And here is the VALUE in my AFFILIATION for YOU :

--- FIRST:  I will always FOCUS FIRST on our EXCURSION with you, to help find your own
----------------"Perfect Little Pocket" FIRST ...

... AND to NARROW the entire market of houses For Sale down to a
YOU'VE picked for YOURSELF along the way.
(We'll keep a List)

.............................................................................,........THEN ...
----------------We'll look INSIDE the Houses You've Picked for YOURSELF in your own favorite little
----------------Nook or Cranny ... so that you DON'T end up with a terrible case of BUYERS REMORSE
----------------in the "WRONG" Dream House ...   before you even know the Neighborhood.

...................................Like the Original Settlers would have taken WEEKS to do on Horseback ...

--------------------------------------------- the all important LOCATION for you FIRST ...

------------------------------------------------------------FOCUSES your Efforts
---------------------------------On the MANY GOOD THINGS that Logically Flow from finding your own
-----------------------LLLLL-----------------"Perfect - Little - Pocket" FIRST...!

--LIKE:  The efficiency of automatically NARROWING  the Entire Market  of Houses For Sale...
----------------------------------DOWN to those-available in the EXACT "Right  Location"  for YOU ...
---------------Leaves only a HANDFUL of the Most SENSIBLE Choices-you then "Pick for YOURSELF" to see INSIDE.

--LIKE:  Not FUNDING 3 Full Commissions Instead of 1 - to Fix the "MISTAKE"
------------when you end up with.Buyers Remorse.     (See VIDEO Intro at HighEndBuyersRemorseTerminator.com )

--LIKE: Not having to go through the MISERY of moving Again, and finding the "Right Place" for EVERYTHING
.................................----------..................-...--..........All - Over - Again ...

When all you THOUGHT you were doing was coming to Relax ... Have some Fun ... and be HAPPY!

---------THAT's why finding your Own "Perfect Little Pocket" FIRST is the ONLY approach that makes
.................................---------.........-......................"PERFECT" Sense ...
------------and may be the MOST - IMPORTANT - THING you ever do towards preventing your OWN Buyers Remorse.

----LLLL------------------I.              MAKING AN OFFER    

-----------------------------TIME          ~           TACTICS          ~           TERMS
-------LLLLLLLL------------------(The Building Blocks of your "NEGOTIATING" STRATEGY)

1.  When it's TIME to make an Offer:
.....All Agents loathe saying ANYTHING that "Risk" having a sincere High End Buyer walk away in frustration .....
without Closing a Deal.  So, when you DO "fall in love" it puts a very Big Smile on any Agent's face.    

BUT ... When the inevitable Quality, Glitter, and Views at the High End bring you to Absolute ELATION ...
...........  If it  IS  BEFORE you Even know what's at the Other End of the Street ...
------...  If it  IS  BEFORE you've even found your own FAVORITE Part of the Neighborhood...
----------And I sense your checkbook is about to Leap-Out-of-Your-Pocket to make an Offer...  

-----------------------INSTEAD of simply allowing Inertia to GUARANTEE my Reward ...  


2.   When it's REALLY TIME to Make an Offer ... When you're SURE you
-------------------------------------------ABSOLUTELY.want THIS Property ...

I Will Remind You:
"TIME is of the Essence."  Because even with "Near" and FULL "Asking Price" Offers,
the"SELLER"  may
STILL EXPECT the Listing Broker to

-------------------------- ---------------SHOP - YOUR - OFFER
------------------------------------And, THAT takes TIME ... you DON'T want to allow.

Buyers NEED To Understand:
Brokers sometimes help themselves GET Listings by telling SELLERS ...
"Of course, when an Offer comes in, I'll promptly CALL EVERY AGENT WHOSE SHOWN THE HOUSE
--------------------------------------------------to Bring In COMPETING BIDS."   (It's not an Idle promise.)

A)  Did You Know:
Modern Electronic
"Lockboxes" (Key holders that let Agents into houses) keep a current
History" of ALL Agents who have Previously Shown "YOUR" Dream Home to Other Prospective Buyers,
instantly providing Electronic Access to this "List"
... to Listing Brokers?

B)  Did You Know:
ALL Listing Brokers have a"FIDUCIARY Duty" to obtain the
Highest Possible PRICE,  at the  BEST TERMS ... For the SELLER?

This is a VERY Big Deal, it's the Law, and BROKERS can't Help that it's part of their Job. They don't make the laws. But
they ARE
Singularly held legally responsible to SELLERS for fulfilling the Highly Interpretative "NUANCES" of Fiduciary
Duty (the "HIGHEST" Legal duty) ...

While only owing the less "Litigious" LOWER Duty of "Honesty"  to the BUYER.

At the heart is the"Free Markets"
Supply and Demand issue of Democracy. But it can leave a
"Bad First Taste" about
Listing Brokers - whose interest seems the SAME as the Seller's due to a Higher PRICE
bringing a Higher Commission. Which is true. But not AS "true" as overpriced listings NOT selling at all. So in Reality ...

Listing Brokers spend a lot more time talking enthusiastic SELLERS
"Down" to Realistic Pricing to obtain a sale at all.

That is, at least until you get to the HIGH - HIGH END where no one is passing out their secrets.  Even most Brokers find
themselves shaking their heads at this rarefied
Wild West,  wondering HOW anyone pulled THAT price out of their Hat
...  then GOT it?  Only to watch it become the "Next" Highest COMP.

Still, there is
some hope for Buyers.  Depending on Market Conditions,  many Offers ARE "Accepted, Rejected, or Countered"
ever seeking other Bids ... largely due to the SELLER'S  POWERFUL  FEAR of  LOSING  a REAL BUYER.   
(EVEN when the Broker advises they "think" they can do better ... with a little Time.)

THAT ...  is EXACTLY the situation a BUYER wants to "Create" with their Offer.

Seller's AND Buyer's "FEAR" of Not Getting Exactly What They Want -  is the very thing they have most  in
common.  So, regardless of the PRICE you're  willing to Offer ...
the strongest
End Run around Competitors Offers (and sometimes Industry  "preferences")  is a Clear Message ...  
DIRECT from the BUYER - STRAIGHT  to  the SELLER'S Heart.     A "message" YOU create with ...


.............-------....If you REALLY "Want the House!" ...  DON'T  "just be yourself!"   Be  a  mystery ...  
..................--------.....These are NOT your friends yet, and It creates a Stronger Position if "Negotiations" become complex.

At the High End - you want to "Show" you're Certain, Ready, FAST,  and  MEAN what you say.  WITHOUT "Showing"
Smitten.  You'll buy the house, period.  If by chance you meet the owner - be calm, warm, don't try to impress.
You love the Area, the Weather, the Golf ... but the HOUSE ... "Will serve your Purpose."  "Suit your needs." "Is convenient
for your business." DON'T' PUT IT DOWN.  DON'T imply it's "expensive." Leave them GUESSING.  
Even if you LOVE the View, etc., "  ...  It's a
nice view."  Implying ... Nothing you're unaccustomed to.

2)      You want to
IMPLY  without directly "saying"  you're Private, Efficient, Busy, and have Many Great options at the
High End
 you-may-be-considering.  Don't talk too much. Don't ask a lot of questions to be friendly. Don't "oooh & aaah"
when you walk into a great room, or look out over a truly magnificent vista and experience majesty ... turn and comment on
the "Wonderful family portrait on the wall" instead.  
Be a Mystery... ... they're watching every clue like a Hawk.  
For YOU ... it's just "business as usual."

3)    You want to Infer (
especially in front of the Seller's Agent)  you're the type with "little Time or Patience before you'll be
moving on to "Get the Job Done"
(...not a "Hollywood Production" ... Quietly. Subtly.)  Appear more Goal Oriented
than "Picky" to insinuate "MANY other houses might please you as well. THIS one may be fine for now.
You're Down to Earth and comfortable with getting what you want. Even if you LOVE the house, don't say it.  NOT even to your Agent,
unless you've signed a
Buyers Representation Agreement which REQUIRES Fiduciary Confidentiality and Loyalty to YOUR side.  
Because ...
...........................................-------......ALL BUYERS NEED TO UNDERSTAND:

Agents don't make the laws. They can't help when showing you their Own Company's Listings, their  Highest  
FIDUCIARY Duty is exactly the same as their company's Listing Broker (which IS to obtain "Highest & Best"
for the
SELLER).  ANYTHING they learn about YOU that Helps the SELLER's side ... can legally end up ... helping the
Seller's side.
  And your Agent can't legally help that.  

So what if the House YOU fall in LOVE with IS Listed with your Agent's  company?
It can easily lead YOU into ...           
..............................................-----...................DUAL AGENCY
...................................-........( What Is Dual Agency? It has a bad reputation ... with notable exceptions. )
----------------------------Buckle Up for this one because it's important and complex ...
------------------And means the LISTING Broker will be representing both the BUYER & SELLER.

DUAL AGENCY is NOT innately IMMORAL or a  BAD  thing, and can legitimately be more EFFICIENT when the Buyer and Seller
are of "Like Mind" as to Terms and Price - so the SELLER simply Accepts the Offer.  But when there "
May"  be COUNTER
OFFERS from the Seller,  or Other BID'S coming in ...
you REALLY need to know what's coming your way.  
Because while  DUAL AGENCY is never a "good" option, it is nonetheless OFTEN your BEST option until laws change..

Many SELLERS have already given their INFORMED CONSENT to DUAL AGENCY when they entered the Listing Agreement,
because Dual Agency is to
their ADVANTAGE in most states.  EVEN THOUGH it may require them to Equally SHARE their own
Listing Broker's all IMPORTANT
FIDUCIARY DUTY with a BUYER  ...  eventually.  And THAT sounds suspiciously "magnanimous"
for a Seller.  So WHY would they do it?

UNTIL YOU showed Up with an OFFER - (probably ALREADY "In the Ball Park" if you're being taken seriously enough to
seek your signature for representation under DUAL AGENCY
) ...
The SELLER  Has Already HAD their LARGE Dose of UNDIVIDED "Fiduciary LOYALTY from the
Listing Broker
to MARKET their property, Establish an ASKING Price with REAL "Sold" Comps,
discuss a Rock Bottom price,
 and LOTS of "other" Professional Advice.  


JUST when the BUYER needs it MOST ... you're left with lukewarm DIVIDED Fiduciary Loyalty,
and N0 ONE
Negotiating for YOU with FULL Fiduciary Range towards the  LOWEST Possible Price
and Best Terms
 in further negotiations if the SELLER :

a)        COUNTERS your Offer, or ...
b)        COMPETING BIDS come in.

NO ONE in the ENTIRE Listing Company will "legally" be allowed to ADVISE YOU (even as to "Possibly"
offering BELOW "
Asking Price") ... once you've signed on for DUAL AGENCY...

--------------------------------* If you feel the house has been on the Market for a long time,
--------------------------------* or believe the overall "Market" is moving in the "Buyers" favor.

--------------------------------------------------------------------Why ...?
While the Listing Broker & Company WILL be YOUR "representative" TOO ...
THEY (the Broker, your Agent, and EVERY agent working under the Company's Broker's License , including those
at Branch Offices)
will have their hands tied by the Dual Agency.
Which will NO LONGER allow them to legally ADVISE in EITHER party's favor as to "Negotiating":
---------------------------*Price, *Terms,  *Offers, or *Counteroffers.
------------------------------------------IT'S CALLED "LOSS OF ADVOCACY"
* What IS the BEST way to handle that SELLER'S Counter Offer?   "Sorry, can't "Advise."           
* What if the Broker's Company has
ANOTHER Agent's BUYER make an Offer too?   "Sorry, can't "Advise."
* Should you counter?  Hold Firm?  Ask for proof? Are their TERMS as good?  "Sorry, can't "Advise."

------------------------------------------------------------------"Sorry ...?"

They CAN'T "legally" give you ANY "ADVICE" that advocates FOR ...  and thereby HURTs either side unless it's a Material
Fact that affects the property's value or desirability.  In fact, they'll be asking
YOU ...

"What do you want to do ...  Accept?  Counter?  Here it is!  What do you want to do ... ?"
( When even "BACKUP" offers can weaken your position. )

--------------------------------------------------------------------------JJJJJJ-------------(Shoulders drooping...)
-------O----------------------------------------Should I hire a LAWYER to get some unvarnished help ...
-------------------------------------------------... now that "things" suddenly got so COMPLICATED?

--LLLH---------------------------------------------------"Sorry, can't "Advise ... that's up to you."

But  for the SELLER :  
a)    The Listing Broker (who DOES have the same interest in a Higher Price, for a Higher commission)  WILL still be
evaluating and presenting other BIDS coming across their desk ... " to clearly Present and Delineate" - merely to "Facilitate"
the Transaction.
ONLY ... now as a DUAL Agent ... WITHOUT giving a drop of  "ADVICE"  to their Seller ...?  

b)    The Broker will
no longer be allowed to "Recommend" which offer the Seller Accepts.  
But communication is
subtle and sometimes doesn't even require words.  And there isn't going to be anyone
in the room reviewing language, calls, messages,  winks and nods to "Police" what goes on.

For the BUYER:
... that DUAL AGENCY "outlined" in the PURCHASE CONTRACT  made no mention of a CLAUSE found in the middle of
the page on one of those
"DISCLOSURE" CONSENT forms you have to ALSO Sign - that show you've been "INFORMED"
that the Professional now protecting YOUR Interest with EQUALLY Divided FIDUCIARY Duty,  (your OWN Listing Broker
)  is THE VERY PERSON that's Still going to ...    

----------------------------------------------------------------------SHOP YOUR OFFER
---------------------------------------------------For the Highest Price and Best Terms for the SELLER!     
------------------------------------------------------------------------------"... what?"  

-----------They told you.  It's just not W-O-R-D-E-D  "SHOP YOUR OFFER ."  It's Called something like...
---------------------------------------------NON CONFIDENTIALITY OF OFFERS
Where (depending on the State) the Buyer is advised the Listing Agent or Seller MAY DISCLOSE the Existence, Terms, or
of BUYER's Offer. That is UNLESS you can talk the Seller and their Agent into signing a CONFIDENTIALITY Agreement.

------------------------------------------------And WHY would they do THAT...!

Logically, even SPLIT "FIDUCIARY" DUTY  wouldn't allow them to do ANYTHING against the Buyer's Interest (or the Sellers).
-------------------------------------------------But  NOW ... they've told you.
language ... which would at least have given you
LEVERAGE towards obtaining that CONFIDENTIALITY Agreement from the Seller,
in exchange for the DUAL AGENCY that allows
FULL Commission to go to the Listing Broker.

But, what good is ANY of that going to do you - when they can simply tell
OTHER Bidders they're "continuing to look
for Higher Offers
"... while telling YOU they Have "other" offers, Higher offers, or "implying" the same by simply SAYING
"...we're currently  "COLLECTING Offers" to present to the Seller NEXT week ... without having to prove a thing under current laws?   

---------------AND, EVEN WITH ALL OF THAT ... DUAL AGENCY may still be your best bet.

Because unlike going to the movies, buying a house is simply NOT "First Come - First Serve" in a Free Market.  And they are
going to be able to Shop your Offer.  (But there is something you can do about it. See "TERMS - Short Deadline" below).

But a BUYER  "might" be forgiven for having thought  it was surely OK to be"Open" about their Negotiating Position -
with their OWN  AGENT.  But if that  Agents Listing Broker has become Your Dual agent ... it might already be TOO late
if they
already know ...

-----------------------------------------------------------------...you just  ADORE that HOUSE!
----------------------------------------------(And THAT little "insight" ...  you can take to the BANK ... or Not.)
-----------------------------Our opinion, NEVER show ANYONE just how much you LOVE a home, until Escrow is Closed.

What if the property's been on the Market for a YEAR!  Who's going to "suddenly" SHOW UP with another Offer?
How about - a Lurking Local Investor with an agent in their pocket whose privy to fast Office Gossip, whose been eagerly
waiting for the price to fall "one more time" ... and suddenly gets word it's
Now or Never?  And unlike you ...
THEY may be"Repeat Business."  And always so appreciative.

............................................................~  "Possible" SOLUTION  ~                                                 

------------------------------------------------DUAL AGENCY DESIGNATED Sales Agents (Dual Agency Designees)
A "
separate" Sales Agent assigned by the Listing Broker for the BUYER, and SELLER.
-----------------( It certainly "sounds" fair, and has long been a "Go To" common practice in many States.)

But what "actual" good does it do BUYERS? These are the Listing Broker's Company Agents provided to "NEGOTIATE"
on your behalf (
IF, it can be called "Negotiate.")  Because (with the possible exception of Massachusetts),  these Legally Hobbled
DESIGNEES are NOT allowed to provide the "NORMAL" FULL RANGE of "FIDUCIARY DUTIES to "Negotiate"
UNDIVIDED LOYALTY  in the BUYER'S favor, "either."

According to the
California Bureau of Real Estate, "FIDUCIARY" Duties INCLUDE:
--------------------------------------------Confidentiality                Account to the Principal (financial)
--------------------------------------------Utmost Care                   Full Disclosure of Material Facts
--------------------------------------------Fairness                          Honesty without Fraud or Deceit
-----------------------------------LOYALTY                     Duty to "Explain" and "Counsel.  

So, "
exactly" WHAT is TAKEN AWAY from "Normal" Fiduciary Duty ...
by agreeing to DUAL AGENCY?  What  "Simply Disappears" without mention in preprinted               
----------------------------------------Listing & Purchase Contracts you sign?

----------------------------------------------------MISSING IN ACTION :

  •                UNDIVIDED  "LOYALTY" ( needed to "SEEK" HIGHEST or LOWEST Price, or BEST Terms)

  •                ADVICE ("Counsel") -  that might FAVOR either the Seller's or Buyer's Interest ...    
--------------------------(And it's NO better if they use a Branch Office Associate to "Negotiate" for You.)  

In 2014 the California Court of APPEALS ruled:
 "... it is a mistake - and a common myth - that when there
are two agents of the same company in a dual agency situation, each of them only has fiduciary duties to his/her personal
They are both the fiduciaries of both." Just like their designated Listing Broker - whose company actually owns
ALL the listings, regardless of WHAT agent brought the listing in.

THIS DUAL AGENCY  "Designee"... Has the Exact same DEGREE of  Fiduciary Duty as their company's designated
Listing Broker
,  as has always been true.   And while DUAL AGENCY Contracts may "emphasize" that
---------------------------------------Designees have "Fiduciary Duty" of :

----------------------Confidentiality        Honesty        Integrity         Financial Accounting         Reasonable Care         
----------------------Disclosure of Material Facts     And Obedience to lawful instructions" -  for BOTH sides ...

Long Litany of Wonderful Things found in Listing and Purchase Agreements, can more "Mask" than Inform as to the more
 "WHAT"has actually been LOST ... and readily leave the common sense of laymen  BELIEVING their AGENT STILL has
the legal tools to:
...................................a)  Seek HIGHEST Price & Best Terms for the SELLER.
...................................b)  Seek  LOWEST Price & Best Terms for the BUYER.
...................................c)  And "Naturally"-  will be providing ADVICE.

Yet,  ALL LOST by DUAL AGENCY (and not even mentioned in contracts).  While the "PROS" you ALREADY HAD
in "AGENCY" ...  are Fastidiously "Marched Out" with Great Aplomb instead.

--------------Worse:  This supposed "Equal" treatment is not even as "equal" as it may seem:

For the SELLER:  The Listing Company's "Commission Interest" is FAVORED by a HIGHER PRICE -
----------------------------------and PERFECTLY ALIGNED with the SELLER's Interest.

For  the  BUYER:   The Listing Company's  "Commission Interest" in a HIGHER PRICE -  
-----------------------------------is  AGAINST the BUYER'S Interest - to obtain the LOWEST PRICE.

EVEN with the BEST of Intentions ...  DUAL AGENCY is Structurally Deficient.
(And  especially for BUYERS.)

So:  CAN it really be "legitimate,"  IF  the SELLER DOES agree with your Terms, and simply says they're
going to ACCEPT your Offer?     Yes.  
But not without "Risk..."

What if the Seller changes their mind before "Actually" Signing ...
if a BETTER Offer suddenly SHOWS
UP?  What if they have "
SELLERS REMORSE" and decide they'd rather COUNTER HIGHER after all?  

No Matter what you're TOLD "Verbally" by the Broker, your Agent, or the Seller
---------------------------------------------(Sometimes just to Gain "Time" to SHOP YOUR OFFER)
it won't hold up in court If the SELLER changes their mind before SIGNING and Delivery.

.............................................And YOU won't HAVE "SIGNED" Acceptance ...

Until AFTER  you've Signed the DUAL AGENCY "Informed Consent" and Purchase Contract ALLOWING the
Listing Company to Represent your Offer to the Seller. Which will leave you in DUAL AGENCY -  with NO
ADVICE to compete with future Adversarial Bids, or even experienced help in Strategizing the best way to
COUNTER the Seller on the "next round"  beyond mere "facilitation."     

....................................----.........THAT'S THE RISK OF DUAL AGENCY.  But ...

Despite these realities of "worst case scenario"...  in the REAL WORLD nice people usually mean what they say,
and MANY properties are simply transferred "
straight across the board,"  nicely and efficiently under DUAL AGENCY.
Probably, because
many honest Brokers and Agents who were educated by the laws of this Industry (which was already
Spinning Like a Top the day we were all born), are not only NOT to Blame ...  but will Stretch-Their Necks Out for you
to make DUAL AGENCY work AT ALL.  

It's clear from Advice Blogs that many Brokers and Agents recognize the "RULES" are born of
 DECADES of "Clumping" a
Patch-Work Army of Lawyering over 50 States ... that have progressively cumulated into a seemingly "Intentional" Complexity
designed to protect Industry profits over Consumers it could clearly better serve.

It's doubtful that ANYONE could understand it all.  Even many professionals in the industry aren't always "SURE" - and
can barely keep up with exactly "what" applies when, where, why, which, if, after, before, because, until, sometimes, always,                 
especially, usually, except,  or HOW ... each and every little thing is supposed to be done. And all the diamonds "facets"
by the different "perspectives" created when working for the Buyer, the Seller, Both, Yourself, the Bank, the government,
family, non-resident aliens ...  TOO MANY RULES!  Too many "exceptions."  

So, while it's "difficult" for us, it can be
impossibly confusing for laymen when unethical Agents use this quagmire like
"Brer Rabbit" to hide in the thorny "Briar Patch" of complexity.  But even when most of us may have done our level best,
followed the laws, and are morally "pristine" in intent, ALL of this "Bramble" can be a nightmare for our workdays, and
especially when sincerely DISAPPOINTED clients lose their ABSOLUTE Dream House they thought  was going
to be HOME...
and have to start the search all over again.  It's easy to become a cynic.

-------------------And that's  WHY  your best hope for a GOOD Outcome is always  going to lie in something quite invisible.

Fortunately, it's a
Profound Preference for people of conscience. Because "Honor" fixes everything. Think Aristotle, Hippocrates,
Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Eisenhower, Churchill, Shakespeare, Pasteur,
Courie, Salk, Tesla, Edison, Farnsworth
(Television), Ford,  Einstein, Musk, Disney, Spielberg, Lucas, Gates, Zuckerberg,  Page, Brin,
Bezos, Jobs for starters ... and all the soldiers, diplomats, peace officers, firemen, medical personnel,  and loved ones' who have
sacrificed over history on our behalf.
------------------------------------------------------------------GOODNESS is ALSO a fact of life.

And the High End Buyers Remorse Terminator is here now ...

To give some of the most Honest people in the industry a voice
you can hear to FIND them ...
And,  profound REASON to BELIEVE.  Because you may Well Be Viewing This Website right now ...
From an AFFILIATE'S Recommendation.  And ...



They KNOW that NOW ... you're going to be looking Over Their Shoulders and asking a LOT more difficult  "QUESTIONS" than
ever before, and knowing
EXACTLY what to watch out  for.  

YET ... they STILL look forward to working with you.

And that speaks volumes about anyone's Integrity.

But people WILL take "Risks" where there's a lot of money involved.  
And that's what makes the High End the MOST  dangerous.  In 2014 California alone had 435 "Outright Revocations"
of Real Estate Licenses
by our exemplary CA Bureau of Real Estate, headed by Commissioner Wayne Bell since Gov. Jerry
Brown's appointment in 2013,
as the FIRST commissioner to be appointed from INSIDE THE RANKS of the Department.  Perhaps due
in no small part to the fact that Mr. Bell
also has a list of public service and legal education over a lifetime that is staggeringly
See ( http:// BRE.CA.gov/Publicatioins/RealEstateBulletin.html )  Spring 2013 edition.

Perhaps that is at least a temporary answer, and other states might take note. But "SOME" things that affect EVERYONE
in a society as much as Real Estate, National Defense, Auto Safety, the Air We Breathe, even road signs and
driving rules ...
simply need to be under a larger umbrella to avoid the resultant corruption of
Divide and Conquer Legislative "tactics" long used
by BIG familiar industry's like Insurance, Tobacco growers, Oil,  and State Representatives who pursue $398 million dollar
"Bridges to Nowhere" ... by buying the
people's government through lobbyist, perks, and cronyism.  But ... we already all know
this.  We just can't EVER  quite seem to figure out if we're actually getting "better" ...  or "worse?"

REAL ESTATE... is easier to fix than most of those problems.  Suppose we had a  REAL ESTATE CZAR appointed to the
by the President to "think tank" and advance NATIONAL Legislation to tune the true good our much needed Industry can
provide for the public - and for ourselves?  To develop simpler, intelligent
National  Education courses far more  "specifically"
relevant to training Agents and Brokers for their jobs ... rather than having no earthly idea "how" to actually  DO the job ...
the day you get your license. After all, it only took a handful of smart people in a room to come up with some great new rules to
run our entire country.

Instead, today the endless legal doctrines, court precedents, and confusing rules of 50 states are scrambled into a  
unclear legal requirements with a million
exceptions, if, ands and buts and shot "scatter gun" across the land.  It's bad seed that
could only keeps lawyers happy, and it's
not their fault either. In fact, there is simply  NO solution without "good" lawyers like Lincoln.

But for now, even with the
BIAS in favor of the SELLER ...  that "BIAS" is  NOTHING  compared to what INTENTIONAL dishonesty
can do in an environment of BLIND AUCTIONS.  In fact, the "Potential" for Abuse of DUAL AGENCY is
SO Strong, and the
Requirement for HONOR so HIGH to make it work at ALL  ... It's been Banned in at least 3 States  (Florida, Colorado and Kansas),  
while others like California REQUIRE Disclosures with very"
Specific Language" in an effort to continue allowing it.   WHY...?

--------------------------------The OTHER Side of the  DUAL AGENCY $ COIN $

----------What is a Company with 150 Agents supposed to do when they have "most" of the Good Listings in town ...

A)    If NONE of their agents wanted to show ANY of their OWN Company's  Listings that
YOU  want to see ....
because of the "potential" perils of DUAL AGENCY?  Or...

B)    One of their Agents who
HAS properly shown you the WHOLE Open Market ... finds YOU choosing one of
THEIR company's Listings?  Should they send you off  to one of their competitors for INDEPENDENT representation
... and LOSE
HALF the commission?  When THEY did ALL the work?  Would that be fair?   Or, off to a Lawyer
that costs YOU and may DELAY your Offer while another gets ACCEPTED instead, and you LOSE your Dream Home?  
What if
THEY are the really Honest People in town ... and know they wouldn't be doing you any favor sending you elsewhere?

 What if  After a company BROKER has competed to obtain a Listing, developed marketing strategy,
staged the house, taken  pictures, made Web, Magazine,  Flyer, and Newspaper ads, held Open Houses, held the Seller's hand,
carried liability, trained agents, displayed the house on Virtual Video tours they've produced for Web and Walk-Ins to their
offices (which they staff), showed the property numerous times, and 24/7 answered all inquiries for months and months
until one day -  they receive a call from their own FOR SALE Sign on the Lawn from a BUYER standing there who
REALLY wants to see inside ...BEFORE they leave town at 4:00 and won't be back for a month?   

----------------------------------------------------------------------------What would you do?

1)    Should they tell that BUYER to call a "Competitor" to Show them  because of the "
potential" for Conflict of Interest
........in a Dual Agency position if they help them through the Sale ... when many times the Buyer and Seller are going to be
........of  Like Mind as to price and terms.

2)    Should they give away HALF the commission they've EARNED ... even though they are an HONEST BROKER  whose
........hands will be tied by laws they didn't make?  Or ...

3)   Should they stop what they're doing and go take care of that BUYER
AND their SELLER'S needs in one fell swoop ....
.......knowing you could do a lot worse.  And that their personal HONESTY ... CAN make a Very BIG difference towards
.......making a "soft spot" between that "legal"  Rock and a Hard Place ...
.......and actually become a Life Raft for you between the Devil ... and the Deep Blue Sea.  

------The PROBLEM for BUYERS is - Anyone can "say" they're HONEST before the proof's in.

.......*But REE AFFILIATES have PROVED their Good Intentions ... by sending you to this Website.*

You MIGHT think you'd have been better off from the start to have just used your own EXCLUSIVE Buyers Agent (who takes no
Listings),protecting you from the "Conflict of Interest" inherent in Dual Agency.  But having "no listings" not only makes it a more
difficultbusiness model to sustain, it leaves
ALL Listings with Listing Brokers ... and therefore the Vast Majority of readily
available Agents working under their Supervision.

Then ... there's Human Nature. Many people seem to instinctually want to
test the waters first to meet some agents in the
flesh while looking around the area at OPEN HOUSES, calling numbers on FOR SALE signs for information, and visiting local Offices
where they can casually  feel out Agents with no uncomfortable expectations until they find simpatico with someone.

Instead of a Blind Date,  meeting a Highly Expectant Stranger in an Office who's "slotted time" to get right down to the TRUE
Benefits of signing a contract before taking you OUT ...  but before YOU'VE spent enough time to feel comfortable "
They're THE ONE"
you want to work with.  Because you were HOPING ...                                                                       
------------------------------------------------finding your Dream Home would ALSO be a FUN experience.

-------------------------THAT'S the world today for BUYERS trying to find their Dream Home.
-------------------------------Caught Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea ...

1.  EXCLUSIVE BUYER'S AGENT (completely "Independent" of ALL Listing Companies)  with the FULL RANGE of Fiduciary Duty
.......and Unbiased  ADVICE on your side towards getting the Lowest Price & Best Terms for you ...

 "Possibly" saving money in "Negotiations"
b)    Having NO  inbred Structural BIAS against your seeing the Whole Open Market

a)    BUYING this REAL Protection from "CONFLICT of INTEREST"-
......will CUT in HALF the same Commission  that would Otherwise ALL go to the LISTING Broker. Which ...

........to make.  And Thereby ...

c)    INCREASING  the chance that Human Nature (the Listing Brokers Desk) will Bend Over Backwards to choose
......ANY OTHER OFFER that provides their company a FULL COMMISSION ... over yours.  


2.     A LISTING BROKER'S Company and Agents) - and be subject to DUAL  AGENCY (on at least Their
........Inventory of Listings), where in most States you'll be offered DIVIDED Fiduciary Duty, Split "equally" with the SELLER.
----------------------------------------------------------------But ...
---------------effectively REDUCING the normal VIGOROUS  Protection of FULL Range "Fiduciary" Duty
-----------------------------------------DOWN to that of a mere  "FACILITATOR" of the Transaction.  

Instead of having the normal  "Adversarial" Negotiating power 100% on YOUR Behalf for the LOWEST Price & BEST Terms,
AND FULL Professional ADVICE. (Unless you hire a Lawyer  who may "know their stuff."  But that's no Guarantee they'll have
Business Savy Negotiating Skills. And they aren't going to have any more "INSIDE" info about the SELLER than you do.)

"Logically"-  Probably TWICE the chance of  YOUR  offer being ACCEPTED - Over those where the Listing
company only makes
HALF the commission. (Though they may no longer actually "ADVISE" which offer the Seller ACCEPTS.)

b)   "Possibly" PAY MORE for having no AFFIRMATIVE "Negotiating" on your side.  Unless you DELAY your offer
by hiring a lawyer. Or,  withdrawing it to "Re-submit" through a "Competing Company" who'll then provide
FULL Range FIDUCIARY ...   BUT  once again,
take away HALF the money from the Listing Broker's Company.  
------------------------------------------------------------------------( Catch - 22 )

c)   "Possibly" never be shown ALL of your REAL choices in your "Range" on the Whole Open Market  and end up with
BUYERS REMORSE when you stumble upon the house YOU WOULD HAVE PICKED -  in your REAL Favorite part of the neighborhood
AFTER you're all moved in.

BUYERS  shouldn't have to make such a choice. But they do. The Laws should change. But until they do, the Vast Majority
of Agents work under Full Service
Listing Brokers - and many ARE honest.  And, even YOU may come to feel your Hard
Working Agent's Company actually DESERVES the whole commission.

------------------------------But if you DO ... You ARE then left VERY Dependent on something quite invisible ....


In fact, DUAL AGENCY has been a "Problem" due to the near impossibility of "Policing," and the resultant HONOR that is REQUIRED
In the REAL World to make it work at all ... without "reducing" Professional Loyalty and ADVICE for clients to a ridiculous
Sub-standard level.  We know of no perfect solution yet.


  •   Just as Companies having STRONGER Financial Incentives to PUSH their Own Company "Listings" is LEGAL ...
..................Yet  DOESN'T "FAVOR" a BUYERS chances of seeing the  WHOLE Open Market of available choices ...

  •   DUAL AGENCY  doesn't "FAVOR" a BUYERS chances  of getting the BEST Professional Service and Advice
.................They are naturally EXPECTING when working  with ANY regulated, Licensed Agent. So ...

...........Unless you're working with someone who operates at a Self-Imposed Standard of Honor
-------------------------------------------~  as High as the REE Code of Ethics ~

ntil Laws Change,  it's the Individual Licensee's own  MORAL INTERPRETATION
Of the ALSO Required ... HONESTY  for the BUYER ...
-------------------Where REE AFFILIATES Code of Ethics may Best Improve your Experience.

--------------------So that you NEVER even have to "NOTICE" ...  the DIFFERENCE it made.

.....................But even REEinc AFFILIATES can't help having to follow the Law. So ...

------------------------------------------ Best "NEGOTIATING" TACTICS:
1. NO MATTER how much you TRUST whoever is showing you Real Estate ... keep in the back of  your mind that  EVERY
Agent has the exact
Same Fiduciary Duty as their Company's Listing Broker - when showing their own Company's Inventory
of  Listings
... to ALWAYS help you see where the Ice is thinnest. Because it's the long established law
------------... and an Absolute Conundrum of Complexity for Buyers and Honorable Agents

-------------------------------------------------------THAT'S WHY ...
A)  Finding your own "Perfect Little Pocket" FIRST ...
B)   And
YOUR  "picking" the Houses YOU want to see INSIDE along-the-way ...

..................................Is the ONLY approach that makes PERFECT Sense.
Because it makes an End Run around SO MANY THINGS that can lead to BUYERS REMORSE.

But it DOESN'T solve ALL the "PEOPLE" Problems. "Fiduciary" Duty is like pulling the Night Watch
on the Enemy Line. You can't fall asleep.  
It's clear as a bell and can really hold your Agent's "feet to the fire" in Court
if a Seller becomes unhappy.  That's why  even if they
want to,  your Agent can't "escape" if pressed for information they've
learned about YOU ...  by their
Listing Broker evaluating Offers for the Seller.

And THAT'S why YOU Can't Help ... NEEDING to "Protect" your future NEGOTIATING Power.  
................................................DON'T just "Give it Away" being "friendly"...

... because you're NORMALLY open and friendly  and  have nothing to hide.  You don't BUY a House every day.  And like a
car salesman doesn't need to know you
COULD "afford" to pay a LOT MORE ... telling things that inevitably make you "Look"
like you can AFFORD a lot MORE (even when you easily could) - can come back to Bite you by hurting your credibility if you
should decide to offer on something LOWER  than they thought you were going to.  Which can make
YOUR Offer seem less likely
to be a STRONG CLOSER if other Bids come in.

Just be accurate as to the RANGE you readily can prove you Qualify for, then ask your agent to show
some "Higher" priced
houses to help you get a "Relative Sense" of Fair Market Value in the area.  And, unless you're quite sure of  
Confidentiality ...
smile and dodge probing questions that can hurt you, or feel like they're going far afield of normal financial qualifying questions
for your range.

 EVEN IF your Offer is on your REE AFFILIATE's Company Listing you've come to TRUST,  and you agree to
DUAL AGENCY for expediency, or with the intent of Allowing them to capture the entire commission you feel they
may well have
earned ...  while you might logically think the "Split"  DUAL AGENCY with the resultant obligation not to
"FAVOR" either side would RELIEVE the Listing Broker's Duty to Shop the Offer even if the Seller desires ...
they can STILL
(or similar wording in the DUAL AGENCY approval DISCLOSURE Contract you sign),
is likely to be a ...
---------------------------------------------------"NON CONFIDENTIALITY OF OFFERS" in the Boilerplate ...

That clearly allows SHOPPING YOUR OFFER.  It doesn't mean they PLAN to do it.  Some  would NEVER do it under Dual Agency.  
But if a
BETTER OFFER comes in the door, they all CAN with this clause. While simply telling you ...
"The Seller accepted another offer."

EVEN IF you sign a REE AFFILIATE'S "BUYERS Exclusive Agency Agreement" with a company who HAS
... THEIR BROKER may have OTHER  clients ALSO interested in the SAME property as you, and ALL
THE MORE LIKELY on a HOT property if it's a  LARGE Company with a lot of agents.  

even if they're a One Man Band with NO Conflict of Interest ... it still isn't going to protect you once the offer hits ANY SELLER'S  
Listing Broker's Desk ... your Offer Can Be SHOPPED.  And Listing Brokers don't HAVE to tell ANYONE but the Seller they're
even LOOKING for other Bidders ... which can surprise even THEIR own Agents if they THOUGHT their Clients Offer was a Shoo-In,
and they end up without a sale instead.

........................WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?   CONTROL THE INFORMATION that belongs to YOU.

2. This is your business. And while riding around in a car  looking at Dream Houses with your Agent can be fun, it's business for
them too.  We're all tribal humans and your Agent may be
the FIRST FRIENDLY FACE you get to know and genuinely
like in your New Area, and they may genuinely like you too. But don't confuse business with pleasure.

ake a moment in private to look your agent straight in the eye -
and ASK if they can "HONESTLY" PROMISE they won't be "Chatty" about you with ANYONE until Close of Escrow ... even their
own Broker?  It establishes a PROFESSIONAL Standard you
Expect, separates business from pleasure,  and lets them know - that
YOU know ... INFORMATION is POWER and you'll be be watching. They'll be more careful.

3.  LESS is MORE for "helping" the SELLER'S Imagination work FOR you ... and once an offer comes in
YOU may be the main thing on their mind.
You,  or your Agent "Gushing"
ELATION HURTS your position.  Make friends AFTER you're all moved in.
This is business so the less the Seller knows:
* ... the more "options" their mind explores.
* ... the more you become important
* ... the more you appear to know what you're doing.
* ... the more you
enhance the "compliment" of your Offer.
* ... the more you "stand out" as a likely STRONG Closer among other Bids
-----and become someone they don't want to disappoint.

----------------------------------------------------------------TERMS ...
(Your FIRST "Negotiation" DIRECT with the SELLER. If you're smart about it, it may be the last.)
Offer Deadline:
1.   *SHORT DEADLINE - 24 hrs for SIGNED Acceptance (Verbal  means nothing).  Some Brokers may not like it, but that can be
for show and it's a reasonable amount of time with great purpose. DON'T be deterred by stories about the seller being
hard to reach to present your offer. That's
their problem and cell phones,  eMail, and Online "signing" make it a moot
argument. (
IMPLICATION:  You're ready to pay "someone" a LOT of money TODAY, and if they don't want it that  badly, you
may quickly find someone TOMORROW who does).

Same holds true if they're "
Presenting all offers NEXT Week - in two days, etc.  It's an absurd position that Insinuates in their favor
that you're
ALREADY IN a BIDDING WAR  whether  they "Actually" have other Bids or not.  All to BUY TIME to Shop Your Offer,
or to PLANT Insecurity so you'll
UP your Offer then and there  with the stroke of a  pen and your initials to better compete
against "ALL" this
apparent competition. It may be true ... or not.  

.......................................................---.---............Be firm - 24 HRS.
When you make the Offer, look your agent in the eye and ask for a commitment that they will alert you to any Sellers issues by
calling your CELL phone within 30 minutes, and return your calls the same, and instruct  they are to
if you don't answer.  Make sure you have the Direct Cell Number to the Listing BROKER in case someone isn't getting back to you.
TRY to get the Seller's Direct  number (not always easy) in case you smell a BIG Fish and come to believe your offer MAY not have
even been presented to the seller by the time you know it should have been. Just "asking" for that number can make them careful
as to how you're treated.

And remember, this is YOUR money, your Business, and you're the CEO.  Because once someone
"else's" offer is "Signed by the
seller, .. it's too late. Don't care about cut eyes, or what anyone thinks of you ... they won't be in your life for long. Just communicate
clearly, calmly, and never threaten. Your agent may well be totally innocent, and you don't want them afraid to speak to you.
But don't worry about being "

It may not work but they're
NOT going to forget your Offer.  They can "counter" you next week as well.  It's your ONLY
Tactic to "
TRY" and avoid a Bidding War if that's what they have in mind, and it's a common phrase.
(ALL THE MORE LIKELY on "Cherry Houses" in a good market.)  

"Whatever" the Pros are doing, 24 HRS is a clear and DIRECT message STRAIGHT TO THE SELLER's EMOTIONS. They may have
urgent reasons to sell they haven't even told anyone for fear of being taken advantage of. Still, "however" long they've been waiting ...  
ANY Offer IS
Empowering and renews Confidence ...
...................................................................( " Maybe I SHOULD have ASKED a Higher Price ...")

So ...  FEAR of Losing your Offer is the ONLY  "Counterbalance" YOU have to make them lose their nerve in that likely Scenario
and cause them to PASS on a Bidding War to seek other BIDS ...
because of the RISK (you created) of losing your Offer.  

You HAVE  to set this "Counterbalance"  up from the start to have any chance of an impatient or overloaded SELLER simply
"throwing their hands up" at all the uncertainty -  and quickly  deciding to
just COUNTER or ACCEPT.  EVEN against "other"
recommendations.  Because of ...

-------------------------------------------------------THE  INVISIBLE  Problem Every SELLER Has ...

Trust.  Not EVERY Broker or Agent has reached the PINNACLE of their Negotiating Skills, but that doesn't mean they know it.
Little things" and "Worst Case Scenario" FEARS can easily bring Sellers to "WONDER" about this, and motives, and the
unpredictable "Outcomes" of BIDDING WARS ...  because the SELLER has the MOST to lose.  

These nebulous FEARS favor the
Buyers side, and 24 HRS "TAPS" them.   24 HRS draws a line in the sand," and as
Winston Churchill said, "Nature never drew a line without smudging it." Pressure creates emotions ....


You may have heard "PATIENCE is a Virtue." To have become SO Famous - it must have paid off BIG for a lot of people
throughout history.  And even if your Offer
IS the"Early Bird" who usually "gets the worm" ...  

------------------------------------------------------THIS is not FIRST COME - FIRST SERVE.  

So whatever "Authoritative Face" or "Big Smile" an Agent may put on to BUY TIME ... or "Pressure" they may use by
mentioning" other possible Offers ... the only "Certainty" you're ever going to have is ...
NONE of "THEM" ever want to lose ANY "GOOD" Offer ... because other  "Offers" sometimes  fall through.

In Nature "FEAR" brings DIRECTION:

------------------------------------------FEAR             -  (minus)           TIME                 =            PRESSURE
---So YOU:.......................INDUCE  FEAR................................REDUCE  TIME............................... And WAIT.
---------------------------------------------------------(showing... you KNOW the Value of your Offer)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------HOW LONG TO WAIT?
If the Seller really IS on Mt. Kilimanjaro,  in surgery, or ONLY needs
"ONE MORE DAY ..." they'll just have to come back to
you "
Quickly" to salvage your interest ...  by "COUNTERING" with your EXPIRED Offer.

.............................................................................Which you'll then have to Re-Sign to VALIDATE.

This can leave you in a Stronger Position, with less likelihood they'll chance "Countering" HIGHER
........................................................Now that THEY - have let the offer EXPIRE.  

Especially when it's time for SERIOUS thinking and the Seller's "Worst Case Scenario" FEARS begin to Toss & Turn ...
WONDERING if their Broker may actually want to Shop that Offer for their Own purposes (ie. to make a FULL commission
instead of
HALF) ... while THEY risk losing your REAL OFFER if it turns out you're the "Type" who simply Won't Participate
in a Bidding War, or walks away insulted and disgusted.  Or worries you might find another property you like EVEN BETTER ...
THEY make you wait. Looking in the mirror after a restless night, they might even think,
"...and it would serve me right. It's a
Good Offer."

THIS ... is the moment YOU literally "created" ...  by NOT showing ELATION.
.........................................................It's fair. And it can REALLY Pay Off.

Because if ANYONE KNOWS you ABSOLUTELY LOVE this House - and THIS house is THE House... they'll have   
ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR  you won't be patient, and think you'll probably pay more.  Wouldn't YOU think the same?

It's not Rocket Science.  But with a Good Offer, it can show you're a STRAIGHT SHOOTER who knows what you're
doing, and leave everyone "else" more of a
question. It helps to realize many sellers ALSO are not always "CLEAR" about what goes
on in the Background at the level of the Listing Broker's Desk, any more than YOU are.  And no matter HOW MUCH anyone
tries to influence them ... the SELLER makes the final decision.

-----------------------------------------------------"FEAR" ... Brings Direction

Regardless of what you're told ... what's REALLY going on in the background on the Seller's Side
is usually an impenetrable "Black Hole" for Buyers.   
Make SURE they have to worry as much as you.

Meanwhile ...

  •        If they DO "Delay" - You're left free and clear to keep looking and offer on another property without consequence.
------------------And If they really ARE "Buying Time" to Shop-Your-Offer for other Bids" and MEAN IT ...  
------------------giving a longer deadline  wouldn't have helped in the least anyway.

  •        BUT ...  If they DIDN'T actually have Other Good Options yet,  or the "Listing" is near Expiring for the Broker...
------------------You may well find them:

--------------a)  Running circles to accommodate the FEAR of losing your Solid Offer ... over "Pie in the Sky."
--------------b)  Competing offers from contacted Previous Viewers on that LIST will have little TIME to respond ...  
--------------c)  "Office OFFER Gossip" may not reach the ears of potentially Lurking Investors ... In TIME.
-----------------------------(Agents can be quick to GLOW in their Happiness around Colleagues)

None we believe Outweigh the "Pros."  These Opinions are nothing more than  hard-earned personal  insight,  impossible
to prove "generalities,"  and couldn't possibly always work. Still,  unless being liked by strangers is more important to you than
your Money and
Getting the House you want ... we suggest you contemplate the "Pros."  

It's all a little like playing High Stakes "Poker"... where "Bluffing" is allowed.  
Only the "Pot" is
ENORMOUS  (Your Dream Home) ... and you already know they have a very good hand.

  • TIME:   INCREASES your Risk and costs you more. Because "TIME"  IS the Essence they NEED to
........................SHOP YOUR OFFER  and can make you Raise Your Bid against other players to stay in the hand.

  • GAINING TIME:  DECREASES their Risk that you might find another house you like even better ...
.......................................................while they make you wait.

---------------------------------DON'T TAKE AWAY THEIR "FEAR" by giving them TIME.  
---------------------------------DON'T "Show your HAND" ... by showing your ELATION.  

THAT  makes  "Nice Guys" finish last.  It's only the "FEAR of LOSING" even MORE than you "Might" Gain ...
that ever makes  anyone
FOLD ... without  even getting to see what was in YOUR Hand.  And YOU ... take the "Pot."

But don't feel too badly for not being your usual Open self.  Unlike "poker"...  when you win THIS Hand ...
THEY still get the MONEY.  
But WHAT happens to YOU ... when you lose?
"Might" you do Better - simply showing what a "nice" person you are by politely giving More TIME if you're "admonished"
and told they're "
Collecting Offers" and simply NOT "Presenting to the SELLER" for a week,  or it's a Holiday Weekend,
or .... ?
     Or ... or ... or ...
What if the OTHER BIDDERS you then LET IN the game for being easily manipulated ...
..............................................................Are just as "nice" as YOU?

The BROKER isn't going to "FORGET" a good Offer.
And they aren't likely to give you "DETAILS" on other Offers you can RELY on, or even PROVE they EXIST,  anyway.  
But what you
CAN do something about is TIME.

-------------------------------------------------TIME truly IS  "OF THE ESSENCE!"  

------------------------------------------------------------REEinc believes  ...
------------------------------------------Making SURE there is a LACK of TIME ...
------------------------------------------... is what is "Of the Essence" for BUYERS.

HOW you play your hand is completely YOUR CALL,  NOT your Agent's. And NO Strategy wins every hand.  In fact,  you
CAN'T win if someone plays an Ace up their sleeve they've been waiting for Just the right TIME to use. And you'll probably
never even know "WHY" you lost the house.  All you CAN do ...  is reduce the TIME it takes to use that Ace.

2. REGARDLESS of the PRICE you decide to Offer - If you CAN'T Live with losing THAT House ... go the
extra mile.
 You  may be used to being treated with well earned respect and KNOW you can easily AFFORD IT.  Don't be
offended if no one else does. You need to PREP
before you start looking when possible. Because if you come upon your HAPPY  
sooner than expected ...  and things suddenly start moving quickly - next week can often be TOO LATE to bring
"certainty" that you're serious and  
YOUR BID is a STRONG CLOSER  because the money is there.
THAT is what they're ALL looking for and will Commit to, EVEN over price.

Some Buyers fear prepping in advance with documents that "prove" some  "Maximum" available funds -
will only create RESISTANCE  to SELLERS accepting a LOWER THAN ASKING Offer. And,  may even add insult to injury.

It's a good point. But perhaps not as persuasive as being taken MORE SERIOUSLY than your Competitors. Arguably,  "proof" of
your ability  can even make your
OPINION of Value seem more legitimate, and the chances of your "walking away" stronger.
But if you end up in a Bidding War, they know you can at least AFFORD to Counter, and THAT leaves you in the running to bid
against a "
slightly" higher Offer - you may want to at least be given the opportunity to consider.

Unless you're seriously willing to walk away, it's a difficult process. But we believe there are far more positives to
LOOKING LIKE you can afford it."  And possibly losing your one true Dream Home for
not being taken serious "enough."

And, ANY "certainty" only enhances your chance of a BELOW Asking Offer being accepted.  So if you're
Ready & Serious,  make SURE you come prepared ...
So that
YOUR Offer is"FULLY LOADED" with the STRONGEST Possible ...    

* CASH is KING for inspiring Seller ACCEPTANCE. So bring reliable Docs PROVING Availability. You go straight to the
Front of the Line, leaving PRICE" the only consideration. (You can always "Finance" After Closing if you want to free the money up.)

* LOAN Pre-Approval  Letter (NOT Pre-Qualified) if you're Financing.  At the High - High End this can be less important
if you have a big profile they can look up, but what if it's a uniquely special house, or the price has just dropped significantly and
that  "Approval" is the
ONLY thing that distinguishes YOUR Offer from another?  You'll probably get the house.  If you are Financing,
unless you're FAMOUS - come prepared.

* Full 3% Earnest Money, Removal of All Contingencies you can live without. "Swift" timing for the rest towards a Quick Close.

* Flexible Move Date for the SELLER'S Convenience can be VERY appreciated and shows you're compassionate.

"The RIGHT QUESTIONS" Button,  #1. for more IMPORTANT Info on this topic.)

...............................................................IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'VE LOST

a)    It can be a Tactic to see if you'll CHASE.   Of course, simply Offering  MORE can work.   But nervously "Chasing"
with a BETTER Offer in this absurd BLIND AUCTION environment  (unless you really don't mind the extra money,
it may cost to WIN)  can easily lead to even more "Rounds." It's
always your hand to play. But if they don't really have "much"...
waiting a few days to see if THEY'LL come back to YOU may be better.

"Patience" is your decision - don't allow your Agent to "Dare" call  for "Feedback" on your behalf.  
.........................................................(They're  dying to know if they're going to get PAID!) .  
Their "Eagerness" will seem a reflection of YOUR eagerness and RUIN  your Strategy.
(Give VERY "specific" instructions along with the words ...
FIDUCIARY Duty of COMPLETE Confidentiality, and their DUTY to Follow the Client's Instructions).

b)   Unfortunately, you simply can't RELY on any figures you HEAR you're "competing" against, or that your Agent
"believes" to be true.   Only the Listing Broker may really know what is "true" at a given moment.

Many Brokers may be VERY Honest.  But HOW can you know which ones? So, unless "you don't mind paying
to get it all over with ... Ask if they're willing to  PROVE that a competing BID and all Terms are "actually"  BETTER than  yours?

NOT that it's likely to happen, EVEN though they probably already  have "signed"  NON CONFIDENTIALITY OF OFFERS and the
Seller's permission to Run the Show
),  don't expect "smiling cooperation." But it never hurts to ask.  People don't like having their
honor challenged, but they ALL understand your predicament VERY WELL. So if they
huff and puff  about it, or profess they "can't" DO
that, or that it "wouldn't be
fair to the other Bidders," or ask how you'd like it if they showed YOUR offer  ... it can tell you all you need to
know about THEIR likely hand. And if you like having the "Last Word" ...
you can remind them they already have
NON CONFIDENTIALITY OF OFFERS and can show any Bidder whatever they want.

Consider "PATIENCE."  They're probably running on "autopilot."
That house you've
fallen in love with is  only "Personal" to YOU and your Bank Account.

If you're lucky, those "Other" HIGHER Offers they may genuinely be expecting from Phone conversations with
excited Agents they've contacted about previous showings,  may never " actually ARRIVE in
Writing from Buyers. Or,  
they may come in with
BAD "Contingencies,"  making the clock tick even faster in your favor if they fear losing your offer.

4.   There are "Other" INVISIBLE forces you also CAN'T Control or Influence.
A)   A "Patient" Seller Willing to Wait for TOP DOLLAR and ENCOURAGE a Bidding War for Offers even Higher than their "ASKING" ...
"Trophy House" that's EASIER to Sell, (or one intentionally offered  BELOW Market Value to develop a Bidding War)  ...  
may use YOUR Offer ...
-------------------------------------------------------------------------LIKE "Fly Paper"
---------------------------------To attract "Bids" by Fanning the Flames of "LAST  CHANCE" to PREVIOUS Viewers.

1)  So that the Listing Broker not only makes the SALE ...

 But ends up with a Handful of the remaining FRUSTRATED (but "Serious") Bidders "in
their LAP - possibly including YOU.   And ALL in the
Helpful Suggestons" to find a substitute Dream Home as good as the "Cherry" one they
just lost.   Why? ...

To sell 2 or 3 of the Broker's Inventory, ...instead of just  ONE  to YOU.  
(And all the more easily in the case of Dual Agency - where they have direct contact with you.)

----------------------Because Brokers NEED to sell ALL of their Listings before they Expire.  
--------------------------------------------------------NOT  just the GOOD ones!

B)  Or, an Offer at an even LOWER price than yours can bring a HIGHER COMMISSION to the Broker ... IF they can  find
"something" in the Terms to convince the Seller it's "
Better," or may be more "likely" to CLOSE.   It's not hard to find                
"something" when it makes twice the money and sells your inventory.  

An authoritative Broker may even just "
FEEL" better about "that" Buyer,  or that Bank,  and heads begin to nod.  Because people are
"seeking" their advice.  The industry doesn't care about "First Come First Serve" -  or "Breaking in Line" -  or "WHO" gets "WHAT,"  
houses are understandably interchangeable commodities for them and "
FREE Markets set prices."

--------------------------------------------------------------------Only YOU the BUYER cares ...
-----------------------------------------------------after all that work, all those trips and hotel rooms ...
--------------------------------------All the  EXCITEMENT of finally Falling in Love with your True Dream Home ....  
-----------------------------All your working a lifetime to be able to MAKE that  Offer on that Exact Dream Come True.

But, whatever the TRUE reason you lose your Dream Home ... you're probably never going to know.
No one is going to even think it's a big deal. But it can be an emotionally crushingly experience for you.
And all the Industry has to offer is ... "Don't worry. We'll find you a house."
---------------------------------------------------------------But it will NEVER be ... THAT house.

No one even understands what you're
really trying to achieve.
That's "why" you need TACTICS.  That's "why" you DON'T want to - "...
just be yourself."

In fact, the ONLY upside ...  at least it's NOT as Bad  as GETTING what you want - and ending  up with BUYERS REMORSE.
Because not only is Buyers Remorse more expensive, you have to SELL the house, find a new one (that's  TWO more
Commissions you'll be funding) ... and you have to MOVE again.

Of course, NO Buyer likes being treated this way.  But with current laws allowing
Sellers to hold Brokers'  feet to the fire
over their
Fiduciary Duty to obtain the Highest possible Price and Best Terms ...  it's no wonder Real Estate
transactions are more a BLIND
AUCTION ... instead of the First Come First Serve RETAIL environment where any SELLER can
ask whatever they want for the MILK ...

------------------------------------------But if you PAY what they ASK  ... you get the milk.

In a Good to Average market,  only  the Golden Rule and Honor can somewhat mitigate the frustration that leads some Buyers
to simply walk away when treated to this "Blind Auction" - and the
 Asymmetry of Information that can lead to
Profound feelings of  Betrayal and disappointment ... EVEN after making a Full CASH Offer.  While sometimes receiving
no "reliable" explanation or opportunity to Counter.  

If you're like many  people you may not have even realized Offers can legally be "SHOPPED" behind the Wizard's Curtain.  And
that's why it helps in
so many ways to have someone REALLY Honest on your side.   Because this isn't your FIELD.

"And even Einstein couldn't have passed a test in SURVEYING ... because it wasn't HIS field ..."

But how in the World can you BELIEVE someone is even LIKELY to be HONEST ...
When we all know some people will Smile right through their lies?  

*Take a moment to look at "USING OUR AFFILIATES" (Upper Right Column)*
It's one of the most important things you may do towards getting it RIGHT the FIRST time.

----------------II            "ASYMMETRY" OF INFORMATION  ... ???

In most States Listing Brokers with Seller's permission CAN and may be EXPECTED to notify other Buyer's Agents or individuals
YOUR Offer  ...  to ENCOURAGE Other Bids.  But the treatment VARIES.  So,  if you end up in a Bidding War ....

--------------------------------------------------------BIDDING WAR  "Ground Rules"
This is where YOUR Agent and their BROKER's HONOR has the greatest opportunity to SHINE)

--------------------------------------------------WITHOUT PROVIDING PROOF:
The Listing Broker (who may or may not be YOUR Dual Agent) may legally provide all Bidders, Counter-Offers,
or "anyone" the following:

1)    ONLY the EXISTENCE of another Offer (with NO DETAILS or Price).   This can lead to even ridiculously
........."Low Ball" Offers of dubious intent illegitimately motivating Genuine Bidders to "UP" their Offers Higher,
.........when  used as "inspiration."  Instead of appropriately being ignored.

2)    ONLY the HIGHEST Offer PRICE (for you to compete against) ...  with no "mention" if it happens to
.........come with Terrible Contingencies.   Like ...  the competing bidder has to SELL their home FIRST
.........(which the Broker may well know the Seller has NO intention of Accepting.)

   They can simply IGNORE a Reasonable OFFER ... and wait for you to "Chase." So if they're CONFIDENT of a
........sale, you  can endure a week of Torment - frantically chasing your tail in VAIN  trying to make sense of smokey hints
........about  other Bids you MAY  be up against.  All to "Soften You Up" for when you receive that congratulatory...

---------------------------------------------------------------------"YOU'VE BEEN CHOSEN ...!"
------------------------------------------------INVITATION to make your "Best and Final Offer"
----------------------------------------------------------------------(ALL with a straight face ...)      

As if this Blind Auction were a "Perfectly Reasonable" version of the "Honesty" ...  
Real Estate Professionals are Legally "required" to provide BUYERS.   

While YOU lose the Dream Home of a Lifetime you've "sweated" for months to FIND, or pay even more
than the "
Whole Truth" would  have bolstered.

This  would be called a "trick" in some circles. But in Real Estate, it is supposedly "justified" by the thoroughly Threadbare Argument
for the SELLER'S Higher "Fiduciary" Duty ... UTTERLY "Trumping" the LOWER Duty of "Honesty" for the BUYER ...
while "PROUDLY" waving the Flag of Free Market Enterprise as Noble justification.

But it certainly doesn't "feel" very "Honest" to BUYERS.   And when you  allow,  that MOST Sellers had to be BUYERS first too ...
the only question left standing  Naked in Public is  ...
"who" is Benefiting?  

"THINGS" AREN'T EXACTLY CLEAR FOR BUYERS.  BUT it's NOT the fault of the many HONEST Individual Agents and Brokers,
any more than ANY individual citizen is to blame for LEGISLATIVE mis-behavior from which ALL laws emanate.

ALL OF US were brought into the "Fold" and educated by a Long Existant Industry ALREADY RUNNING LIKE A TOP   the day
we were born.  It's the creep of bad laws, and the
Divide and Conquer strategy that allows 50 States to control the "complexity,"
piecemeal. The Internet will solve the problems eventually.  But for now, even the
MOST Ethical of us  HAVE to follow these rules
VERY CAREFULLY ... Or give the SELLER "grounds"to Sue us on a Platter, or the State to take our License.  

Some professionals who have become the "Big Agents in Town" for our little blip in history, have worked hard and spent a
lifetime learning how to play every advantage. Or, as often happens through no fault of their own, inherited a company with
generations of knowledge behind them,  and may well feel they'd like things to stay exactly as they are.  Or, they may already be
Highly Honorable Agents, and  like REEinc Affiliates, prefer to
Sleep Better for treating the rest of the Tribe with dignity ...
over allowing a deceptively easier  wrong path to eventually turn them into an isolated "
Scrooge."  In either case,
there is always "hope." Because it was  he who ALSO taught us ...
----------------------------------------------------------------------It's Never too late to change.
But For NOW:
There is simply no way to know how each Listing Broker is going to play the "Balancing Act" between ...

a)      Their Interest ...
b)      Their
Higher FIDUCIARY Duty to the Seller ...
c)      And a
Fair interpretation of Honesty for the Buyer.

The RESULTS of that "
BALANCE" for BUYERS are quickly FINAL.  And rarely worth the nightmare of a nearly blinded Litigation ...
when the HOUSE you wanted is already GONE, and no judge is going to make them move out. So you CAN'T protect yourself from
everything, yet.   
But for now, If you "FOLLOW THE MONEY" ...
You'll at least have the Best Chance of seeing where the

--------------III              As an AFFILIATE of the REE Code of Ethics

A)        I will HONOR my Duty of "HONESTY"  with the B-R-O-A-D-E-S-T  possible legal interpretation of the word, always placing
YOUR Best Interest ... Before My Own.  

B)       I will PRESS the Right to "Present" Your Offer DIRECTLY to the Seller with their permission,  to obtain the Best Direct
Feedback from their reaction,  while you stand by your phone to quickly address concerns they may have with any TERMS,
as we work like a Team trying to obtain their Signed Approval  
AT THE PRESENTATION ... rather than allowing
TIME to work against you.

C)        After establishing your comfort in person,  I will discuss your choice to work with my company to find your Dream Home
under an

Despite what may be the many "well intended" (if flawed) arguments on the Internet to the contrary,
REEinc's "Opinion" requires a little more  ...
----------------------LETTING THE GENIE OUT OF THE BOTTLE ... To show the "INVISIBLE."

Every Agent's Subliminal Human Nature comes into the Formula as a Hard Wired BIAS towards ENCOURAGING
Clients towards "A-L-M-O-S-T"  ANY Deal - to make sure they get PAID "something"...  before you walk away "frustrated,"
or "
Heaven Forfend ..." meet some OTHER Agent at a Cocktail Party or Open House whose -  LOTS OF FUN !

THESE balancing contracts have evolved for GOOD reasons, and only defer to Human Nature the obvious we all know to be true ...  
Clients. And ...
....................................MORE IMPORTANT than ANY OTHER CONSIDERATION  ...
................................................TO TALK CLIENTS OUT of Bad Deals.

THAT ... is the GOOD AGENT every Buyer is looking for with LOCAL KNOWLEDGE to help them
End Up in their
True Dream Home ... Instead of with a TERRIBLE case of BUYERS REMORSE

What do YOU think is the Most Important Question ALL "BUYERS" Ask every Agent, Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist, Accountant, Architect,
Pharmacist, Stock Broker, Economist, Psychiatrist, TV Salesman, Engineer ... ?

-------------------------------------------------------"What do you think ...?"       

(That's the answer.)  "What do you think ... ?"  Helping Buyers end up in the RIGHT property for them  is what they're ALWAYS
going to remember MOST, and Appreciate
MOST   once the dust settles. So ...
..........................................."...what do you think ... ?" ...about the price?  The investment? The street?
............................................. the Terms, the schools, the location, Financing, Timing, Strategy, Counters ...  

.......................................... AGENTS - How would you like to feel unconflicted COMFORT in telling the ...

We're all human. We only have to look to ourselves to confirm this natural bias towards our own Listings, and ANY Deal over the
fear of NO deal,  that only GROWS  inside the more TIME invested.  And while any compensation structure
can be abused ...
using THAT to argue the great majority of Agents who ARE DOING  (and have EVERY LOGICAL REASON TO DO an Exemplary job)
should therefore work WITHOUT any degree of certainty of payment ... leaves BUYERS right back where they were.  And
Agents' "
working conditions" NOT Conducive to "Going the Extra Mile" for BUYERS.  When that is EXACTLY what BUYERS WANT
their Agent to do,  24-7.

In a modern society, working without confidence of payment is notably unusual,  and a DRACONIAN expectation of any "
person trying to sustain life and family.  Especially when BUYERS are USUALLY
Totally "Unknown" to Agents, and often from
out of town.

Unlike the days of Old,  where ALL Agents helping BUYERS were actually working as "SUB AGENTS" of the SELLER (meaning  they
"technically" had a
FIDUCIARY CONFLICT OF INTEREST not to HURT the SELLER'S interest in obtaining HIGHEST & BEST)  ...
THESE contracts provide the LEGAL STRUCTURE for BUYERS to ALSO have the HIGHEST Fiduciary Duty, with FULL RANGE
Required Confidentiality and Loyalty in seeking the LOWEST Price and BEST Terms.
(With the EXCEPTION of the  STILL PROBLEMATIC  DUAL AGENCY when offering on your Agent's in-house inventory).

That DUAL AGENCY is a BIG Exception  in need of a HERO.  But when it comes to"
a)   Inspiring Agents to give their BEST.
b)   And  Buyers  Receiving HONEST ADVICE.
c)   And Buyers having FULL "Fiduciary" Duty on their side with at
least  "COMPETITORS" Listings ...

The PLUSES outweigh the MINUSES.
Here's why:
Many experienced agents are simply not willing to work diligently for months with Clients, only to end up with $0.00  when they
Happily one day and say ...

" I just got so Excited a few days ago at this "Open House" and made an Offer through the nice agent there ...
and I
REALLY HOPE you aren't  U-p-s-e-t !  Because you REALLY did such a GOOG JOB and I WANTED you to KNOW that...!"

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ... ???"  

Not every Buyer fully understands. Some don't care.  But many of the BEST experienced Agents only allow this to happen to them
once in a lifetime.

As a Buyer ... would you feel "Smart" about hiring:

a)  A Structural Engineer to build your Bridge  
b)  A Heart Surgeon for an 8 hour procedure
  A Lawyer to keep your Innocent Self out of jail ...

Then make them WORRY the whole time they're doing their job ... if you're ever going to pay them?  

"NO"...?   Then you understand Human Nature.  And so does your Agent, who Knows very well that ALL YOU HAD TO DO to protect
them was sign a document making SURE they were going to get HALF of the EXACT SAME Commission you're ALREADY going
to be PAYING to the SELLER'S  
LISTING Broker ... who is Legally BOUND to work AGAINST your interest and FOR the Seller's?

WHY do so many people try to talk you OUT of signing a Buyers Exclusive Agency Agreement on the Internet
(generally used by
Buyers EXCLUSIVE Agents who DON'T take LISTINGS.)  "Who" could it be ADVISING so vehemently against these
kind of Contracts?   (
Look it up)

How about ... the competition?
Listing Brokers prefer BUYERS call them Directly ... so they DON'T have to Split the Commission in Half ?  
That's WHY they put their Phone Number on Signs and Ads.

THEN ...
may ask you to Sign something quite similar to that "BUYERS EXCLUSIVE AGENCY AGREEMENT"
like California's "EXCLUSIVE AUTHORIZATION TO ACQUIRE REAL PROPERTY" before taking you out, or when
you make your Offer.  Names may vary by State, but THIS contract  will  ALSO
happen to contain a pre-approval Clause for
just  In Case you happen to Offer on one of THEIR LIstings.  

Is that a bad thing?  It "sounds" suspicious ...
But Listing Brokers & Agents don't like their time wasted either.  And they do most of the "Heavy Lifting" in the industry to Obtain
Listings, Market, Advertise, Show, and Shepard them to Closing.  Understandably, they
prefer to reap ALL the commission ...
and certainly over giving HALF away to another company whose "Buyers Agents"
expenditures of time and effort may be significantly
less, and who can NEVER
reciprocate in kind by cooperating on commission Splits with THEIR listings ...
because they don't HAVE any.  

The problem for BUYERS is ...
This same reasonable "preference" of Human Nature not to Split the commission in HALF ... doesn't simply VANISH when it's time for
YOUR  licensed professional to

--------------------------------------SELECT the Properties they're going to take you to see.  

Even on a subliminal level,  that "preference" can't help BIASING what you're going to be shown, without the
imposition of :
A VERY CLEAR "Personal" Code of Ethics - COMMITTED to the purely Philosophical Belief that ...

-----------------------------BUYERS HAVE AN ABSOLUTE MORAL RIGHT TO SEE
------------------------------------THE WHOLE OPEN MARKET WITHOUT BIAS

--------------------------------------Instead of being told ... "CAVEAT EMPTOR"

Unfortunately,  THAT  "morality" can reduce the amount of money someone takes home  ...  when it's just TOO EASY to MAKE IT ALL.
That's why:    MORE than Experience. MORE than  the Big Agent in Town.  MORE than a Branded Name ...  
----------------------------------------------------------------------------BUYERS NEED
As for SELLERS Needs: See Navigation Buttons - SELL YOUR HOUSE and The RIGHT QUESTIONS
----------------------------------(with emphasis on Predatory Pocket Listing, Pre-Listing, Coming Soon Pre-Listing)

----------------------SO ...  now the Genie's out of the Bottle and you know the risk. But ...
There are some REAL advantages to giving the Listing Company what they want with your signature.
And if you MAKE IT CLEAR from the start that you want to see ALL of your REAL choices on the WHOLE Open Market, or ...
drive around your own
Perfect Little Pocket  looking at Houses with For Sale signs and make a LIST to give your Agent of the ones
YOU WANT TO SEE INSIDE -  if they don't melt  into a puddle before your eyes:

Their BEST Efforts in exchange for their Security and full Financial Potential you've given them by the Agency Agreement.
b)   Their FULL Fiduciary representation if you end up choosing one of their Competitors Houses.
c)   DUAL AGENCY if you choose one of their In-house Inventory (with the option to hire a Lawyer for advice)
d)   But Still ... the Fiduciary obligation of any Listing Broker to SHOP YOUR OFFER if the Seller  wants it (or the Broker
if they can
convince the Seller) because of that "NON CONFIDENTIALITY OF OFFERS."
("NAMES" of Contracts and Clauses may Vary with States and Larger companies who may have their customized contracts.)

 Every reason to "Go The Extra MIle" for knowing they're NOT going to be losing you to a "WHIM."  
b)  They're at least going to be getting paid HALF (Not "uncommon"-  just NOT the "preference")
c)   They'll STILL have Full "Opportunity" to charm you with THEIR Company's Inventory, KNOWING they'll still have
------at least  "some" CHANCE they'll end up with the FULL COMMISSION.

Structures evolve for reasons ... all can be abused.  At the Sophomoric level, some Contracts may look "Agent Friendly" ... yet
still have evolved for intelligent, common sense reasons not yet well understood by e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e.  And we all know ...

Human Nature finds it MUCH easier to be 100% honest ...  when it DOESN'T cost us anything.
When it DOESN'T cause an AGENT NOT TO GET PAID AT ALL - if they are "completely" Honest with you.  Because,
with enough time, even the Sublime will find their sub-conscious working HARDEST to find why they just ...
"... might" be Wrong about that house being a VERY BAD DEAL ... for YOU.

REEinc's opinion: Don't put Human Nature on the "other guy's side" when you NEED Complete Honesty  for the same reason Kings
gave "Court Jesters"  immunity.  
"Immunity" from FEAR  is what YOU give your Agent with "Exclusive Agency" ... while
Elevating their AUTHORITY on your behalf to FULL "Fiduciary" level  by the same instrument - on any property other than their own
And all without adding an extra dime to your Bottom Line.  Just make sure you see the whole Open market in your own
Perfect Little Pocket as well.

As to the MOST sensitive issue impeding some RIGHTFULLY LEERY Buyers from better protecting their own interest ...
(Fear of getting stuck with an Agent you don't "like," or having to  pay a DOUBLE commission if you  dump them anyway)
ou can LIMIT the Term of the Agreement to few weeks to protect the Agent and show good faith for the houses they
show you while getting to know each other ... then renew for 6 months or more if you feel you really have a good Agent.

Because the more you make Anyone feel Secure about expending extraordinary effort on your behalf ... the more happy they are to
do it.  Everything turns Positive.  It makes you a PRIORITY in their day, and
you've Already Paid the BILL.  In fact, it's a complete         
"waste" of your own money, and a missed opportunity NOT to USE that "
Other Half" of the commission -  for your OWN "HIGHER"
The Bill ... is ALREADY Paid! ...  make sure the service is turned on at the house ...     

------------------IV.        The Real Estate Excellence CODE of ETHICS
-----------------------------------------IS BASED ON THE SINCERE BELIEF THAT ...

The Great Majority of Real Estate Agents and Brokers are Good and Honorable people,
simply trying to make an Honest Living in a complex Sea of ever-changing Business Rules,
Finance alternatives, dizzying Disclosures, document deadlines, myriad personalities,
ever- changing inventories, daunting computer software, and endless fees and continuing
education requirements to keep up with State and Federal legislation."

In short, there's a LOT more to the License and Liabilities than anyone outside the Industry could
possibly realize ...  And ALL to Add Value you'll appreciate.  But ...

------------------------------------Individual Performance VARIES ...

So, no matter how Sophisticated a business person you may truly be, always allow that ...
-----------------This is a VERY OLD INDUSTRY that's been doing the Same - Simple - Thing
-----------------For a LOT longer than any of us have been around.

"...  and even Einstein couldn't have passed a test in Surveying, because it wasn't HIS field ..."               

Real Estate Excellence, Inc believes:

----------------------------The "High End Buyers Remorse TERMINATOR'S"
--------------------------------Novel Approach to finding your Dream Home ...

-----------------------Is the ONLY approach that makes PERFECT Sense.
---And gives Buyers the BEST chance of ending up in their REAL Dream Home the FIRST time!   

----------------------------------------------So, that You DON'T end up with...
........................................-...........................BUYERS REMORSE
------------(And that goes for those  searching for their Dream Home on their Own as well ...)  

Note from REEinc:
In our So Modern Internet World it's easy to wonder if the Complex Real Estate Industry is ready for         
Prime Time. But you CAN still "Change the Channel" and  make a
BIG difference in your experience
by the Local Agent you choose.

Of course, Real Estate will forever BE local.  But Unlike competitive "Retail" stores, where SELLERS
can ask "
whatever"  they want for the milk - and BUYERS actually GET the milk if they pay the Asking price ...  
Buying Real Estate can be a "BLIND AUCTION" using the Adrenaline Pressure of SHORT TIME
and LAST CHANCE to encourage
ONE BID ... to lead to the NEXT ... and the NEXT ...
... with little risk of losing the Sale.

Perhaps, "Free Enterprise" is
Free Enough with the "milk" scenario.  But the "Catch 22" for Buyers today is
"Fiduciary Duty" and "Capitalism" have created a Bed of Roses for Listing Brokers & Sellers.  

To paraphrase Shakespeare ... something's not quite right in Denmark.

So watch out for the thorns at the High End where small percentages can make a BIG difference in
motivation. There is simply an unavoidable Asymmetry of Information  in favor of the SELLER ...  
long ago highly understood by our ancient ancestors and sent through the ages in a now dead Latin
to toll dire  

........................................--........"Caveat Emptor my friend ...! "
.......................................................................................( Let the  BUYER  Beware )
Real Estate Excellence, Inc. Brokerage Pebble Beach
FINEST LUXURY HOMES Search Carmel, Pebble
Beach California Listings
for sale to find your "Perfect
Little Pocket" FIRST, THEN your Dream Home  in
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Monterey Coastal Community, BigSur, Ocean View,
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Townhouse, Condo, Residential Property, Land,
Commercial Property Broker
(For Search Engine Optimization)

---------------------------------------As a Real Estate Excellence AFFILIATE ...
-----------I will put Your interest Before My Own - and at least  Endeavour to Slow-Things-Down ...
-----------by offering to prepare REAL SOLD "Comps" by the "N-e-x-t" day.  So you can Relax to
-----------explore your ELATION ...
-----------While still protecting you from it until we've had time to determine what a Reasoned  Offer
-----------might actually look like. And the Smartest Structure to pursue for this particular SELLER.
-----------So that YOU have the BEST chance of actually "Getting" your Dream Home ...

------------------------------------------------------------INSTEAD ...   
-------------Of having your Offer used like "FLY PAPER " to ATTRACT a Bidding War.
-----------------------------------------------------  AFFILIATES
---------------------------------------   -----------DECLARATION of HONOR

-----I am a Real Estate Excellence Code of Ethics AFFILIATE and here is the value in that for you ...
I will at all times Honor the REE CODE of ETHICS Principles to place my
-------------------------------------------------CLIENTS  Interest  FIRST ...
...........................................................-...---....-Before My Own
With Us
to see Houses For Sale In
Pebble Beach,
Carmel by the Sea,
Monterey Coastal
Community Homes
(A) To put an end to our Free Public discussion of
Real Estate topics  and issues relevant to everyone
living under a roof, and
too close to the heart of
widespread public experience and interest.

(B) To roadblock Legislative Agenda or Projects
we may develop to help evolve Laws & Practices
that more fairly serve consumer Buyers & Sellers,
by balancing the equation between THEIR true
interest, and legitimate interest of our Industry.

(C) Or for Bad Lawyers needing to invent a "case"
to convince CEO's and Boards who don't know
much about Intellectual Property Law, etc. - that
they're worth their retainers.

............-."SLAPP" Lawsuits
are often filed by LARGER Companies,
Competitors, or Professional Associations  
SMALLER companies, and ALWAYS
present themselves to courts as
"good faith"
claims ...

But are actually intended to censor,
intimidate, and silence critics or
(See Wikipedia.org -  Strategic
Lawsuits Against Public Participation)

By burdening them with the COST of Legal Defense
until they abandon their criticism or opposition,
to intimidate "others" from participating in the

They chill First Amendment rights of Free Speech
and healthy debate by targeting those who speak
out on issues of public interest, and come as claims
Defamation, Intellectual Property Rights, Unfair
Competition, etc.
without expecting to "win" the
lawsuit. Their goal is accomplished if the defendant
succumbs to fear of unknowable damages,
intimidation, mounting legal cost, or exhaustion.

And while they may choose to view their "charge" to
distort the intent of Law as merely a "Dutiful
Vigorous Defense" of a particular "Vested Interest"-
that "interest" is narrow and not the Broad Public

Corporations never die.  We want what we've
learned to continue to help and give hope long after
we're gone. Thus - Real Estate Excellence, Inc's  - a
"corporation" with a good idea ...
.......The High End Buyers Remorse Terminator.

If you would like to read more about either
THINK TANK  Time & Expertise  with
unique Legal skills and experience such at those of
a retired:
*Appellate Court Judge
*Intellectual Property Rights Judge
*Non-Profit Freedom of Speech Defense Association
*Legal Scholar developing Legislation
* Industry Broker Scholar with experience to share
*A State Bureau of Real Estate Attorney or Judge
*Have a Ralph Nader "skill set" you know we're
going to need ...
If you'd like to Contribute to our Legal  Fund for
Defense and Proactive Endeavours ...
"Crowdfunding" in the Navigation bar, or this LINK:

Where you can also learn about our
coming Blog ...

...................-...THINK TANK, gray superlative

(INPUT Limited to certified  Professionals for the
integrity of the site, while viewable for the Public -
who will have a Public Section to comment and ask
questions, which Member Gray SUPERLATIVE
professionals may choose to answer (under an
anonymous "pen name" if preferred.)
--But ...  
HOW can the BUYER ...


--Novel  Approach  
-------------------------Terms & Conditions of Use
------------------------------------ DISCLAIMER:
  • The "DEGREE" to which "each" of our AFFILIATES adopt and
    practice the REE CODE OF ETHICS undoubtedly Varies with
    the individual Affiliate, and REEinc can't be in the car with you
    to Monitor, nor be held liable for their performance. But ...
    based on our VIDEO and the Code of Ethics - you will always
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In YOUR Area
---In YOUR Town

Find your OWN Perfect Little Pocket in the
 FIRST ...

Like the Early Settlers would have taken
Weeks to do on Horseback ...

THEN ... Start on the House!

"SCHEDULE Your Excursion"

For Carmel, Pebble Beach Homes
or any of our
Monterey Peninsula Coastal Communities
..........................Our Novel Approach
.................-....USING OUR AFFILIATES

GOOD INTENTIONS ... That you may well be on this Website
their Recommendation. And, for the Fact that THEY CHOSE
Expose you to information so enlightening to your purpose
in our VIDEO & CODE of ETHICS... there is simply No Way for
anyone to EVER  


Affiliates KNOW you are Now going to be watching even them
...   and knowing exactly what to look for.

They know once
you've seen the VIDEO to learn HOW to protect
  •        You're going to be Quite Surprised ...  
  •        More Leery than you even were ...
  •        And from that moment on there will be Many         
-----------..--more difficult "Questions" to answer than ever before.

So what do YOU think...?  

Would someone with Bad intentions make it  HARDER for
THEMSELVES to deceive you?  

WE believe that's pretty solid evidence in favor of Honor
and our AFFILIATES GOOD Intentions ... to treat you like they
would their own Mom.

--------It's a point at least  worthy of consideration
--------when weighed against your "Other" Option ...
---------------The "usual" Luck of the Draw.

We hope home buyers will be comforted by the FACT of our
"No Strings Attached" Referral to this Website,
because it provides a logical
"basis" for some soothing initial
Trust in AFFILIATES, and helps smooth the way to your
Adventure ...
--------and the long-lived happiness that comes from
---Finding your REAL Dream Home ... the First time!

-----------------At this important juncture of
-------------choosing your Guardian Angel ...  

We hope you can appreciate how comforting it is to
Good things about your
No Strings Attached Affiliate who Referred you ...
than you may EVER know about their competitors.
-----------------REEinc relies on this logic.

We think it speaks "Volumes" about each AFFILIATE'S decency
that they're
willing to work under your well "Informed Scrutiny" ...
after you've seen our Video and read the Code of Ethics.
In fact, clearly they
PREFER this solid ground of Affiliation.

----------------------------WE BELIEVE:
*This "Willingness"  proves Good People WANT
--to do things RIGHT - because it is right.

*That Good People want to work in GOOD ways
--to have "reason" to believe in a Better World where
--goodness for goodness sake is sometimes it's own reward.

*That only GOOD people worry about sleeping well at night,
--or possess the shadow of self-doubt  that falls only on minds
--desiring to improve themselves.

*Perhaps most of all, we believe they want  to play some
--role in making the world a better place ...-so that they can look  
--proudly into their kids eyes and exude a little Personal Joy
--along the way, in the belief that life is good.

We believe there are MANY Good and Warm honorable people  
---------------------Just Like THIS in Real Estate.
-----They just haven't had a way to "PROVE  It To You"
---------------------.In Advance ... until now.  

And that's why ... we're trying to help you FIND them.  

We hope your experience with our AFFILIATES is one of
enjoying watching them fulfill your every expectation,
and the higher challenges of Honor...

-------------------------------DON'T MISS:
"Getting Past the Guards At The Pearly Gates where YOU'RE Moving."
... INSTEAD of "Starting Off" with the "usual"
of Intoxicating Dream Houses...
where it's just TOO EASY to Fall In Love
Before You Even Know...
What's at the Other End of the Street...!

-----Working With Our AFFILIATES...

Many of you may be viewing this website
at the express recommendation of a
Real Estate Excellence AFFILIATE ...
and All AFFILIATES know the "words"
you're seeing on this page are...

------------So  E-n-l-i-g-h-t-e-n-i-n-g...
-------------There's no way to ever...
------Put the Genie Back-in-the-Bottle.

They know that NOW ... you're not only going
to be watching them like a Hawk,  you're going
to know "exactly" what to look for.

That's a pretty strong argument for their
Good Intentions. And certainly better than
the "
luck of the draw."

We believe that's solid evidence for their
Honor...  and their intention to treat you
exactly the way they would their own Mom.
"Litmus" Test:
"When in Doubt... I will always
YOUR Best Interest Before My Own
... as if you were my own Family."
Real Estate Excellence, Inc
Licensed Corporation
CA Broker Lic. 01070604
Performing acts for which a
Real Estate license is
* Pebble Beach Company, CA & Real Estate
Excellence, Inc. are NOT Associated or  
Affiliated in any way.
Self-Employed - Independent Contractors
requiring a Real Estate License from their State
to provide services to the public.
They do not
work under our License
and we have no Legal
"Authority," Supervisory control or
Responsibility for their Actions.
Find Your Own ...
"Perfect - Little - Pocket" in the Neighborhood
...THEN start on the House ...
< SELECT 1080P
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The One that Got Away
Homes we left behind
In Carmel and Yankee Point

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War Chest
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----------------...If you want to finally understand the Brokers Desk ...
AGENTS:.....If you don't really  understand "Negotiate" ... read CODE of ETHICS
........................If you want to understand BIG Agents ... read RIGHT QUESTIONS # 7 & 13
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....Legal Defense Fund               
...Legislative Agenda
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We Anticipate
SLAPP Lawsuits
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...with the intent to
It doesn't always  comes from where
you  think it might
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Of course, we’re the locals NOW for over 20 years, but moving up from LA,
it took us THREE Major Moves  here before we finally learned to ask ourselves the RIGHT QUESTIONS, and
Finally ended up “Happily Ever After” in the Old Estates part of Pebble Beach, …which turned out right for us anyway. And some people have a higher number than US!
But don’t think all the moving around that goes ON here... is some kind of… mellow HOBBY like Buying classic cars at the  Concours Elegance. Moving is misery for everyone.
You MOVE when you’re DISAPPOINTED!So you MIGHT think..  maybe we just weren’t LUCKY in the beginning.

But for the first 3 years … we lived in a picture perfect postcard right on the ocean on Scenic Drive in Carmel by the Sea..with little otters playing in the tide pools at our feet,
and a view across Stillwater Cove to the Mansions that line the shore with the famous golf links for their front yards.To the left was the deep blue Sea,
…to the right …the old Frank Lloyd Wright house sitting on the white crescent Beach of Carmel…with kids... and dogs... and fires on the beach at Sunset.
But…we MOVED.

For the next 3 years … it was 5 minutes down the coast to Carmel Highlands Yankee Point for magnificent Cliffside living,right on the ocean again, only THIS time in a BIG gated House that even
had an indoor pool, a BIG yard for our Sheepdogs to play, and a  LOT of privacy for a welcome change … It had this AMAZING back deck built right to the Cliffs Edge …where you could just LAY
there soaring High in the Breeze with the GULLS… watching ocean waves rolling in… and WHALES and their babies migrating up and down the coast all year long. It was like living on the edge of
the WORLD… and we LOVED it! And in the beginning ... with both houses… all you ever could have heard us say was … WOW!…  how could anyone ever leave this place?
Well … … we where the one’s who could do it. And maybe you would have too when you understand a little more about living in this amazing little piece of heaven... and the powerful
CONSEQUENCE of the Big WOW factor at the HIGH END. Because that’s EXACTLY what “feeling lucky … and STILL getting it WRONG for you OFTEN looks like from the OTHER end of the
telescope…in a world renowned resort destination where the fortunate few have been weaving quaint little neighborhoods through the misty mountain forest by the Sea for generations.  And
you’re going to be feeling as LUCKY as a kid in a candy store TOO here in Paradise. EXCEPT ...FOR-ONE-Little T-H-I-N-G ...You only get ONE… CHOICE!
And everywhere you T-U-R-N …  there’s MORE Big WOW! So, it’s HARDER than you think to get your one choice RIGHT …without having REGRETS come up AFTER you’ve taken that first Big
bite.…and you can’t just put it back and try another when your elation moves on to “greener” pastures. You have to sell it .. to someone else.
So if you’ll allow us…We’re about to make you BULLET proof!

Hi. Welcome to the High End BUYERS REMORSE TERMINATOR.  We're Sonya & Paul Larisey and if you're a High End buyer thinking of increasing your happiness by moving to Carmel,
or Pebble Beach or any of our Coastal communities … we have a  NOVEL APPROACH for High End Buyers trying to find THEIR Dream home.  And here’s why you might be interested…
High End Buyers end up with Buyers Remorse … M O R E than anyone else. BECAUSE … HIGH End Buyers have T-H-E Highest EXPECTATIONS!
Not too Hot… Not too Cold… but J-U-S-T right!

But there’s a  much BIGGER reason…
HIGH END Buyers Tend to WRITE THAT CHECK a little QUICKER than most people… because they’re usually seasoned Executives, Entrepreneurs,  Professionals, or just wealthy people ...
so they can. ... and sometimes on a WHIRLWIND Tour of Intoxicating Dream Houses  …. even on the First DAY ... !!!  Before they even know what’s at the other end of the STREET...!
BEFORE they even find their OWN FAVORITE part of the NeighborHOOD ...! …the Biggest  WOW of the day just “lifts” that  loaded checkbook Right Out of Their Pockets!

Because the WOW Factor is so - MUCH - STRONGER at the HIGH End …Elation Buying can feel right!  Because this IS that MAGICAL Place we’ve LONGED for … Somewhere Over the Rainbow
where there’s ALWAYS lots of GREAT things to do…   in a MIRACLE of ever temperate ... Cool …Clean Ocean air ... But even here … IMPULSE buying is STILL famous for only ONE thing…
It often leaves High End Buyers holding pot luck properties of the day …On streets where they WISH they’d NEVER bought …  Once they actually LIVE here. Because InevitaBLY… every single
one of us is GOING to stumble upon our REAL favorite little Nook or Cranny in the neighborhood… eventually. Our own "PERFECT Little Pocket…"  We Fall in LOVE with… …
And if that DOESN’T happen to be where you BOUGHT … … IT’S AutoMATIC. You’ve got Buyers Remorse. And if you have the Wherewithal to fix your mistakes … … you’re probably going to be
moving again. Or WHAT was the point of COMING here in the First place!!!

But you can BET no one but you is gonna’ MIND if you end up with a terrible case of Buyers Remorse … because it comes with a Staggering bonus. EVERY case leads to 3 full commissions for
the Industry,  …instead of one. When you BUY Dream House #1 ... the SELLER pays the commission. But it’s All coming out of YOUR PURCHASE Money…! When you SELL your
DISAPPOINTMENT …  YOU pay the 2nd commission you never WOULD have if you’d gotten it right the FIRST time.…and when you buy your REAL Shangri-la in your
REAL "Perfect Little Pocket" ... the seller pays the commission again ...ONLY ... it’s all out of YOUR Purchase Money… AGAIN!

Of course, no one BRAGS about these mistakes ... but that’s 3 COMMISSIONS YOU’RE Funding...for changing your mind only ONE time! And that’s not even COUNTING the 4th one you paid
if you sold a house to move here. BOTTOM LINE … ONE Miserable case of Buyers Remorse for YOU ... 3!!! COMMISSIONS for the INDUSTRY! Or 4!
So it’s ONE mistake … that cost a lot of people a small fortune.

But the IRONY is… absolutely NO High End Buyer EVER thinks BUYERS REMORSE can possibly happen to THEM!  N-O-T because they’re Arrogant.  It's because YOU LOVE the HOUSE!”  
ooooh ... You LOVE  the house!!!  WOW! ELATION! And THAT feels like a free lifetime Insurance policy from Heaven to us all. But it’s not.
That’s your Blind Spot.

Because at the High end, … Buyers Remorse almost NEVER has anything to do with something WRONG with the HOUSE! Houses are GREAT at the high end.  They just don’t always end up
being exactly WHERE you want them to be. And THAT’S about the time that Location LoCAtion LOCATION thing you’ve been hearing all your life goes off like a “GONG” in you head,
and you REALIZE … the word “location” … REPEATED 3 times in a ROW... Probably DOESN’T mean something as BIG as an entire NEIGHBORHOOD ... like Carmel, or Pebble Beach..?
It MEANS something much smaller ... and 3 times as IMPORTANT.  It MEANS your EXACT location … IN the neighborhood. Because no matter how DREAMY Speculators “Glitter” can make
Dream Houses on cheaper lots seem to GLOW… ... and sometimes sell for as much as the REAL thing to Out-of-Towners…It’s always going to be the LOCATION… that’s the most important
thing for increasing value ... and lasting happiness. Like a SIMPLE Log cabin overlooking a mountain lake can make you feel you could be HAPPY there for the REST of Your LIFE...It’s the
Setting that brings us the DEEPEST Tranquility.

Nothing wrong with the HOUSE you bought.  It’s just not exactly WHERE you want to live anymore … now that you’ve found your REAL Perfect Little Pocket. And maddeningly, it’s often right
there in the same neighborhood where you shot yourself in the foot with your own  checkbook a little too soon … because of the WAY things are done. … …And here’s how that happens like
clockwork to the MOST sophisticated, Business Savy buyers in the world, for underestimating the Collective Intelligence of a VERY OLD Industry that’s been doing the same simple thing for a
lot longer than any of us have been around. Sonya…

Well, it usually starts like this … It’s a very EXCITING day when we first land here to start SERIOUSLY looking for one of those Beautiful houses we’ve all been admiring in the magazines for most
of our lives. You‘ve Probably made an appointment with an Agent you don’t KNOW whose going to treat you like Royalty of course… and  they’re just going to start WHISKING you around on a
WHIRLWIND Tour … from one intoxicating Dream House… to the NEXT Dream House... until you finally fall in love with a DREAM HOUSE!!!  Just about EVERYONE Does!!!
And what’s wrong with THAT?  Wasn’t that the point? What’s WRONG is EVERYTHING! It’s  Totally BACKWARDS! Because the WAY things are DONE… it’s only AFTER you’ve BOUGHT your
house…A F T E R you’ve LIVED here awhile.. that MOST of us ever DISCOVER our own "Perfect Little Pocket!" …that “Special” little Nook or Cranny in the neighborhood...we FALL in LOVE with!
...where we really A-R-E going to want to live for the rest of our lives! And it just starts WORKING on you until you’re finally swinging by to visit every time you go Out The Door! Only it’s too LATE
to  find your own "PERFECT Little Pocket" ... AFTER you‘ve already BOUGHT somewhere ELSE!

Of course you find it anyway,but from that moment ON…you’ve got BUYERS REMORSE! Because of the WAY... things are done. By an industry  that’s GOOD at selling Dream Houses to wealthy
people, by acting authoritatively and playing on your emotions…and the Self-Affirming IMPULSIVE Buying that comes ALONG with ELATION …and being able to AFFORD these Trophies.
But it OFTEN leaves some very nice people holding properties they WISH they’d never BOUGHT... once they actually LIVE here. Because  … you evolve. You learn more, so you change your
mind. And that’s a GREAT thing in business, art, and science. But when it comes to your Dream Home, it just feels like a WHOPPING big mistake to get out from under. Because finding your
DREAM HOME is an end game. I was supposed to be your REWARD. Not an education.

So we’re doing something ABOUT it. Because we’ve BEEN where you are… about to move here with new hopes and dreams…and we feel SOMEONE should be WELCOMING people with a warm
open hand to this Wonderful Place… instead of painting a Target on your BACK! And we’d like to see that change. Too late for us, but beyond OUR lives… we hope our TERMINATOR WILL
make the world a better place. And that’s WHY our Terminator is a Gift. A Resource, and you’re hearing it now, whether you ever want to use any of the buttons on this page or not to schedule
your OWN "Private EXCURSION" with us to find YOUR  "Perfect Little Pocket" FIRST! It’s free, and all you have to do is listen.

It’s a “Novel Approach” for Targeted  High End buyers trying to find THEIR Dream Home, to help you take that Bulls Eye off your back... so you DON’T become an endangered species.  Because
even with our GREAT locations … getting it right the FIRST time...  STILL depends on not changing your mind with further experience. So we’re GIVING you the experience. We’re pulling the
curtain BACK to show you the common pitfalls of those who’ve erred BEFORE you at the High End… so that YOU don’t end up Reinventing the wheel when you get here,like so many of us did.
Because for US … it took 3 - MAJOR - Moves!  And it didn‘t have to B-E that hard. TRUCKS, and boxes, and  decorating,  and RE-Decorating, and finding the right place for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G
all over AGAIN. When all you THOUGHT you were doing was coming here to RELAX … have some FUN… and be HAPPY...!  And some people have a higher number than US!

But no one could have been more surprised! Because this is our field. We’ve been a licensed Real Estate Corporation since 1989 and we’d worked hard at our Real Estate EDUCATION "Video
Tutorials" business for California Brokers and Sales agents, and moving up from LA had felt like “graduation day” for OUR lives THIS time. But it WASN’T! Like a lot of people here… we STILL
had to learn the HARD way about the HIGH END. But we W-E-R-E lucky! Except for the One Thing that would have LITERALLY saved us ALL the trouble in the first place...WE didn’t HAVE
a “Right Questions”  button like YOU do on this page. So you might want to "BOOKMARK" this site as a RESOURCE to help get ready for when YOU come.
Because finding your OWN Perfect Little Pocket FIRST … is the ONLY approach that makes perfect sense. And that’s WHY it’s OUR Novel Approach. And it can even be faster.

But the BIGGEST surprise waiting for every High End buyer is ... YOU ...  are going to be THE absolute Only person… with the SLIGHTEST interest in finding that Perfect Little Pocket for YOU first.
The ONE THING that could actually PREVENT Buyers Remorse! Because "Finding It" ... AUTOMATICALLY  N-A-R-R-O-W-S the entire Market of Houses for sale on the Peninsula ... DOWN to a
HANDFUL of "SENSIBLE Choices" that are good for YOU. Choices YOU’LL be picking  for YOURSELF along the way,in your own FAVORITE part of the Neighborhood … once you find it. INSTEAD
of Agents making those choices FOR you on the USUAL expedient Whirlwind Tours ... by PUSHING their own "In House" inventory of listings on you, spread out All Over the Place ... WHEREVER
their listings HAPPEN to be!  So they DON'T have to SPLIT the COMMISSION in HALF with a competitor. Because if you buy ANY house other than one of THEIR Listings ... they’re only going to
make HALF the money.

And that’s WHY ... YOUR making those choices for YOURSELF puts ICE WATER in the Veins of the industry. Because every Agent and their Company's BEST INTEREST… lies in selling you
one of THEIR "Exclusive Listings" ...  where they DON’T have to SPLIT that commission IN HALF. And they know FULL WELL that not even ONE of those FEW Great "Choices" YOU’VE picked for
YOURSELF, in your OWN "Perfect Little POCKET"... may be in  THEIR particular inventory of listings. But the problem for YOU IS ... THEIR "Inventory" represent only a FRACTION of the houses
AVAILABLE to see, that meet your CRITERIA on the REAL Open Market. So you’ll never KNOW if you’re even seeing the BEST Ones ... before that First ELATION can find you WRITING A CHECK
...before you’ve even found your own FAVORITE part of the neighborhood! Before you even know ... what’s at the other end of the STREET.

Of course, the PITCH is ... they’re just using their years of experience to narrow things down for YOU ...just showing you the BEST - and sometimes even DISCRETE - POCKET Listings - Only for
Very “Special” people like Y-O-U. Though, they’re often right there on the Open MLS "Multiple Listings" for Everyone. But, as a BUYER ... you KNOW you’re still going to be paying the SAME
PRICE, regardless of commission splits going on somewhere in the background.  So what does it all really matter to you...? Well ... what MOST buyers DON’T understand is ... COMMISSION Splits
can utterly DICTATE what we’re being SHOWN ... while our future happiness ... dangles in the balance.

Of course, we KNOW what you WANT! You want a FAIR SHOT at getting it right the FIRST time. A clear, honest, unbiased view of EVERYTHING on the Market, in YOUR preferred part of the
neighbor hood, in your price range.  Everyone knows “THAT…” So WHY NOT just GIVE you a LIST of your REAL Choices on the OPEN Market? But what you NEED to know is ...  EVERYONE
at the HIGH END ... has a TOTALLY different goal than “T-H-A-T!”   THEIR GOAL is to sell THEIR listings ... First and Foremost. Before they EXPIRE - or YOU stumble upon a "Competitors House"
you fall in LOVE with ... and they end up having to Split the COMMISSION in half ... anyway. And the only way to accomplish THAT ... is to LIMIT YOUR Exposure! And it’s something we don’t even
NOTICE when it’s happening to us… because we LIKE being Carted Around like Royalty to look at ANY Dream Houses and the locals KNOW IT! T-H-A-T‘S our Achilees H-E-E-L that puts THEM in
the Drivers seat to CONTROL the Client ... by carefully constructing WHIRLWIND TOURS of Dream Houses that ARE in their inventory. Because NO ONE likes to make HALF the money ...
when they can make it ALL.

So like a lot of people who end up with BUYERS REMORSE, you begin to ask yourself what you did WRONG ... that you could do RIGHT ... now that you know. Well, FIRST -
you DIDN'T Scout the "Lay of the Land" like the early settlers would have taken WEEKS to do on horseback, searching DILIGENTLY for THEIR "Perfect Little Pocket" ... FIRST! THEN -
start on the House! You didn’t NARROW THINGS DOWN to a few simple choices - by even finding your own FAVORITE part of the neighborhood ... FIRST.  And like most of us...
you put the REINS IN THE INDUSTRIES HANDS, and got led around by the nose with Blinders on to THEIR exclusive in-house listings, spread out all over the place ...
so they WOULDN'T have to Split the Commission in Half! EVEN when they may know Full Well ... there’s a BETTER house for you ... right around the corner. Only you never got to see it ...
because it had some “other” companies SIGN in front of it. And that’s WHY one fine day AFTER you’re ALL MOVED IN ... you find yourself SLAMMING On The BRAKES in front of that FOR SALE
sign … in front of that BETTER House with your MOUTH Wide Open ...  and feeling BETRAYED! Because THAT’S the one you would have PICKED ... if only someone you trusted ...
had SHOWN it to you.   And that’s the moment your head begins to pound with the realization ... you’ve got Buyers Remorse ... because of the “WAY”... THINGS are done.

CLEARLY a better choice that met the criteria you gave ... and only a few blocks away. Better View, better Yard, better in EVERY way. And sometimes, even a better price. But “somehow” ... with
someone else doing the driving, you never so much as caught a glimpse. Of course, it’s all amusing for the birds ... watching those tortured, "circuitous" routes going on down there to keep your
BLINDERS on through neighborhoods you don’t Know as well as the LOCALS. But WHAT were you thinking? Were you thinking they were showing you the WHOLE Open Market of houses in your
price range ... like ‘Hor Deuvres spread out on a platter...? Well, ... welcome to the club! You May have just paid Millions ... and you’ve already got ... BUYERS REMORSE.
But here’s the Genius of the Industry. You’re gonna’ blame YOURSELF ... because it was YOU who picked the candy... all THEY did .. was SHOW it to you.  But was it REALLY your fault?  Did you
EVER get to see the WHOLE Open Market of houses for Sale "in your price range" ... "in the neighborhood YOU expressed interest in? ...which is  usually a manageable number at the HIGH End.
Did you even get to see the BEST ones? Well ... the way things are DONE ... you’ll never know. And that’s why most of us pick up the phone and call the same agent ... all over again… the NEXT
time. Have you ever found yourself wondering WHY there always seem to be so many High End Dream Houses on the market... whenever you happen to want one? Well,…now you know. So the  
BIGGEST thing that literally Causes Buyers Remorse is not YOU! ... It‘s the WAY things are done,that ENCOURAGE "Elation Buying."

For us, there was no TERMINATOR, no RIGHT QUESTIONS button, and no one FOCUSING US on the importance of finding your own perfect little Nook or Cranny in the neighborhood FIRST!
Before you EVER allow ANYONE to start you off with a "Whirlwind Tour" of intoxicating Dream Houses. But for YOU ... there’s a very NICE alternative you MIGHT want to consider ... instead of just
hopping in that car for the usual Whirlwind Tour ... thinking it must be the right way to DO things ... since that’s how THEY like to DO things. Because it’s not good for YOU. That "Expediency" can
literally CAUSE Buyers Remorse ... and leave you feeling BETRAYED! And WISHING ... someone had  spent a little more time PROPERLY helping you find YOUR favorite part of the
neighborhood ... FIRST!  Like WE do on your own flexible, PRIVATE Excursion to “Find YOUR "Perfect Little Pocket." T-H-E-N start on the HOUSE! Because our Novel Approach
completely REVERSES the priorities - from that Shotgun Tour of Dream Houses expedient for the INDUSTRY... to the all important LOCATION …for YOU.  Like the Original Settlers would have
taken WEEKS to do on horseback!

Only with us ... you can "OPT for a LIMO" if that sound like more fun, and when we pick you UP ... just lay your head back and allow our TERMINATOR's Novel Approach to make Finding YOUR
Dream Home ... a FUN experience, KNOWING you’re progressing in the most Intelligent, Logical way possible to narrow things down to a HANDFUL of GREAT Choices ...
you’ve picked for YOURSELF along the way. And we’ll keep a list to take you INSIDE the houses you want to see, then help you make a REASONED Offer when your “Elation AND your LOCATION”
are BOTH right for YOU! So that you End Up living in a DREAM HOME ... that’s ALSO in your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part of the Neighborhood. And you can’t do better than THAT!
AND that’s a very BIG accomplishment if loosing Millions of Dollars to Misery is not your cup of tea. In fact, finding the DREAM House is the EASY part. They’ve been building them here for a very
long time…  

So, that’s our flexible "Private Excursions" to find your own "Perfect Little Pocket" FIRST. But our TERMINATOR is the "Resource" for Targeted High end buyers you’re hearing NOW ...
whether you ever want to schedule a Private Excursion with us or not, it‘s free. Because we’re TIRED of seeing nice people who‘ve only come here with a smile on their face to join our community
and be happy... end up with the MISERY of Buyers Remorse instead. ... because of  what is in our Opinion... “Callous Disregard” at the High End by the guards at the gates of paradise ... as if
somehow you’d become “Fair Game“ for having become successful in life, and no Golden Rule need Apply as you run the Gauntlet of YOUR obligatory Brief Brush with the industry to get in. When
in fact .. it’s YOU who are the COMMUNITY here, and often the same people who create most of the good works of the world, and fund every  charity known to mankind! To US ... you’re our NEW
neighbors and we‘re GLAD you decided to come. …so we’re showing you HOW that  Target gets “painted”… so it C-A-N-’T  happen to YOU! So you can protect yourself from what can be a very
BAD nightmare ... Or ... a pleasant walk in the park if you want to find your OWN "Perfect Little Pocket" with US one day.

Of course to be fair, every agent WILL show you anything you find for yourself, …they’d rather make HALF than NOTHING. But even then you can run into pugnacious "Delaying Tactics" to Buy
TIME to show more of  THEIR inventory. "Waiting on a call back." The owner’s "USING IT" it this weekend ...The other agent "H-A-S to be there."  Or the famous Heroic (…from THEIR lips to Gods
ear) "... just want to show you this really SPECIAL one FIRST! It just had a price reduction so it COULD GO FAST and I’ve heard there’s some INTEREST. One of the Best Buys on the Peninsula
I’ve seen in a long time, frankly..considering the  Quality. Of course it’s still a “little” out of your price range, but you might have a CHANCE if  you’re able to move quickly...! Would you LIKE to SEE
one of the BEST properties on the Peninsula!?

Translation "MAKE your Offer on MY listing TODAY ... AT the "Asking" Price or HIGHER ... or LOSE this Amazing Opportunity to some Sharper  Buyer whose probably already AHEAD of you!"
And, sometimes these things are true. But everyone knows there’s no way for YOU to know. So you’re going be too Polite to challenge the assertion …even when you DON'T believe it.
But "believe it" or NOT ... you probably WILL become "excited" about that SPECIAL one ..and start to WORRY if you’re getting there FAST enough! Because we‘re all human. And with that fear of
losing the “Really GOOD One”... when ELATION does strike ... You’re All the more LIKELY to Act TOO FAST for your own good. Before you even KNOW what’s at the other end of the street.
Because they’re "working your price range UP." “Testing your RESOLVE." But FIRST and FOREMOST ... ALWAYS "pushing" you towards THEIR company's listings. When all YOU’RE trying to do is
find the very BEST house "in your price range," ... on the WHOLE Open Market, that happens to be FOR SALE in your preferred neighborhood. And HOPEFULLY ... even end up with a Good Deal
... WITHOUT having someone trying to "mortify" you with the famous “Cut Eye" for putting their COMMISSION at risk, by even “ASKING” if the seller might take less. When it’s clearly at the heart of
good business practice.

So it’s time for the FINAL steps now towards making you BULLET PROOF. Time to clad your TERMINATOR SHIELD  with Real Steel. And in a few minutes ... you’re going to be able to DEFLECT
most of the "Slings and Arrows" at the High End ... for the rest of your life. But as hard as it may be to BELIEVE… ... we’ve actually saved the WORST for last.
Because we don’t WANT you to feel discouraged when this is such a wonderful place to live. And once you get it RIGHT ... NONE of this is going to matter in the SLIGHTEST to your happiness.
Because YOU'RE the COMMUNITY here! And it’s a BIG Community of smart, NICE people. But you DO need to know the FACTS ... to get around certain ... “human nature” in ANY High End
community. And as you can see by now, there are far worse things going on at the HIGH End ... than just your own IMPULSE to Shoot Yourself in the FOOT with your checkbook.
INVISIBLE "Industry Things" that act like "BLINDER" and ENCOURAGE Elation Buying. That even the MOST Sophisticated Business People have no IDEA are swinging like a Pendulum over their
heads ... to keep this Repetitive Cycle going like Clockwork.

LIKE ... "NET Listings" and "Options" ANXIOUS High end SELLERS sometimes give to INCENTIVIZE and Reward Agents (and OTHER interested parties) ... for Pushing THEIR properties HARD on
you. By giving a predetermined "Bottom Line" number the Seller will Accept ... then allowing them to PROMOTE the property for "whatever the market will bear" ... and KEEP the "difference."
But it’s a "DIFFERENCE" YOU’LL be paying!  We know of one such arrangement on a property overlooking Stillwater Cove near the Lodge ... where that Bottom Line was a 15 Million Dollar "
OPTION" ... given to a well placed local ... who FLIPPED the property as soon as he closed Escrow for 28 MILLION Dollars! ... as reported by the "Carmel Pine Cone" ...
and that‘s a 13 Million dollar “Difference.”  Clearly an extreme example, and at least those kind of deals require full disclosure. But there’s no way to know the "Nuisance" that goes on behind the
scenes sometimes ... or how much people really understand what IS disclosed. So you can only use your imagination to protect yourself.

But there are many INVISIBLE Maneuvers often used on HIGH end BUYER that really CAN "influence" ANYONE’S good judgement.  LIKE ...carefully “CONSTRUCTING” Whirlwind Tours
designed to artificially “SKEW” your relative sense of "Fair Market Value" to a HIGHER  dollar NOTION ... by using the constant chatter of whimsical Seller’s ASKING prices they’re  pointing out all
along the way on your Whirlwind Tours to make you THINK you have to offer HIGHER than the REAL Comps that use “SOLD” prices would ever justify.
And ALL  so that when you’re finally “Escorted” up that LAST Driveway to the “TARGET” House ... To the absolute BEST ... most EXPENSIVE House of the DAY ... at the TOP of your Range or
HIGHER ... your genuine ELATION and Fatigue will make you the MOST VULNERABLE ... And after that discouraging Bombardment of high ASKING prices you just endured ... combined with a
Humbling barrage of Endless houses pointed out along the way that apparently SOLD for FAR MORE than YOUR  price range ... your “friendly” little serving of humble pie will make you more
MALLEABLE to "little" compromises ... Like giving up that VIEW you wanted so badly ... for Glitter!!! BECAUSE ... they need to sell ALL of their listings. NOT just the GOOD ones.
Of course, you’d think there’d be a LAW against that by now. But how can you even complain?  ...you never even HIRED them. ...WHAT!!! That’s right. They’re not even charging YOU ...  one thin
dime for this Voluntary work, they’re so enthusiastically doing to help YOU find your Dream Home. Because Technically ... the SELLER is paying their commission, NOT you. Of course, it‘s all
coming out of YOUR Purchase money, so it really IS a “technicality.” But it‘s enough. Because you CAN’T really Complain about Free help, can you ... How’s that for a well designed “Catch 22"...       

But the absolute WORST invisible thing is something we call DEAL Breakers. Deal Breakers ARE “Things the Locals KNOW” ... that they’d tell their SISTER ... but not YOU! LIKE ... the House
you’re falling in LOVE with is in one of those summer long Foggy Pockets that OBLITERATE Views, and make it WET-Chilly SWEATER Weather ... all summer long. Because there’s a Two mile
deep TRENCH the size of the Grand Canyon just off the coast that holds a LOT of very cold water. So no matter what someone might TELL you... you can bet the summer long fog is here to stay.
Of course, We LOVE the beautiful fog, because WE were raised where it’s HOT! But the point is ... will YOU?   Some people find it depressing.

But have you ever seen any advertising showing THOSE kind of pictures?   Can you even imagine an agent on a SUNNY day, looking out the VIEW window of one of their listing with you ...“nobly”
counting off the average number of foggy days for you to even “CONSIDER” whether summer long Fog might be a Deal Breaker for YOU ...? Yet ... ALL the industry KNOWS some very
disappointed people Pick Right Up and move to another location here over that VERY issue. They KNOW "Tourist Haunts" and weekend parking habits, with Surfer Vans in front of that adorable
little Cottage you’re falling in love with ... “MIGHT” be a Deal Breaker for YOU! But how likely do you suppose it IS that anyone’s gonna be bringing THAT up ... when it might scare you off?

And what about all the “Diverted” traffic during our year long Special Events we all enjoy ... unless you happen to have bought where you’re STUCK in slow traffic time and again, “winding” some
DIVERTED, circuitous route home along streets that looked for all the world like quiet little neighborhood streets ... the day you bought YOUR house. Some people don’t mind. But can you honestly
imagine a HIGH End Agent bringing any of THAT up ... in a Truly informative way, trying to make sure YOU end up happy ... instead of them?

Surprised ! ! !   Well, …a lot of people are.  Because "DEAL BREAKERS" are the INVISIBLE things “Out of Towners” simply CAN’T see.  And they can REALLY leave you feeling BETRAYED ...
when a little HONESTY would have actually made it EASY to get it right the FIRST time. When even a "LITTLE" honesty could have literally saved you MILLIONS of Dollars worth of misery.
So here’s a NICE surprise for a change. You can find ALL of our Deal Breakers by clicking the "RIGHT QUESTIONS” Terminator Button when you’re ready to hear the Whistle Blow on all the
OTHER local secrets, that a lot of us had to learn the HARD Way ... to end up happy. And don’t worry, there’s no nonsense, no email request ... it’s just free. Because it makes us feel good
to know that NOW
you’re going to be THINKING about summer long Fog ... and Weekend Tourist Parking ... and DIVERTED special events traffic ...  and a lot of OTHER important things behind that Right Questions
button ... just ENOUGH,  to get it right for YOU the FIRST time ! Because these invisible things really ARE real. They’re the “Remorse Part" people end up having to LIVE with ... or move again.  
Like us. Like a LOT of people ... So, you’re playing with a stacked deck in the first place at the High End because this isn‘t your field. And even Einstein couldn’t have passed a test in  ”Surveying”
... because it wasn’t HIS field. But our TERMINATOR is HERE now to CUT that DECK so that at least NO ONE can deal from the bottom against you.  

SO ... there’s ONE LAST THING ... that may be THE MOST important thing you ever DO towards getting it right the FIRST time. Ask yourself this question. HOW ... can you Know, you can trust
US...?  How can you trust ANYONE after hearing all of this?  …well ... our ONE and ONLY argument is ... we are the ones TELLING you about these Very Lucrative,TERRIBLE self-serving practices
... instead of using them on you as well. We want to show you Honor and Respect for humanity can still be found.  To tell you the FACTS so you can know with your own logic ... there‘s someplace
good to turn if you have questions ... and NO ONE you trust to Turn To.

But before we go ... it’s pretty important you know what happened with those first two houses ... Because no one could have been more surprised when the Magnificent Beauty of Scenic Drive...
and the heartfelt “How could anyone ever leave this place” ... gradually succumbed. Because no matter how hard we tried ... the HOUSE ... was just TOO SMALL for US!   And after actually living
there for 3 years, we came to realize we’re the kind of people who LIKE more privacy.  We’d THOUGHT we’d like all the ACTION at the Point, where everyone comes to watch the Sunset. But you
can’t ignore your own feelings forever.  And there‘s only ONE way to fix THOSE kind of problems ...

But the BIGGEST surprise was Yankee Point. Because it was only 5 minutes further out and we’d loved it so much! Still ... it wasn’t long at all before we started saying things like,  “...Not Too Many
Full Timers Out Here ...are there?”  Or ... kinda REMOTE ... isn’t it ... We just  couldn’t BELIEVE it! MOST of our NEIGHBORS were hardly EVER in TOWN!!! Take a walk ... no one around!
We hadn’t even THOUGHT about something like T-H-A-T! ... and how likely would you think it is ... anyone’s going to TELL you something like ... THAT!   So we just started feeling ISOLATED out
there on that big Cliff, and BELIEVE me... THAT’S the kind of place where NO STREET LIGHTS ... means PITCH BLACK DARK like you’ve never SEEN before! When the moons not out anyway ...
it CAN make your skin crawl. But here’s what REALLY did it. "We can’t grow OLD out here.” One little “Ah HA” out on the back deck one day ... and our whole lives turned upside down again. “We
CAN'T grow OLD out here ... because if anything happened to me ... Sonya would NEVER feel comfortable coming home ALONE at night! [GONG] And that ... was that. Of course, it might not have
bothered “you.” But it wasn’t long after that … we were moving again.   

Just an obvious answer really, to a simple little question, you might not think to ASK yourself at the height of ELATION, when you walk into a house and see an indoor pool, and a back deck that
looks like the edge of the world, and the entire Pacific ocean glistening in front of you ... But like we said in the beginning ... we WERE lucky! ... at least we THOUGHT we were... Except for that ONE
THING that would have LITERALLY saved us all the trouble in the first place. WE didn’t HAVE a “RIGHT QUESTIONS”  button like YOU do on this page. So it took us THREE Major Moves here ... to
finally end up “Happily Ever After.” Not too HOT ... not too Cold ... but J-U-S-T right! And that’s DEFINITELY two moves MORE than any of us are ever PLANNING on making here. And all because ...
WE DIDN'T KNOW all the "RIGHT QUESTIONS" to ask ourselves yet ... or to FOCUS like a LASER on finding our OWN "Perfect Little Pocket" ... THEN start on the House! Like YOU can do now on
your own private EXCURSION with US!Or even try on your own, if you have the time to learn the area, and a local you TRUST to help answer some of the harder Right Questions honestly.  

Because here’s the truth in a nutshell. Human nature ... motive ... and the Industries control of the Locals Information ... has you on the “short end” no matter HOW smart you are.
But you can still WIN  three quarters of the battle ... by simply allowing us to keep you focused… on finding your OWN Perfect LITTLE Pocket. THEN we’ll find your REAL Dream Home
... right THERE in your FAVORITE PART OF The NEIGHBORHOOD ... and help you place a REASONED Offer based on Real SOLD "Comps" we can provide our Clients ... INSTEAD of those
Whimsical Sellers ”ASKING" prices. So that YOU can make a FAIR Comparison to determine YOUR Offer with some GENUINE numbers and peace of mind.

So think about SCHEDULING YOUR Ride on the "High End BUYERS REMORSE TERMINATOR" with US ...  for a FUN day, on your OWN Private Excursion to find YOUR "Perfect Little Pocket." And
along the way ... we’ll help you DEAL with those Important Questions we ALL need to answer to get it right. It’s a One Way "Ticket" to a more Certain Destination ... finding your REAL Dream Home
... the FIRST time.

But don’t WORRY...! If you LIKE the idea of “Paradise” ... you HAVE come to the Right Place to be happy./Because where else in the world can you find such Breathtaking Natural Beauty
...in a World Renowned Resort destination by the Sea ... where there’s ALWAYS lots of GREAT things to do ... in a MIRACLE of cool, clean Ocean Air all year long. With quaint little neighborhoods,
and happy people, and white sand beaches around every bend making natural play lands for us all ... and magical forest by the sea, with little seals, and otters, and WHALES, and Sunsets, and
Birds, and adorable baby Bambees roaming FREELY in this PERFECT little Piece of Heaven. You’re going to LOVE IT here...! It’s just an UNBELIEVABLY Beautiful place
where people were MEANT to live. And WE think it’s PARADISE.

So ...

WELCOME ... to your NEW Adventure ...!

All the Best,
Paul & Sonya Larisey

Real Estate Excellence, Inc.
Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Novel Approach
----and why ...

Information is Power. Once you have it ...
No One Can Put the GENIE Back In the BOTTLE
To  Avoid  Real  Estate
-PREDATORY Tricks & Tactics

A National Public Resource
TIPS for Buyers & Sellers
To Avoid PREDATORY Tactics of
Unscrupulous Real Estate Agents & Brokers
But ...
HOW can the BUYER ...
-"Slamming on the Brakes"  in front of that BETTER HOUSE right Around the Corner...
---------------------------------THE ONE YOU WOULD HAVE PICKED ...!
-----------------------If only someone you Trusted  ...  Had shown it to you.
----------------------Only ... It had some OTHER company's Sign in front of it ...  

-----------------------------And YOU ...  Have BUYERS REMORSE
a National public resource ...
On Your Own "Private Excursion" With Us...

Consumer Advocacy
To Provide:
A Free National Public Resource for all
Real Estate Buyers & Sellers in the USA,
Detailed TIPS to Avoid Predatory Tricks and
used by unscrupulous Real Estate Agents
and Brokers.

To Provide:
HONEST Agents who've never had a believable
to "distinguish" themselves, a Badge of
Honor and Unique National AFFILIATE
Membership to better
Market and Prove their
ADVANCE, by Referring Potential
Clients to this site to learn these TRICKS and  the

To Provide:
A Deeply Relevant  CODE OF ETHICS by
which AFFILIATES DECLARE to operate their  
Independent Business, knowing their
Clients will
NOW know exactly what to avoid.

To Provide:
A WEBSITE & VIDEO that teaches our
Novel Approach to help ...
1) BUYERS Avoid "Buyers Remorse"
by finding your own "Perfect Little Pocket"
in the neighborhood  
FIRST, before you EVER
anyone to Start You Off with a
WHIRLWIND Tour of intoxicating Dream Houses.
2) SELLERS Avoid being Talked Into
Usually ...-Only Good for the AGENT !
(See "Common Sense for Sellers"  Button)
Your Private Excursion
----------------------------And the High End Buyers Remorse Terminator is here as a doorway  ...

-----To give some of the most Honest people in the industry a voice you can hear to FIND them ...
-----And,  profound REASON to BELIEVE.  Because you may Well Be Viewing This Website right now ...
-----From an AFFILIATE'S Recommendation.  And ...

----------------------------------------------------------------------ALL AFFILIATES KNOW ...

-----------------------------NO ONE CAN PUT THE GENIE BACK IN THE BOTTLE

------They KNOW that NOW ... you're going to be looking Over Their Shoulders and asking a LOT more difficult  "QUESTIONS" than
------ever before, and knowing EXACTLY what to watch out  for.  

---------------------------------------------------------YET ... they STILL look forward to working with you.

-------------------------------------------------And that speaks volumes about anyone's Integrity.
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purposes to the consumer.  
We have
No way to "monitor" Affiliates  personal interactions with you, or thier adherence to our Code of Ethics, and we
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Solutions ...
Ask Us
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BUT that's "WHY" even the most Sophisticated Business Savy Buyers
in the world can end up on Carefully Constructed Whirlwind Tours ...

...With Agents "pushing" their own Company's Inventory on you
BLINDERS on a horse ...  

...to keep you going
"undistracted" through neighborhoods
--you don't know as well as the Locals.

-----Until you find your Own ELATION writing a check ...
"Before you even know what's at the Other-End-of-the-Street...!"

-----------------------------------------ALL ...
---------Because NO ONE likes to make HALF the money ...
-----------------------   When they can make it ALL.  
Real Estate PRACTICES affect everyone who lives under a roof.
We believe it's time for EVERYONE to be treated fairly.
We are
Compiling Nationwide Complaints
To Support A Unified Legislative Agenda
Towards Establishing a
Bureau of Real Estate
< CLICK Link
National Headquarters
In Pebble Beach, Ca
Pebble Beach
Carmel by the Sea
Specializing in
Custom Built Homes
For Sale

FACT:  ALL Real Estate Companies make TWICE the Money selling you one of their own Company's Listings
--------- -INSTEAD of a Competitor's Listing where they have to SPLIT the Commission in HALF!  

-------------------------------------------------But this can be at the EXPENSE of
------------------------------------YOUR getting to see all of your REAL Choices on the
--------------------------------------------------WHOLE OPEN MARKET

-----------------------------------------------------------------------WHY ...?

------------------------Because ALL Brokers NEED to Sell ALL of Their Listings before they EXPIRE.
--------------------------------------------------NOT just the GOOD Ones YOU want ...

--------------------------------------------------But as a REEinc AFFILIATE:

(A)  *INSTEAD:   Of MAKING CHOICES FOR YOU  by carefully designing a Whirlwind Tour  to predominantly
.........................-."Push" my own Company's Inventory of LISTINGS on you (wherever they happen to be )
----------------------to make TWICE the Money by not having to Split the Commission in HALF.

(B)  *INSTEAD:   Of STARTING YOU OFF with a Whirlwind Tour of Intoxicating Dream Houses AT ALL ...
----------------------where it's.SO Easy to Fall in LOVE at the High End with speculators *Glitter*
------------------------------------------and find your ELATION  reaching for your checkbook
...........................................................................................------..........TOO SOON ...
.....................-------------.---.....Before you even know what's at the Other End of the Street ...

-----------------------Only to end up with BUYERS REMORSE AFTER  you're All - Moved - In ...
-----------------------when you stumble upon your REAL  "Perfect Little Pocket" in the Neighborhood ...
----------------YOUR perfect Location - Location - Location. Nothing WRONG with the house you bought.

--------------------------------------It's just not exactly WHERE you want to live anymore ...
-----------------------------------Now that you've found your REAL "Perfect Little Pocket."

Because at the High End ... even the MOST Sophisticated Buyers may not REALIZE when they were NEVER
 their REAL CHOICES available on the WHOLE Open Market (other Companies' Listings)  that
should have AT LEAST been pointed out along the
-way.  Or that they haven't even FOUND their own Favorite
little Nook or Cranny
in the Neighborhood yet ...
----------Before their ELATION  has them Shooting themselves in the foot with their own Checkbook.

-----And at the High End ... where DIVERSITY of amenities,Views, House Quality, and Site Locations VARY
Much More
-widely than in cookie-cutter neighborhoods. So these OMISSIONS can quickly lead to
soon-get to KNOW the neighborhood ...  AFTER you're All Moved In.   
                                                 When you can find yourself ...

" in front of that

-------------*INSTEAD:   As a REE AFFILIATE - I will treat you with the unwavering Honesty ...
--------------------------------I would carefully provide my own family.

Naturally ~
  •      You might think you "Couldn't Care LESS" about Commission Splits, or Who Lists What ...
-------------because you know you're going to be paying the Exact SAME PRICE regardless of Brokers
-------------cooperating in the background over commissions.

  •      You might think your Agent driving you around to houses They've Picked to show you...
-------------will at least be "Pointing Out" all of the OTHER  BEST Houses For Sale along the way
-------------that meet your "Criteria" in your Neighborhood of Choice ... to make SURE you end up with
----------------------------------------The BEST house On the Whole Market for YOU ...!

But what you NEED to know is...

 Commission Splits  can Utterly DICTATE WHICH houses Buyers are shown.
 Commission Splits  can Utterly DICTATE WHICH OFFER the Listing Broker
...........................................Recommends their Seller ACCEPT ... even when YOURS is HIGHER.  

------------ALL Listing Brokers make TWICE the Money selling their own company's Inventory.
------------ALL Listing Brokers need to sell ALL of their own Listings before they EXPIRE ...

........................................................NOT just the GOOD ones YOU want.

Naturally ~
ALL businesses prefer selling their own inventory.

But it's not good for
YOU.  These Tangential Market Forces straddle the BUYER-SELLER's simpler
goal to exchange value, and subjugate the BUYER'S Natural Interest in seeing the
WHOLE Open Market
of relevant houses for sale.  All allegedly "justified" by the longworn THREADBARE advice that's
supposed to help UNTIE this legendary Gordian Knot  for BUYERS ...

.........................................................................-."CAVEAT EMPTOR"
.................................................................................................-..(Let the BUYER Beware...)
(See: Wikipedia.org  "... and the CAVEAT EMPTOR rule applies to all other sale situations (e.g. homeowner to Buyer).
(See: Laidlaw v. Organ, ... written in 1817 by Chief Justice John Marshall ... the first U.S. Supreme Court case
which laid down the rule of
caveat emptor in U.S. law.)
A National Public Resource