with potential for suspension or Revocation of their license to do
business at all.

Still, we all know people do take Risks when the stakes are High,  and they're Highest at the High End.

------when a Competing Agent CALLS for an appointment to Show One of their most cherished Listings in the Inventory ...  
--------------fff------------------------f-----------------------------------------(THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO FALL FOR?)

There is NO Better Time than this for a Listing Broker with a Cherry Property they DON'T want to Split the Commission on -  to start things out "right" with a "Rumor" - while your
Agent discusses your interest and confirms
Financial Qualifications to get you IN to see the property. And it's just so easy to float a subtle Read Between the Lines Rumor  that
APPEAR to violate the Listing Broker's Fiduciary duty to the Seller ...  because it can be taken more than one way ... one of which actually would be innocent:

...   How
surprised they are this Great house hasn't sold yet. Very disappointing. The  Seller can hardly believe it. " (But your Agent hears ... they're FLEXIBLE. )

...   GLAD to hear from you.  No, there are no other offers yet, darn this Market ... (this Trend, these Interest Rates, these Bankers ... ).  Looking like prices are going to have to
start coming
down to earth again for awhile. (Yawn ...)  How are things going for you guys? (Your Agent hears ... they'll recommend ACCEPTING a lower offer before the market drops.)

...   The Seller has other plans and would like a quick closing to get it all behind them and they're not flexible on that.  ... ...  What ...?!    Your Agent hears ... The Seller is in a hurry.
IS "Flexible" on PRICE.  But "NOT being flexible on "that ..."  - could  be referring to the "PLANS."  And who doesn't have "Other Plans" or LIKE a "quick closing?"

...    They can simply "
mention" they're  reconsidering the pricing" before this market turns." (Your Agent hears ...  of course, "they're flexible." Worse for you as a Buyer - ALL smaller
agents secretly admire the BIG agents and want to know what they think.
----------------------------------------------------------(None of which may be true, but EVERYONE is always "reading between the lines" looking for clues.)

Your Agent enthusiastically reports back to you ... "They're FLEXIBLE!" (Just like they were supposed to do.)

The Broker knows it's going  back to you, and hopefully causes you to offer TOO Far Below ASKING PRICE ... while the Seller scratches their head over your apparently
thinking such LARGE Price concessions could be gained by your
obsessive attention to closing dates,  and relatively minor contingencies you seem to be bending over
backwards to give up, that they couldn't care less about.  
"...hey, what's with this guy's offer?    Is he legit?    He doesn't sound legit.   Should we ignore him?"

Do YOU think you're likely to get a response? ...  a COUNTER? Do you think you may have hurt your chances on the next offer?  Do you think it's even going to matter?
It's like watching one of those old English movies where the Chancellor is duping the King with bad advice while setting someone else up to take the fall.
Stick to your own counsel.
----------------------------------------------"Malicious Rumors" ... are RUMORS.  Ignore them and you'll be right more times than you're wrong.
Don't think anyone is smarter than you. Even if they are, no one can see what's in the other guy's hand, or head. And it's Your money.

There is ABSOLUTELY no way to "know,"  or even make a scientific study as to exactly how much of this goes on in the Hearts of man, or "who" is guilty. But it's GOOD to
know what to watch out for. Because we DO KNOW not one person ever even went to Jail for the
2008 Wall Street/ Real Estate Debacle that crashed the biggest Economy in
the world, and ruined many lives and retirements. But that doesn't mean there weren't guilty people. That just means being morally bankrupt doesn't keep you from being smart.  
Fortunately, being smart doesn't mean being morally corrupt either.  We believe the majority of Real Estate Agents are morally sound and would like to be able to have a way to
show it. That's why we came up with REEinc "AFFILIATES" and the
High End Buyers Remorse Terminator to help you find them, and give them a way to prove their good
intentions in advance
- by sending you to this site.  Because everyone knows ... YOU CAN'T PUT THE GENIE BACK IN THE BOTTLE. And after you come here, you're going to be
watching even them like a hawk. And still, they are happy to help you.  Because we all live in the same world. And no matter the field,  one thing every one of us has had to learn
in life is  ...
--ddgj g-------------------------------------------------------------------------You just have to put the Pollyanna blinders away to grow up and be safe.  

------ssd--------------------------------------------------------------------------Because a lot of people we thought we could trust ... are not Honest.

Sorry. But Buying a Home is BIG BUSINESS for most people, and many can't afford to lose.  And there are ONLY so many Laws that can be passed, so many police to police them.
So all any of us can do is use our own experience with Human Nature to guide us. Believe it or not, we're trying be part of that experience by sharing what we've learned with you
to keep you safe.  We may be wrong about some things. We may not always  know "who" is bad. But we do know one thing for sure to light the way ...

-fffgkt-------------------------------------------------------------------------There are Good, Honorable People everywhere -  who don't do these things.     

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