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Sonya & Paul Larisey

PS  You may request that we personally provide your Excursion, and we'd love to.
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must fill in with a highly competent local Affiliate, we'll let you know in your email
confirmation, and you will have the option to accept, or request a new date we can
personally accommodate.

If you'd like to know more about us,  you might enjoy the "ABOUT US" page for
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To  Avoid  Real  Estate
-PREDATORY Tricks & Tactics
A National Public Resource
If you're IN TOWN for the Weekend
"Perfect Little Pocket"
Solutions ...
Sonya & Paul Larisey
a national resource ...
To Avoid being used for Luxury Sightseeing Tours in this World
Renowned Resort Destination, we resort to  
a wretched $500  
Earnest Deposit REFUNDABLE at Close of Escrow on offers
we present on your behalf.           
   *Please See Explanation to Right  >
-------The Earnest Deposit to find your "Perfect Little Pocket"
cost serious Buyers NOTHING in the end.
 It is Refundable at Close
of Escrow on offers we present on your behalf, and crucial for Opening our
Schedule for
YOU to leave TIME to take care of the select group of Clients
who genuinely love this place as much as we do, and NEED
"patient" help to
move here.  Without this deposit our SCHEDULE can easily become choked
with vacationing
Luxury Sightseers in our Resort Destination who  aren't
Serious About Moving Here.

-----Of course, we understand houses are a PASSION for some very nice
who simply can't resist doing Whatever It Takes to see Inside our
Beautiful homes when left alone for days to entertain themselves while their
Other-Half plays Golf or goes Diving (Pebble Beach alone has 8 golf courses
inside the 5 gates.) We believe serious buyers will come to appreciate this
helpful solution to a serious problem for us both.
-Simply put, It takes away a
lot of the headaches, and opens our Schedule to make finding YOUR Dream
Home a FUN experience, so we can enjoy helping you settle in here the
--To GUARANTEE Your Requested Excursion Dates, we
charge your card when the order comes in if the dates are
open, and Email your receipt and schedule (and our Phone
Number and Contact Email.
Pebble Beach & Carmel
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